The first dishwasher (link is external)was at the World Expo 1893 in Chicago presented. Since then a lot has happened. 2014 possessed according to the Federal Statistical Office(link is external)68.3% of households in Germany a dishwasher .
Learn in the following sections need to know concerning installation types, classes, equipment and programming of automatic dishwashers. Anyone who gets a dishwasher, first faced with the problem to choose from the variety of different device types something that fits into the respective pre-existing kitchen equipment. Some want a small desktop device simply, others a "Floor", which can be placed anywhere the apartment, and increasingly the desire for a more or less integrable Integrated Dishwashers expressed. The different types of devices can be based on the Type in the following segments categorized (our dishwasher test tables reflect the same segments again):

Fully integrated

These include dishwashers, which are under the continuous tabletop kitchenettes and forward with a cabinet door are provided. These instruments can actually "invisible". In particular, the keypad is accessible on the surface of the door after opening the door lock, which in this type of device, the necessary for the other types of installation Keypad Lock (Parental Control) usually omitted.
Advantages and Benefits
  • Parental Control superfluous
  • Optimally integrated into the kitchenette

part Integrable

With these devices at the front of the original furniture frontsmounted over. However, not on the whole front: the keypad control is left out of it and is visible to the front. then also a child safety device is again useful for such dishwashers.Some manufacturers (eg Siemens) the partially integratable dishwasher are also in the category "integrated" out.
Advantages and Benefits
  • Panel easily accessible
  • Well adapted to the kitchen

Under Construction

These are without cover supplied. It therefore assumes that a continuous tabletop in the kitchen already exists. The difference with "partially integrated Einbauberäte" is: the front is not adapted to the furniture, because the front door by the manufacturer of the dishwasher is included. To that extent this dishwasher will thus also clearly recognizable from the front, especially the keypad is accessible forward and should be able to be secured by a key lock (child safety).
Advantages and Benefits
  • Panel accessible to the front
  • Easy to position


This type of device is identical to the type standalone unit .Dishwashers of this type can be placed anywhere in the apartment, the main thing, it is a power outlet and a water supply nearby. But there is nothing to use as under appliances. An important advantage is the load-bearing components cover which is provided with partially or fully integrated devices only through the kitchen on the device.
Advantages and Benefits
  • Freestanding
  • Product cover is included
  • Can be placed anywhere


This is particularly compact devices that take up little space and is primarily suitable for use in single-person households. According to their size and the energy and water consumption of the dishwasher table falls usually from less than with the larger machines.
Advantages and Benefits
  • space-saving
  • Low energy and water consumption
While in earlier times the freestanding devices could still be found in almost every household, is now a clear trend towards"integrated" : the fully or partially integrable or suitable at least for the substructure devices have become dominant. More and more kitchens - especially in modern tenements - feature fully equipped kitchenettes with integrated dishwashers. For a smooth integration into the existing Küchenmobilar is understood to also pay attention to the size (width) of the dishwasher. Here a distinction is made between small appliances ( 45 cm width ) and normal equipment ( 60 cm width ). In our dishwasher test we have in the categorization of the devices at the two most important criteria - design and standard width -. Oriented, so that you can determine the best suited for your circumstances unit easily The partially integrated dishwasher DSN 6634 FX Beko has with A ++ the . second highest energy efficiency class the unit features 6 wash programs and 3 special functions and is provided with a sound pressure level of 44 dB (a) pleasantly quiet. at the offers of the major household appliances manufacturers to recognize the trend: Siemens (link is external)has alone 247 dishwasher (as of spring 2014), of which only 30 of the category "detached / Floor" are but attributed. With Bosch (link is external)is similar: of the 176 units are still 30 the type assigned prior devices, when combined expects the offer of both companies, making the floor models only 7% of the total amount of the dishwasher out. Once we have a chosen type, there are other important questions that need to clarify it: Beko DSN 6634 FX  
  • What, how much and how often to be washed?
  • How much energy can be consumed at most?
  For energy efficiency, it is similar to the installation forms: there is a clear trend. And who goes to machines with particularly low power / water consumption . This is supported and funded by the specifications of the European Union, the manufacturers to identify the units with the EU energy label (link is external)undertake. This label emblazoned since 1998 clearly visible in many household appliances, whether a washing machine, a microwave or even a dishwasher. Who nowadays buys a dishwasher, so get to this ever equal an appropriate EU Energy label (one also speaks of the EU energy labeling ) supplied. In large home appliance markets such as Media Markt and Saturn this label must be prominently displayed at the top or front of the dishwasher so that the potential buyer can be read directly into which energy class falls the unit considered. At the top you can on the EU energy label just mentioned energy efficiency class , reading a value that varies between "D" and "a +++", the poor energy efficiency classes in red ( "D", "C"), the average in orange / yellow ( "B", "a ") and the good in green (A +++ is currently the best class) are held. Since 2012, all dishwashers shall provide to the EU market the cleaning Class A, and if you are the devices to the major manufacturers such as Siemens (link is external)and Bosch (link is external)movie, you will notice that most of the class "A ++" fall. Of course, you will find this classification within our test matrix again. (The energy label is an indication of the noise level until 2012. Required.)

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