Dishes by hand to rinse borders for many people to pure hard labor. For this reason, nowadays done in two out of three households a practical dishwasher his services. Decried a long time as a luxury appliances and pure energy guzzlers, Tests and studies in recent years that modern dishwashers are often much more efficient than hand washing. We have taken for the winner of the undercounter dishwasher Miele G 5630 SCU closer look. Whether these high-end keeps dishwasher what it promises and how it is reflected in comparison to our own test winner the Siemens SN45M539EU, learn in our detailed review.
Functional Overview
  • Energy efficiency class: A +++
  • Trocknungseffiziensklasse: A
  • Energy consumption: 237  kWh / year
  • Water consumption: 2,800 liters
  • Weight: 61 kg
  • Programs: 6
  • Energy efficiency class A +++
  • ECO program
  • Turbo function
  • ease of use
  • high price
  • not an optimal price-performance ratio

Delivery and packaging

That the name Miele stands not only for quality kitchen appliances, was found in the quick and easy delivery of Miele G 5630 SCU. When packing Miele has also given some thought and dishwasher generously protected with cushioning material from damage during transit. Although a convenient packaging for devices of the upper class should be understood this point by many manufacturers is often neglected. At Miele, but we can safely grade "very good" vergeben.Aussehen for packaging and design under the protective packaging hides a dishwasher in lifted clean design. The front shines in silver stainless steel, which thanks Mieles CleanSteel easy to clean technology and is resistant to fingerprints. If you are not a fan of steel, you can decide dishwasher for a front in classic white kitchen at this Miele. Since it is a Built-In Dishwasher with this device, the front remains visible and can not adapt to the existing kitchen design. On the incline Aperture can be found, in addition to the program selection buttons, even a single-line plain text LCD display. The slope allows you to pleasant reading of the display, without stooping to müssen.Aufbau & connection. All necessary mounting materials are included and, thanks to the detailed illustrated manual of the test setup was quick and easy. The electricity and water is relatively straightforward as with most modern dishwashers. We particularly liked the ability to adjust the rear feet of screws on the front of their height. Putting up in scale is characterized, in comparison to other undercounter dishwashers , significantly simplified.Subsequently, the Miele G 5630 SCU must still be attached to the cabinets and the tabletop. Experienced DIY enthusiasts should not be engaged in the construction of more than half an hour, laymen will have to allow for some more time.
This undercounter dishwasher can be built both amateur craftsmen and laymen.

Water consumption and energy efficiency

After successful connection, we have analyzed the consumption data. In Eco program of Miele G 5630 SCU uses an average of 10 liters of water, equivalent to the current standard. However, the automatic program offers the possibility to reduce this consumption even further. At best, the dishwasher reached by a consumption of 7 liters. In this mode, the duration is one and a half to two and a half hours about the same range as the Eco program. Equally pleasing was the view from the energy consumption. With a consumption of 0.83 kWh of Miele G 5630 SCU reached easily the best energy efficiency class A +++. This consumption is again just 0.10 kWh below which our test winner the Siemens SN45M539EU who possesses only the energy efficiency class A ++.

Wash programs and additional functions

Miele G 5630 dishwasherThe Miele G 5630 SCU provides six wash programs, which can be combined in each case with two wash options. In addition to the standard programs ECO, quick 40 ° C and 75 ° C intensive to find the special programs Automatic, fine and extra silent. TheAutomatic program while reducing water consumption to a minimum of 7 liters, but with loss of energy efficiency class A +++, because in this mode increases the power consumption up to 1.25 kWh. The Extrasilent program lowers the already quiet noise level of 43 dB to 40 dB. This value is 25% below the noise level of a normal apartment and that is clearly audible - or in this case just not audible! By switching on the Turbo function programs Automatic, intensive and quick work by up to 50% faster. However, this leads to a significantly higher electricity and water consumption. Stark soiled dishes you can move with the additional function to lower basket intensive body. Of course, this feature increases the consumption of the machine. Significantly environmentally friendly is the automatic loading control that adjusts the consumption of the respective quantity of dishes. In this way you can use the machine loaded only halfway, without wasting electricity and water. When drying convinced us fully aware of the Miele G 5630 SCU. Thanks to the Recirculating turbothermic condensation drying that using works of cooler air, the dishes will be effectively dried. In addition, the automatic opening of the door after the rinsing process ensures that even plastic parts are dry completely. A special air guidance prevents moisture defects on the countertop.

Safety & Warranty

Water damage is an unpleasant thing, why has the Miele G 5630 SCU an Aquastop. In this system a lifetime warranty granted Miele if it was properly installed. An additional Siebkontrolle recalls also time for a necessary cleaning. If you have small children in the house, you will appreciate the built-in parental control, which prevents accidental opening of the machine.

Comfort & Handling

The operation of Miele G 5630 SCU is simple and intuitive. The baskets are designed highly variable and offer sufficient space for larger pots or long-stemmed glasses. Overall, the machine holds 14 place settings , what a place setting is more than our test winner Siemens SN45M539EU . Particularly impressed us the 3D cutlery drawer. This is not only in width and depth adjustable as desired, but may be varied in height. Thus, even bulky dressings Kellen or whisk fit comfortably into it. In addition, the lack of cutlery basket creates more space at the bottom of the machine. Thanks to the valued extracts the baskets can be easily installed at a higher load and exit. In addition, the door remains in any position available and the resistance of the door train can be adjusted individually.


The Miele G 5630 SCU is a particularly economical dishwasher , however, has its price. But this, you get a very high-quality device that washes your dishes clean without compromise. Especially larger families will appreciate the huge space and the high variability. But smaller households can benefit G 5630 SCU from Miele, as consumption is automatically adjusted to the filling.

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