In not every household fits the space was a normal dishwasher , but this luxury must match the Table Dishwasher Siemens SK26E800EU but then renounce none. Previously such Tischspüler were rather always the stepchildren of the developer, but not so in the Table Dishwasher Siemens SK26E800EU . This provides as well as the Candy CDCF 6 sufficient space, but it should be a little taken care during loading.
Functional Overview
  • Energy efficiency class: A +
  • Trocknungseffiziensklasse: A
  • Energy consumption: 139  kWh / year
  • Water consumption: 1,540 liters
  • Weight: 22 kg
  • Programs: 6 + 2
  • Energy efficiency class A +
  • 2 Special Functions
  • quiet
  • large capacity
  • Dryer not perfect
  • an extra Vario basket missing

Packing and delivery

These were perfectly fine and the subjects were completely satisfied. However, a test person had to wait very long for the delivery because the packaging did not withstand the loads by parcel delivery service.However, the unit arrived in perfect condition, although the packaging had to be renewed. The structure was then done very quickly with the instruction manual and the actual test in normal households could begin.

Buy a lack of space Tischspüler

Especially when in the kitchen is no place, then it is worth buying from a Candy CDCF 6 or Table Dishwasher Siemens SK26E800EU. Both do not have to stand in a fixed place, but can be mobile set.While this means that the water supply is mounted again and the tube must be inserted into the sink, but still better than be washed by hand. The dosage of powder or tablets is as easy as filling salt and rinse aid. However, at larger parts such as pasta dishes or long-stemmed glasses should be paying attention.Otherwise, that is capacity but very large , even if that does not seem so at first glance. Of course, the Table Dishwasher Siemens SK26E800EU is not intended for large households, but a two-person household can get there with it. The cutlery basket is variable, so it can ever be used as needed.

Good cleaning results even with pots and pans

Often fail Dishwasher For stubborn dirt or pots and pans. This is by the table-of Siemens dishwasher SK26E800EU not the case, even if they are once dried a little. However, with more dishes it must be held hired twice. So also makes the loading sensor for optimum washing , almost like in the big dishwashers. The operation is supported by a simple and clear user manual. Thus wrong program settings are almost excluded. Even in an office of the Table Dishwasher Siemens SK26E800EU been tested with very good results. Of course, it is in an office usually not so heavily soiled dishes. However, it can in a small office, as in the test, already take several days until the dishwasher is filled sufficiently. But even in the dried dishes were perfectly clean and the minutes in just 29th Here it can keep up full of many normal dishwasher, at a really absolute result.

Dryer does not always work perfectly

As a small but not as major criticism of the dryer has been viewed. This does not always optimal, but this has not been found to be very negative. Here then is worth just the Table Dishwasher Siemens SK26E800EU to open directly after the end of the program and thus set itself dry. The load sensor also ensures that is used always Inappropriate amount of cleaner. Thus, any dirt can be optimally removed without polluting the environment unnecessarily. Positive also was Program preselection felt, so the Table Dishwasher Siemens SK26E800EU could be pre-programmed. Thus, the small with a normal dishwasher compete without large smears. However, it was criticized from a subject that is not correct Vario basket for the Dishwasher gave. This is only for the big fellow of the table-dishwasher Siemens SK26E800EU. Otherwise, the programs offer everything a Large also provides, above all, clean dishes. Especially not always have to be specially dried and thus of the Table Dishwasher Siemens SK26E800EU saves again to power. It's worth retaining, but once dry off a little by hand.

Saves space with a lot of perseverance

Even after prolonged use, the dishes were always consistently clean, without any compromises. This was for many subjects but then a little surprising because these were not really convinced of the Table Dishwasher Siemens SK26E800EU. So also was the load sensor as an important aid regarded as this we find means to radiant crockery, was dosed accurately and above all efficient. What was not used by all subjects, the program was an extra drying. This there were so satisfied with the result, therefore, drier all, otherwise was just one or two spoons of hand dried. As well as the major sloppers can in cups or glasses in the top left behind some water before. However, this was considered to be quite normal because this was so not only in the Table Dishwasher Siemens SK26E800EU, but can also be done at normal dishwashers. Especially the mobile use was very vorteilhaf viewed t, even if a fixed installation would be more convenient. But often, this has been the only way to use the Table Dishwasher Siemens SK26E800EU ever.He also has very good pass this test without having the cleaning performance had waned. Of course, a proper load is assumed, otherwise can not go anywhere the water.
The small Siemens Dishwasher - comfort almost like a normal dishwasher Fits. It fits perfectly into the smallest kitchen.

The little one really big achievement

With 6 programs provides the Table Dishwasher Siemens SK26E800EU almost as much comfort as a normal dishwasher . As an absolute advantage of sufficient space in the apparatus was perceived. Less good was the location, as larger dishes were just fill with caution. During operation of the Table Dishwasher Siemens SK26E800EU is very quiet, which was in turn perceived as particularly pleasant. Just when this was perhaps once used at night so that the next day the dishes were clean. For smaller apartments so perfectly, because here a quiet machine is even more important than in a normal apartment. Plenty of room even if two people live in the household, this situation also provided an absolute satisfaction. Thus, the table-dishwasher see Siemens SK26E800EU the Candy CDCF 6 in every way, but both offer the same performance. Just clean dishes and even in the smallest kitchen . To follow all the subjects were more than satisfied, especially with the simple and clear user manual. In this everything is found quickly and just as quickly you can work with the device.

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