Who has a small kitchen with limited space, does not have the appropriate Stauram for a conventional dishwasher. Often one have no choice than to wash the dirty dishes by hand. However, this is time consuming and rather annoying. But that does not have to be, because the kitchen equipment manufacturer Bomann offers suitable solution. The Table Dishwasher TSG 705.1 is a real space wonder that we tested in more detail for you. You will be amazed when they read what this little device will bring remains. Often, the small devices, wrongly, underestimated. Take your time and let yourself be convinced of this product from Bomann.  
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Table Dishwasher
2.0 (GOOD)
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Functional Overview
  • Energy efficiency class: A +
  • Trocknungseffiziensklasse: A
  • Energy consumption: 185  kWh / year
  • Water consumption: 2,380 liters
  • Weight: 27 kg
  • Programs: 6
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  • Energy efficiency class A +
  • inexpensive
  • ECO Sparspülprogramm
  • compact size
  • small Spüllademenge

Price, shipping and Design at the table dishwasher Bomann

This product convinced at the outset with its unbeatable price, because the table dishwasher you can already buy for under 200 euros. So we bought this and surprisingly the delivery went smoothly, because after a few days we received our table dishwasher. The unit was very well packed, because often we experienced already converse with others. The optics of the TSG 705.1 is kept simple, so that's design of this machine suitable for every kitchen , as they unobtrusively adapts and does not affect the image space. You can stow away in a cabinet at the pipe connections the table dishwasher without any problems, they can connect it easily and permanently without they must save space. It gives you flexibility, the fourth-placed in its category offers space for 6 place settings and a common cutlery basket is also available. With a dimension of 50 cm length, 55 cm width and 44 cm height convinced the tabletop across the board, the 27 Kg, which brings the device to be able to be transported easily from you. The number of programs is the same as the test winner . You can choose between 6 programs ( Normal, Vivid, ECO Sparspülprogramm, fast, glass, pre-wash ) Select. The control buttons are clearly arranged and easy to use. The cleaning temperatures are between 40 to 65 degrees and come about by a water heater with concealed heating rods.
The small space wonder provides variety of programs as the larger dishwashers. For this it is quiet and fast.

The rapid program convinced Table Dishwasher TSG 705.1

We found that the quick program was most convincing with a duration of 30 minutes. The dishes were always perfectly clean in several trials. The ECO Sparspülprogramm other hand lasts for 3 hours.Particularly positive we noticed that the TSG 705.1 pleasantly quiet running and therefore does not disturb in everyday life. Also, the annual consumption can keep up compared to the winner, since an average cleaning needs with the normal programs is the TSG 705.1, with its energy efficiency A, at some 185 kWh. The winner is immaterial with 174 kWh less. The LED display is especially appealing since it shows you the salt and rinse aid. Convincingly we found the security door lock that is guaranteed to get through no water. The adjustable feet under the table dishwasher, make sure that you can ensure even with irregularities, and the adjustable position, which is always the machine is safe and secure. The interior is completely made of stainless steel , which makes the dish very resistant and durable.Intensive care you do not have to operate at the TSG 705.1 Bomann, it is completely sufficient if they occasionally remove leftover food and, if necessary, this is indicated by the warning light, refill the rinse aid and salt machines. The subjects for this are easy to find and can not be overlooked by you.

Table Dishwasher TSG 705.1 - operation, tidying and washing up liquid

One hitch the compartment for the rinse aid, this is relatively far back, which is unusual especially at the beginning. But with a little practice you can master even the good. In some regions, the tap water has a fairly high degree of hardness. This could leave permanent damage, but you can counteract. We recommend descaling 2-3 times a year the table dishwasher , with a well-defined product. To stay on the safe side and do not have long to enjoy your desktop device by Bomann. The granting of the dishes we found straightforward and particularly liked that between each plate is still free space and thus do not lie to each other. This ensures that no food travel between the plates sticking remain. Even the cutlery basket has enough space, so you need not squeeze in. For the cups are to the side a hinged surface on which you can juxtapose the glasses or cups. Compared to other table dishwashers TSG 705.1 provides a compelling total package. Because often these very small machine very noisy and have a high water consumption. This is, unfortunately, in many devices the standard, but not in this model of Bomann.
With a consumption of approximately 8 liters of water in a program of this table dishwasher is still good Front, the winner is a liter of water is less, a little better in comparison. But when you see the product as a whole, then it is you are impressed by the overall image of the TSG 705.1 Bomann thoroughly überzeugen.Wir and can this friend Unconditionally.
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Who is looking for a small dishwasher, which lies with the Table Dishwasher TSG 705.1 on the safe side.Because when this unit does the price-performance ratio in every aspect. The acquisition will almost made due to the small price each accessible. The compact size is in any kitchen, whether winding or narrow, and expects therefore, with the annoying wash by hand. Also, the annual electricity consumption, water consumption is immediately convincing. The wash was always satisfactory, no annoying food particles clinging to the plate. Even to the dishes were always dry and had no residual water in the individual parts. The ease of use of the various programs is also not to be ignored and thus convince. For larger parties, this device is however rather unsuitable because then apply several Spülladungen and that would certainly bring an enormous amount of time with them. Therefore, the TSG 750.1 appropriated by Bomann ideal for singles and smaller families. Of course, this model can also be used by larger families who might occasionally resort to a dishwasher and therefore a usual out of the question.On special cleaner for the dishes must no honor, because the rich commercial agent and still is, and the dishes remain consistently clean.

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