Energy prices rise permanently on. The only way to counteract the higher costs involved, is in a more conscious use of energy. Many consumers assume that they only then save electricity when they use less household appliances. This is generally certainly true, but mostly only be realized with considerable drawbacks in everyday life. However, there are also economic and ecological alternatives that may be you in reducing energy demand certainly help. Of this we were allowed recently, during the test the dishwasher SN65M037EU Siemens , convince yourself. Without changing their own rinsing performance, the fully integrated automatic washing machine provided us with impressive results, which were dominated by enormous energy savings.
Functional Overview
  • Energy efficiency class: A ++
  • Trocknungseffiziensklasse: A
  • Energy consumption: 262  kWh / year
  • Water consumption: 2,800 liters
  • Weight: 39 kg
  • Programs: 6
  • Energy efficiency class A ++
  • VarioSpeed
  • Aquastopp
  • no

Fast and easy delivery

After ordering the machine is delivered as a rule within the next three to five working days the customer.After the delivery of first we noticed the very good packaging. The dishwasher is excellently protected against damage. It is obvious that especially in places that are easily damaged, extensive protective measures shall be taken to prevent this. Hoses and pipes are protected by additional measures against tearing or buckling. In addition, especially the edges are protected on the Dishwasher before the formation of dents or bumps. Particularly sharp edges are padded again , which will serve not only to protect the device, but also injuries in the conveyors and to prevent us.

Flexible installation

The advantage of fully integrated dishwashers is that the devices are not additionally available in the kitchen, but they can be installed in the kitchen or the kitchen. The fact that the machine is notin the room in the middle, we can also supply cables so that they are no longer visible after installation. The right front assuming the dishwasher falls not on after proper installation. We have previously tried to get the right front and this can be mounted on the door of the dishwasher in a rather simple way. Visually the dishwasher after the front mounted and the dishwasher is installed, part of the whole kitchen. Siemens provides the customer with the dishwasher SN65M037EU much freedom in the choice of location, the dishwasher. With 60 cm Device width it satisfies the dimensions of a normal base cabinet. The adjustable feet can be aligned easily and put in balance the machine. The automatic washing machine has factory already an inlet tube having a length of 1.65 meters and a drain hose with a length of 1.90 meters. If for technical reasons not be sufficient, the length of the hoses, Siemens also offers an additional set. Therein is an extension for the inlet hose with even 2.20 meters, as well as a supplement for the drain hose with a length of 1.95 meters are included.

Economical and environmentally friendly

After the dishwasher could easily be installed, with its 39 kg total weight, we have begun to test the machine in practice. According to the information in theproduct description, the machine has space for 13 place settings . These fit actually effortlessly purely in the device. Here it must be mentioned that even using the maximum number of seats still there is enough space to include any small items in the proposed rinsing with. Including today's energy prices, we were of course very excited about the results in terms of energy and water, as the machine finally certified energy class A ++ was. After a Spülzeitraum of about 175 minutes in the Eco program could eventually shiny and clean dishes of the machine are taken. Despite energy-saving mode, the machine delivers impressive cleaning results that can be more than excellent. Surprisingly, it was during the flushing process, as indicated by the manufacturer, no longer as 10 liters of water consumed, as we have seen in the water clock that we have on this experiment installed separately.When checking the power consumption we found ultimately that Siemens did not exaggerate with his statements with respect to consumption. Consumption was as indicated at 0.94 KWh for this unprecedented flushing.

convenient operation

The dishwasher offers five different programs. The Eco program is the most efficient program and absolutely sufficient for normally soiled dishes. The variable delay start enabled us to make start the flush cycle specifically, although we have been busy with the lunch. As useful we found also that the machine has a remaining time display, which displays the time remaining until the end of the flushing process in minutes. The machine can be, thanks to the Vario Flex-cage, Hide and dispel. We found the hinged rows of prongs as particularly useful, one of which is two pieces in the upper and lower basket are. The foldable rows of prongs made us in the use of space more flexible, because eventually not always carried the load. As reassuring technical effect we noticed the Aqua Stop function, with a lifetime guarantee , which is to protect the consumer from unpleasant water damage. Likewise, we convinced the modern glass Already system that makes it possible to also clean delicate glassware in the dishwasher. The intelligent electronics of the dishwasher does not only ensure that the premises of the owner remain dry, but also helps with a Beladungs sensor thereby, inadvertently overloading the dishwasher. In addition, the machine has a VarioSpeed function that does the flushing in half the normal time.

High performance with low consumption

The dishwasher was presented by the delivery to the flushing as a convenient product that leaves nothing to be desired from the comfortable installation to economic flushing. Knapp am winner past, the fully integrated dishwasher Siemens SN65M037EU is beaten only by a model from Bosch with the label SMV53M70Eu. Nevertheless there the dishwasher during operation hardly disturbing noises, it has 46 dB of noise, which is 2 dB higher than with the Bosch SMV53M70EU .
Functions such as load sensor / Aquastopp / glass system already provide comfort.There are strong performance with low fuel consumption.
The device is impressive with performance with low consumption. The energy efficiency class A ++ is fulfilled to full satisfaction. The ECO 50 program is the involvement of the electricity and water consumption the best program that can be selected. At the same time the use of this program is absolutely sufficient to reliably and satisfactorily to clean soiled dishes. Nevertheless, the device was also subject to the power consumption of 0.94 KWh the winner of Bosch, which has a current consumption of just 0.92 KWh. The machine convinced but in its usability and effortless installation . Also optional accessories for the dishwasher completes the product from addition. The Siemens SN65M037EU is the right choice for all consumers who are looking for a dishwasher which, thanks to the optional accessories, extremely flexible and easy to install, is easy to operate and economical and in addition also convinces with outstanding wash results.

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