The Beko DIN 6831 FX is a fully integratable dishwasher with Turbo drying. Pricewise it is some way below devices similar design. The manufacturer promises an energy-efficient and water-saving device with low noise. In our test, the dishwasher had againsttop-class competitors compete who have similar strengths, but are usually higher in price. In fact, the Beko DIN beat 6831 FX not only brave, but also to assert itself on the front seats.
Functional Overview
  • Energy efficiency class: A ++
  • Trocknungseffiziensklasse: A
  • Energy consumption: 258  kWh / year
  • Water consumption: 2,800 liters
  • 41 kg
  • Programs: 8

First impressions

Included is only the dishwasher itself and the associated operating instructions. The manufacturer points out that a furniture front plate is not included. It would also be difficult to expect that the same will be delivered suitable for any kitchen. By packaging the device is 85.9 cm high, 64.4 cm wide and deep 66.1 cm. The weight plus packaging is 43 kg. The delivery was fast and the packaging was very good all around.

Up & Connectivity

The dishwasher itself is 82 cm high, 59.8 cm wide and deep 54.8 cm. The feet are adjustable in height up to 10 cm. The front in stainless steel is fairly neutral and adapts without furniture front well in most kitchens a. To fully adapt to the dishwasher, you can a matching furniture faceplate get at the hardware store. A display located on the right top of the door. The terminal value of the unit is 2,200 watts. The Beko dishwasher is simply connected to a conventional 230-volt outlet. The cable has a length of 180 cm. The water connection can be up to 60 ° C warm and thewater pressure range up to 100 N / cm2 , respectively. Practically, the height-adjustable feet Build. The rear feet can be easily adjusted from the front.

Water consumption and energy efficiency

The dishwasher has an energy efficiency rating of A ++, becoming second only to the few devices achieve the best values. By default, the machine uses 10 liters of water and 0.9 kWh of electricity per wash. The theoretical annual consumption, which is measured at 280 standard flushes per year, located at 2800 liters of water and 252 kWh. Thus the dishwasher Beko is in water consumption on par with the best and most efficient machines on the market. The power consumption is about 60 kWh / year higher than in the best equipment, but only about 23 kWh / year over the winner we tested devices, the Bosch SMV53M70EU. Despite the rocketing into the air flow rates of the financial difference between the two with less than 10, - Euro per year is very low. The machine holds up to 12 place settings, which is acceptable. The test winner Bosch SMV53M70EUcomes here to 14 place settings. In Standbye mode, the device consumes 0.85 watts in "left-on mode" and in the "off-mode" 0.09 watts. With 44 dB sound emission of the dishwasher is among the quietest in its class. The test winner Bosch SMV53M70EU reached 42 dB an even better result, other devices in the test reached 46 and 47 dB. Energy consumption, water consumption and noise level can be measured with best equipment is quite.

Programs and Features

The standard program is the austerity program of 50 ° C. The highest temperatures are in the baby-Protect and the intensive program at 70 ° C. The program Quick & Clean will quickly achieve good results with 65 ° C. The fine program washes at 40 ° C and the applet rinsed for 30 minutes at 35 ° C. In addition, the Beko DIN 6831 F dishwasher has a pre-wash and an automatic program. Special features are the ½ programs rinses in which the machine is not fully filled and the Multitab function remain to ensure that dishwasher tabs dissolve properly and not just soften and stick in the tray. As a special highlight of the manufacturer refers to the automatic program , which determined via sensors themselves to dirty the dishes are and the flushing adjusts accordingly. The machine has a brushless DC motor, an innovative pump with electronic control , water consumption, energy consumption and time intelligently coordinated. The automatic start time can be set up to 9 hours in advance. The display shows also, if salt or rinse aid must be refilled. The duty cycle of the austerity program (Eco) 179 minutes. A sequence display does not exist. The rinsing can be seen significant differences between longer and shorter wash cycles. The machine delivers flawless results in longer programs, while the short programs are not quite as convincing. The efficient use of energy and water in the shorter programs is not as good as at the longer.

Safety and Warranty

The machine has the function Watersafe +. Once a leak in the inlet hose occurs it switches itself off automatically characterized. The water softener works automatically. The manufacturer provides warranty for 24 months.

Handling and rinsing performance in the practical test

The machine has foldable plate racks in both the upper and lower basket. There is a bottle holder and a cutlery tray. The division of the baskets and the moving parts here is a little less successful. The height adjustment of the basket is somewhat impractical. Drying is not yet perfect in almost all dishwashers. When Beko DIN 6831 FX dishwasher it is generally good, but may fail by too much plastic tableware. This is because plastic which absorbs heat not good. With much plastic dishes can then give rise to fluid retention. The cleaning performance is affected when the screen is not correctly set. This dirty water comes back to the dishes and stick the dirt. Otherwise, the cleaning performance is good to very good especially at the longer washes.

A place on the podium

The Beko DIN 6831 F dishwasher can convince overall. The cleaning and drying are good to excellent in normal circumstances, and the consumption of electricity and water is extremely economical. In automatic mode, which should actually be energy efficient and water saving, but there is an increase in consumption. Inadequate cleaning, we were able to reconstruct only by deliberate user error in the test.With correct use and filling with salt and rinse aid these things did not occur. The low volume of the device is particularly compelling. Although there were devices in the test, which were even quieter and more energy efficient, but reached the dishwasher due to the low price and a good overall performance in Test No. 3, making it a real buy recommendation. advantages
  • Energy efficiency class A ++
  • Waterlogged protection
  • Turbo drying
  • interior design

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