A dishwasher is no longer a luxury, but the wide range, the selection very difficult. If it goes to the manufacturers, all of their products are optimal in terms of electricity and water consumption. Just this looks with the cleaning and drying results. But these values are obtained in a laboratory and say nothing about the everyday use. Therefore we have thefreestanding dishwasher made by Siemens SN25L201EU once exactly everyday under the microscope, but found some things that could be improved.
Functional Overview
  • Energy efficiency class: A +
  • Trocknungseffiziensklasse: A
  • Energy consumption: 290  kWh / year
  • Water consumption: 3,300 liters
  • 49 kg
  • Programs: 5
  • Energy efficiency class A +
  • VarioSpeed System
  • Auto. aid dosing
  • just perfect for place settings
  • Drying with defects

Delivery and packaging

The packaging and delivery were optimal, which naturally also depended on the supplier. Here the service was exemplary. The unpacking and plugging presented no major problem. Even for someone who is not as practiced in such matters. Also, there was no damage to the equipment, which of course is always beneficial. The design is simple, but all the important settings are right on the front page.

First test the granting of the dishes

Right here then already began the first problem. This dishwasher is only intended for place settings. So in dishes where the dimensions to be slightly larger, the granting managed to make an experiment. The upper baskets are not suitable for long-stemmed wine glasses or wheat beer glasses. These fit simply not gone into it. Actually a pity, because such glasses are now times simply part. When the lower basket to the granting of pots and pans designed just awkward. Even larger dish may prove here as a problem. Unlike the looks at the test winner  out, because here the baskets can be adjusted individually. Also, the upper basket at Siemens can not be loaded up all the way back, otherwise there the glasses or the dishes are not properly cleaned. When test winner Bosch SMS53N02EU that was no problem, but here was always decent cleaning results achieved. For easier loading which also creates the freestanding dishwashers from Siemens SN25L201EU, whereby the indication of 12 place-settings, perhaps a little too high. In every household, however, have to pay only place settings, but pots and pans. But with practice comes everyone behind as this dishwasher can be optimally loaded.

Wash result was fine

Some of the test subjects had already started actually quite disappointed as this device yet built not in Germany but in Poland. But after some back and forth with the freshener was granted, the programs were tested. In normal operation, the programs have been found to be very long and therefore tested the VarioSpeed function. This then reached in a very short time a very good result, the dishes was dry.However, the container was for powder still wet and had to be dried by hand. As a great advantage also is automatic dosing of detergent, salt and rinse aid perceived. Thus, they are always optimally dosed depending on the dirt, so that the environment and the wallet are protected.Above all, the device can detect based on wastewater how dirty the dishes. Thus, an optimal outcome should be achieved with proper granting, always. At least according to the manufacturer, but the reality is often a little different. Also the Aqua Stop is perceived as very positive, with most subjects but rather a precaution open the water only when needed.

Strong smell from the machine

Many test subjects found the smell of the new machine to be very uncomfortable. How this came, could not be found and it took a long time until this road was. As absolutely positive and the very silent work was considered, but the performance in Ecoprogramm again described as very poor. Because her slightly dirty dishes were not even really clean and often needs the dishes, cutlery just be dried by hand.In many wells dirt has settled and was then really firmly on the objects. The results of the freestanding dishwasher by  SN25L201EU accordingly by growing and most participants would not buy this. The most negative while the baskets and the division were seen this.Reason is that this alone the granting of the dishwasher have a science of its own. Here Siemens should considerably rework perhaps. The cleaning was accordingly not always neat and in many objects like pots and pans often deficient.

Better use could be beneficial

So were all panelists agree that the utilization could be improved. Because the rear dishes is almost no water jet and thus this is always dirty. Depending on the load, the drying only works sufficiently or not at all. Here is the test winner Bosch SMS53N02EU makes even without dryer still a better picture. Above all, here simply the dishes are granted without it, to Be where this is just. Even heavily soiled pots and pans are cleaned properly. In this area, Siemens should still some improve, because otherwise the dishes but the same can be washed by hand. To Full without first have to make a chair for the granting. Particularly negative was the long duration in normal program selection felt, as many parts were not properly cleaned. Just again parts that were not in conformity, just not clean. This even when only partially loaded, which had contributed more to dissatisfaction.
The best cleaning results are obtained when when the Siemens dishwasher is given properly.

Older units were recommended

But wait again, there were some subjects who coped immediately with the freestanding dishwashers from Siemens SN25L201EU. Perhaps the result was a little affected by the crockery basket, because with normally soiled tableware benefits of freestanding dishwasher Siemens SN25L201EU were satisfactory.Although not all of the dishes were like other dishwashers often dry, but usually this is not a negative point. All in all, earned his second place of freestanding dishwashers from Siemens SN25L201EU, and provides with proper granting of clean plates. Exactly what to do with a dishwasher, so that work can be saved in the household. Therefore, the default setting is a great thing, because then the dishes is ready when it is needed. All programs worked perfectly and the service was very satisfactory. Conclusion, a device that is worth the money, despite initial difficulties with the dish racks.

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