The  dishwasher  is an important device for a household that already appreciate their performance. Those who still had no dishwasher in the household, should inquire in advance exactly what the device can. An important point is in any case the cleaning effect. We have found that the Bosch dishwasher SMV53M70EU  plenty of positive properties includes that we do not want to share with you longer.
 Functional Overview
  • Energy efficiency class: A ++
  • Trocknungseffiziensklasse: A
  • Energy consumption: 258  kWh / year
  • Water consumption: 2,800 liters
  • Weight: 35 kg
  • Programs: 5
  • Energy efficiency class A ++
  • Special Function (VarioSpeed, half load)
  • no

Delivery and packaging

The delivery is depending on where you purchased it very quickly. With us, it took just one day and the Bosch SMV53M70EU allowed at their new workplace. The packaging was very good as befits a winnerbelongs. Styrofoam and cardboard boxes ensure that the dishwasher will arrive safely at the receiver.What we personally feel something as annoying, is the unpacking and the Waste Disposal related. But rather, damaged safe and sound with this whole package as heavy and without waste. The 35 kg, bringing the Bosch dishwasher SMV53M70EU on the scale, are actually quite low when compared this with the old clunky models.

How is the appearance / design?

What convinced and ultimately because the design optimally integrated in appearance, in our kitchen.Who has a fitted kitchen, can also here the Bosch SMV53M70EU comfortably accommodate where he picks up the lid and the appropriate mounting Front mounts. We decided, however, and that the Bosch dishwasher SMV53M70EU is free in the kitchen and there gives a very good impression optically. In addition, the dishwasher from Bosch has a security door, which was a not the case with some older models. The dimensions are 81.5 x 58.8 x 55 cm. The dishwasher therefore in the standard measure.

Structure & Connection

The structure is simple, since the Bosch SMV53M70EU is simply placed in the room. With the adjustable feet we could make plan also correctly using the spirit level. The connection proved straightforward, what you can thus quite experienced as a plus point. Hoses, seals and all the trimmings were, again exactly checked before actually could start flushing.

Water consumption and energy efficiency

What we already knew before, was the water consumption, which is quite low at 2800 liters per year. The energy efficiency class according to the manufacturer with A ++  specify. In plain language this means that the Bosch SMV53M70EU has a savings program called Eco 50 and in this program only 0.92 kWh of electricity consumed in a water volume of 10 liters. An insignificant drawback is the time claim in this program. The Eco 50 program runs really beaten three hours to the dishes cleaned and dried. If you just have guests visiting, which may lead to a slight panic attack to the landlord. But there is thank God the other programs such as the Quick program.

What can the Bosch dishwasher SMV53M70EU everything?

First of all, it should be mentioned that the Bosch SMV53M70EU has an incredibly low noise level. With 44 dB, the device can run times without bad conscience at night. The dishwasher is barely audible. The noise level can be compared to a refrigerator when the chiller is currently at work. Overall, the Bosch dishwasher SMV53M70EU are 5 wash programs available. Eco 50 would the austerity program. Other programs such as Intensive 40, Intensive 70 and Fast 45  can be selected as needed. Whereby even in the Quick 45 program the equipment is unequivocally clean. Car is an additional program, which the water consumption is 8 liters. Moreover, has the dishwasher an aqua sensor that can incorporate the correct amount of water. Another highlight at the Bosch SMV53M70EU dishwasher are also three special functions. Here, between:  half load, VarioSpeed and intensive zone  are selected. As a special feature of the dossier Wizard salt and rinse aid can be referred. Thus, one does not risk polluting the machine with too much detergent. Of course the much known glass protection technology is in the Bosch SMV53M70EU.

Comfort & Handling

The Bosch SMV53M70EU has as usual on two baskets and a decent cutlery basket. In addition, the baskets that have  Varioflex system that optimal space guarantee promises. Cup, plate and other dishes can be individually and each grant as needed. When the upper rack, the height can be adjusted up to three times, so many parts find place. What we had something to smile was the acoustic signal when a program is terminated. Some know this already from a tumble dryer, which signaled by sums that the clothes are dry. When Bosch dishwasher SMV53M70EU a melody sounds, one can safely say that this really sounds very funny. Yet we find this detail very practical. Moreover, has the Bosch dishwasher SMV53M70EU  a Start time delay , which is between one and 24 hours. Practically, the program in the morning hours. The machine can then be adjusted so that the dishes are rinsed finished rising. Moreover, even the remaining time is indicated in minutes on the machine, what we perceive as very practical. The wash results are convincing across the board . Depending on the contamination, we select a suitable program. After the time the dishes are cleaned clean and perfect. The program selection is just as easy , as each program almost self-explanatory. The Bosch dishwasher SMV53M70EU can sometimes very well tolerated an extra helping of dishes further with 13 place settings. That's a really good performance especially at family gatherings.
For any kind of contamination there is the test winner the right program.

Safety & Warranty

The Bosch SMV53M70EU  has a security door , which is not open during flushing. Also premature opening deleted, the closing mechanism, the door only releases when no potential risks. In our old dishwasher that detail was not available. Thus one could ever scalded by the hot steam the fingers slightly.


We would each of a new dishwasher needed recommend the Bosch SMV53M70EU. It is also doing a quality product, which also like the man of the house once the dishes and dispel brings. The  500 Euro are a good investment , considering what the device can do. From us there is a thumbs-up.

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