In most households, the dishes were a few decades ago cleaned by hand. Today this complicated work is often by a Dishwasher ajarcompleted machine, which was purchased in many German households. In 67 percent of all German households a dishwasher is located. By this device the previously annoying cleaning are automated. Dishwashers allow efficient cleaning , for which only few simple steps are required. Here the machines differ in design and equipment. There are different types , whose models were designed for different needs. With the small table dishwashers exist handy alternatives that are particularly suitable for single-person households, kitchens or conference. Besides such table devices, manufacturers produce among others-under and built-in dishwasher, which were designed for different needs.

Leaderboard the undercounter dishwashers 2016

Last updated on:  10/04/2016

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  • 1 leaderboard of undercounter dishwashers 2016
  • 2 accessory for kitchenettes
  • 3 stainless steel kitchenettes
  • 4 baseboards and decorative panels
  • 5 Size of equipment
  • 6 Hardware options
  • 7 Advantages and disadvantages
  • 8 Highlight for the kitchen

Accessory for kitchenettes

The devices of the type of undercounter dishwasher can be found in many German households. The building type is in a conventional fitted kitchen integrated. Its cut allows for installation below the kitchen. The plates of the line serves as a cover, because the Built-In Dishwasher has no top, which could be loaded. Therefore, the top of the kitchen cabinet or specially managed needs additional countertopserve as cover. While the upper side of the device is covered, an undercounter dishwasher presented at the front in all its glory. This side of the device remains visible even after the integration into a fitted kitchen.Unfortunately, most models exist no possibilities to customize the exterior front of the exact look of the kitchen.

Stainless steel kitchenettesMiele dishwasher

Additional covers can often not be affixed. The manufacturers offer rarely standing models, in which the front of the device disappears behind the exact kitchen paneling. Instead, most of the covers of the respective manufacturer , in the colors white, brown and stainless steel are available, are attached to the equipment. These covers are usually thin between a half and one centimeter. Most experts recommend a frequent replacement. They recommend instead the C models , in which the front is visible. Such devices dominate the market. In these models, which will cover not disguised . Often there are devices from silver stainless steel, which can certainly enhance the look of a kitchen. Thus, the Miele dishwasher, the G 5630 SCU , delivered with a silver cover, which contributes to the noble appearance of the device. Of this we were able to convince in our test.

Baseboards and decorative panels

Only in rare cases, such devices with a decorative frame fitted, can be used in the plates that match the fitted kitchen.However, sometimes there is a recess at the bottom of the dishwasher. Here, a skirting board to be installed connecting the Built-In Dishwasher visually with the rest of the kitchen.
Often such models can also use a separate decorative plate be fitted if the unit is not to be integrated into a kitchenette. Otherwise, the machine is simply pushed under the kitchenette.

Size of equipment

Bosch dishwasher SMU58M75EU substructureIn most cases, is flush installation for kitchenette possible. Finally, the undercounter dishwashers can be individually adapted to the height of the kitchen, in which the device is to be integrated. Undercounter dishwasher can be adjusted in height to be. A height 82-87 centimeters is usually possible. So the device can be placed under kitchenettes that between 85 and 90 centimeters high are. In some cases, manufacturers also offer additional feet on the devices. So they fit even under kitchenettes, which are significantly higher. In the width of the devices may also differ. Some dishwashers, as we tested Bosch SMU58M75EU , are 60 centimeters wide . They therefore fit the best under areas that are also so great. Other devices suitable for smaller portions of a fitted kitchen. This undercounter dishwashers are only 45 centimeters wide. As the depth there is little difference. The undercounter dishwashers are almost always 57 to 58.5 centimeters . They can therefore be integrated into conventional kitchens.

Hardware options

The dishwasher type substructure can be technically no different from other devices. The newer models, such as the above-mentioned Bosch SMU58M75EU dishwasher, have a moderate power consumption.Therefore, the modern undercounter dishwashers are sometimes even to energy efficiency class A ++ .Many cleaning modes make the household chores. Fast and Ökoprogramme are often the standard equipment.

Advantages and disadvantages

Basically need undercounter dishwasher a superstructure of the existing built-in kitchen, in which the device is integrated.
The purchase of such a machine is therefore recommended only if you already have such a superstructure, you want to use in the future.Otherwise freestanding appliances or even a Table Dishwasher better alternative.
Undercounter dishwashers Miele However, if you have a kitchen, you want to add a dishwasher, might just get a undercounter dishwasher the device that corresponds to your needs. Then you get a device that quickly integrates with the countertop can be. With one of these modern devices, the rinsing is not for pleasure, but significantly easier.

Highlight for the kitchen

Thanks to the possibility of installing a baseboard , the device can also be visually integrated into the kitchen. By stainless steel or through the plates additionally available can also be a an undercounter dishwasher visual highlightbe that enhances the particular cuisine. Such a design and the associated rinsing quality naturally have their price. A good undercounter dishwasher will costbetween five hundred and a thousand euros. Therefore, it is always recommended that the desired device based on test reports to verify. To hopefully find the dishwasher that is your needs meet.

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