Previously, dishwasher a luxury that few people could afford. Today the practical machines are in most German households used. The figures obtained by the in 2013, the Federal Statistical Office published are clear: 67.0 percent of all German households use a dishwasher . No wonder: The equipment not only facilitate the work, but also enable a much more hygienic cleaning.Finally, here are no filthy rags, sponges or towels, in which bacteria multiply abruptly itself. The devices also consume less water. Purification by hand requires much more of the precious liquid. In many households, there are the large dish, often tightly integrated with the built-in kitchens are. In some households, there is not a great device, but a handy machine that takes up very little space. There, the smaller version of the bulky equipment is used. The Table Dishwasher require significantly less space than the larger models.  

Leaderboard the Table Dishwasher 2016

Last updated on:  10/04/2016

Table of Contents

  • 1 Best List of Table Dishwasher 2016
  • 2 Who is table dishwasher suitable?
  • 3 Different manufacturer for Table Dishwasher
  • 4 advantages and disadvantages table dishwashers
    • 4.1 Table Dishwasher vs. freestanding types
    • 4.2 Positive test results in table dishwashers
  • 5 Small alternatives
  • 6 Handy devices
  • 7 Low consumption
    • 7.1 energy efficiency and operating costs compared
    • 7.2 Easy Installation
    • 7.3 advantage in price
  • 8 Efficient cleaning
    • 8.1 Ideal for plates and cups

For whom is suitable table dishwasher?

In a small single apartment with kitchenette or a very small kitchen They usually have no room for a dishwasher. If you like to not rinse by hand and facilitate the work, various manufacturers have developed a table dishwashers and so created a solution for the small apartment. Since the device is a verysmall volume capacity have, they are suitable for a single person household, but not for families or a couple. In consumption, however, table dishwasher can quite convince and are with high energy efficiency andlow water consumption in operation. Now it goes to the idea which brand you believe and in whichmanufacturer you wish to purchase a table dishwasher. In format, the devices are identical. In the design, in the volume and also in consumption but they show marginal differences.

Different manufacturers of table dishwasher

Table dishwasher, there are, for example, of Bomann , Gorenje and also of constructa . The devices weighunder 30 kg , 50 centimeters wide and 50 centimeters high. These dimensions are not only the places in small kitchens, but also during transport optimally. If you move to a table dishwasher, you can take it easily from the table and moving it at any time with little effort, as he quickly and stow easily in the car is. For which manufacturer you choose depends primarily on your preference for a brand. The test results in table dishwashers generally show high energy efficiency and a low water consumption , as well as optimal cleaning performance and various programs.
With a table dishwasher you can use the same functions available as with models in larger version, so you can take in relation to the use no restrictions in buying and only a smaller storage capacity have in the device.
By similar sizes and is not distinctive of storage space in the capacity, and the necessary stand on a table, you are free in the purchase decision and may not take depending on external dimensions your purchase of a table dishwasher.

Advantages and disadvantages table dishwashers

The advantages are undeniable and manifest themselves in your way, even in the small kitchen resorting dishwasher and not to spend your time with manual cleaning of dishes on a table. However, you can in a small table dishwasher no large pots or pans placed so that it is primarily suitable for washing plates, cups and cutlery. Quiet running noise let him in a kitchen to the adjacent living room use and not disturb your relaxation even if the tabledishwasherDishwasher just does its work. When being loaded or unloaded You are the easy handling be amazed and the large, fully opening door appreciate. You use a table dishwasher via the controls on the front and must therefore pay attention at places that are easily available for you.
Ensure a stable and not shaky ground because a table dishwasher else wanders and one foot can slip off the stand.
It's best to use a small mat , available commercially for washing machines and thus ensure a stable hold of the dishwasher to the mostly smooth table or countertop in your kitchen. A really obvious disadvantage arises solely from the small amount of dishes, which you can per flush clean. For this reason, table dishwasher are also only for a single person household recommended.

Table Dishwasher vs. freestanding typesdishwasher 45cm

As the table dishwasher is open and can not be block in the kitchen, there is a consideration between a stationary on the table , or anywhere in the room standing model. The fact is, if you have room for a table in your kitchen, and there placing a dishwasher, you might also be a free-standing dishwasher select and set it in place of the table. The freestanding dishwasher can also be selected as a single version in a smaller size so that it with only 45 centimeters wide even requires a smaller pitch than a table dishwasher with 50 centimeters wide.
The detached single dishwasher is the volume capacity is greater and also offers space for pots and pans.
However, they can not on the worktop, but put on the floor must be. Takes a kitchenette your wall and allows the placing of a solitary placed dishwasher is not, you have no way to ensure safe and not transverse across the room power and water, resulting in a free-standing dishwasher exclude and your decision to table dishwasher can tend should ,

Positive test results in table dishwashers

Although we the storage space Dishwasher faced in table initially skeptical, having us test result quite positively surprised.
We have different models for functionality, the cleaning and operation, as well as their space requirements and the different washing programs tested.
Bomann Table Dishwasher The Energy Efficiency A + is standard and preclude you must expect higher energy costs due to your helper when flushing. All models tested ran with the vibrations decelerating mat for much quieter and showed to be a suitable solution for the small kitchen, even if it reaches an open kitchen in the living room. When placing on the countertop , there was only a small problem that could only be solved with a section of the working surface of the table top.
The installation of the water connection presents some challenges because it can not simply pull behind the countertop or table top and thereby requires no greater distance from the wall.
In use, we could all devices from different manufacturers with good to very good rate and were surprised that the small dishwasher convinced for placement on a table with the same performance as a larger device and therefore no restrictions in its use brings.

Small alternatives

For this reason, the small machines are particularly often used in kitchens, where the very large machines no place. In single households or in small residential communities the handy table-dishwasher are a practical alternative , the kitchen work tremendously Table dishwasher campsiteseasier.Many owners of caravans swear also on the Table Dishwasher, because they can also be installed there. In kitchens and classrooms , the machines are also used often. They take up little space. Therefore, the devices ever greater popularity. The most also have kitchen equipment manufacturers recognized. They therefore produce almost all aseparate variant of the table-dishwasher. Known companies such as Siemens , Bosch and Boman offer practical equipment. Smaller companies such as Candy also offer a table-dishwasher.

Handy devices

The success of the dishwasher, whose origin is to 1850 can be traced back, is also due to the handy variant that is especially popular in smaller households. The compact machines fit into any kitchen. Even in small kitchens where you find the conventional devices no place, the handy machines can be installed.
Finally, Table Dishwasher are usually no more than fifty centimeters.
So beware the usual work surfaces. The devices are characterized not only by its compact size, but also by a low weight. The audited by us Candy CDCF 6 , the Test score gained 1.1, for example, weighs just 22.5 kg low.

Low consumption

The table-dishwasher can make the household chores significantly. Clean most dishes littered with meals. Plates, cutlery, glasses and cups be freed easily from the dirt. The new Table Dishwasher are frugal, they consume no more water and electricity than conventional models. Compared with the costly cleaning by hand is even required less water.
Here price- and environmentally conscious consumers can thus save money and protect the environment.
Siemens SK26E800EU Table Dishwasher The current models are the consumption in the energy class A . Some devices even consume even less. The we testedSiemens SK26E800EU is particularly efficient, for example. For 280 standard cleaning the machine only requires 1540 liters of water. With an annual electricity consumption of 139 kilowatt-hours, the device is frugal in this respect. It is therefore one even for energy efficiency class A +.

Energy efficiency and operating costs compared

Two very important factors in the test are the energy efficiency and water consumption. All table dishwasher feature in addition to the Siemens SN55M539EU part integratable dishwasherstandard program on the ECO mode , and a program for intensive to clean dishes. Reliable remote audited by us all devices leftovers even in the quick program and presented a consistently satisfactory result. With a low consumption of electricity and water, the cost of talking to and have at table dishwashers all manufacturers proved excellent.
Although the prices for acquisition vary, but the small dish quite low and already for a purchase price already under 200 euros to find.
A small table dishwasher presents great performance, is easy to use and allows the use of individual programs depending on how dirty the dishes without it consumes a lot of electricity, noisy or very long runs and therefore may well be considered the optimal decision for the small kitchen.

easy installation

aquaStopThe water required for cleaning the common devices can also directly from the tap relate. An elaborate installation is eliminated. So today's table-dishwasher can be installed in the kitchen and only when necessary. Thanks to its light weight and compact size, a is stowing often trouble. Nevertheless, Table Dishwasher fit well to the terminals to which the conventional devices are attached. Thus, the table-dishwasher can also if necessary permanently installed in the kitchen are. Ultimately, you can decide how to attach the device itself.

Advantage in price

The classic undercounter dishwashers, which are integrated into fitted kitchens, also are significantly more expensive. Who takes up the table-dishwasher, can much Cost of a dishwashersave money. Finally, the handy devices cost less than the other models. The current models cost usually between 200 and 300 euros. For comparison: Classic undercounter dishwasher costs often more than 500 euros. High-quality brand appliances are sometimes even more expensive. The significantly lower price makes the small table-dishwasher for alternative for bargain hunters who want to acquire a bargain.

Efficient cleaning

Formerly the Table Dishwasher offered only a cleaning program. Experts questioned the efficiency. This has changed significantly.
Meanwhile the machines with a variety of programs provided that leaves nothing to be desired.
The devices that have been tested by us always offer six different cleaning modes. The Bomann SG 705.1 Table Dishwasher , which we also tested, complete with a separate intensive care, a normal and a Sparspülprogramm. So the device can be adapted to the individual needs of the user. A similar variety of programs is offered by Bosch. The we tested Bosch SKS60E12EU Table Dishwasher may, inter alia, intensive and quick mode to operate. It also offers the possibility of the dishes very very gently to clean. Such programs we could find all the devices that we have tested extensively.  

Ideal for plates and cups

Due to its compact dimensions, the Table Dishwasher especially suitable for plates, cups, glasses and cutlery.
However, larger pots exceed the capabilities of current devices.
That is the only drawback of these small machines that we could find in our extensive testing. Due to the moderate dimensions, low weight and the small cost, the modern machines are the ideal alternative for small households. In small residential communities, single households, kitchens and even in caravans, the Table Dishwasher be the right alternative. Then both are cheap and efficient machinesexcellent cleaning perform.

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