Dishwasher make life easier. They ensure that henceforth not much life is wasted through unnecessary work. Therefore, the manufacturers offer numerous devices to which the automated rinsing. This allows saving a lot of time. Who daily around 90 minutes by the pesky hand wash, the subsequent drying and putting away the dishes spending, will appreciate a machine that does most of the work. In can be approximately 540 hours saved are. This is a period of 23 days, which is saved with a dishwasher.

Leaderboard the semi-integrated dishwasher 2016

Last updated on:  10/04/2016

Table of Contents

  • 1 Best List of semi-integrated dishwasher 2016
  • 2 Who is semi-integrated dishwashers are?
  • 3 Different manufacturers of semi-integrated dishwashers
  • 4 Advantages and disadvantages in semi-integrated dishwashers
  • 5 Semi-integrated dishwasher vs. Fully integrated models
    • 5.1 Positive test results for semi-integrated dishwashers
    • 5.2 energy efficiency and operating costs compared
  • 6 Large variety of devices
  • 7 Uniform appearance
    • 7.1 Display in view
    • 7.2 Design Focus
  • 8 Technical innovations
  • 9 Different installation options
  • 10 combination of design and technology

For whom is semi-integrated dishwashers are?

The semi-integrated dishwasher can be adapted in precision of your kitchen and is fully embedded in the kitchenette. You hide Undercounter dishwashers Mielebut not him completely, so when choosing between the various manufacturers and designs a front for your specific needs can choose. There are classic white models, as well as very modern designed with a front in stainless steel semi-integrated dishwasher. The integration of dishwashers in the kitchen furniture is the traditional way of positioning and is based on the first dishwashers that ever came on the market and in a specially provided built-in cabinet found their place. Since the installation of a dishwasher minimizes storage space in the kitchen and wardrobe needs, these models are suitable especially for you when you storage space sufficiently equipped and get through the semi-integrated dishwasher no space problems in the kitchen cabinets.

Different manufacturers of semi-integrated dishwashers

The choice of semi-integrated dishwashers is enormous, making yourself first for a model before the actual consideration manufacturer should decide. Gorenjeor Bomann , Constructa and other manufacturers offer a wide range of dishwashers partly integrated into your kitchen.
First you should choose a vendor and then consider what size and what model it should be.
You can find some integrable dishwashers for the single household and for large families. In narrow single dishwashers may arise in the installation problems, thus it is best before the concrete outer dimensions to find out and consider whether integrated with your cabinet where the dishwasher should be in harmony. Now you can see the different models based on their test reports compare and choose a dishwasher that in front design and function match your requirements and as a powerful tool that convinced the household.

Advantages and disadvantages in semi-integrated dishwashers

Semi-integrated dishwasher offer many advantages and are available both for the single household, as well as large families. The main focus here is on the front , as these at a Teilintegrierung in your kitchen is visible and should be chosen to match the look of your kitchen, as well as other devices. But this is not a disadvantage, but proves to be based on the various designs and colors as great advantage.
Especially in designed stainless steel dishwasher convince the desire for a semi-integrated model and present a very noble and high-quality optics.
Semi-integrated dishwashers require no separate parking space and are installed directly into your kitchen furniture. Thus, you must not Dishwasher Detaildo space calculations and taking only into account that your new dishwasher serves an enclosed cabinet and will be between the stove and the refrigerator instead. A good idea of the placement is under your sink if you have a double sink with counter space. Semi-integrated models have unfortunately the disadvantage that you are in the height of your work surface to adjust height of the dishwashermust and observe. Up here there are no limits, but lower than the dishwasher, you want to integrate under the worktop whose height from bottom of the cabinet must not be.

Semi-integrated dishwasher vs. Fully integrated models

Your decision for an integratable model may tend in two directions. You can have a fully integrated or partially integrated choose Dishwasher and by your decision a significant impact on the design take your kitchen. Need an invisible helper in the home and do not want to overlook a metallic or white front of the dishwasher, the Part-integrated design for you is not suitable. Here would be a fully integrated and with a front panel in furniture design refined dishwasher better solution. In the open kitchen-living area of the dishwasher can not only determine the effect of the kitchen facilities, but also about the harmony in the living room. Look from living fully in your kitchen one, you should rather tend to a fully integrated, as a semi-integrated dishwasher and not to introduce the helper for your dishwashing as an eye catcher.
In the context of the performance, the operating noise, the energy and water consumption, and the volume capacity and the usability of fully and partly integrated dishwasher no different and offer the same positive details.
So it is a pure optical question if you want to prefer a covert and designed in Möbeldesgin front for screwing, or a modern design the dishwasher door.

Positive test results for semi-integrated dishwashersclean glass from the dishwasher

Our tests have taken several semi-integrated dishwasher under the microscope and brought in experience, which model in the cleaning in eco mode , the ratio of price and performance in the operating costs and the operating noise , and in the design and handling is the best decision, and we clearly the predicate test winner received. For any tested semi-integrated dishwashers, we were able to identify similarly positive results, so a test result from very good to good reach. Only in the handling and ease of use, the units of each producer differed marginally, so that a clear trend towards models with an operator in a few steps and here without first studying the instructions for use can be seen.
In the cleaning of the dishes there are no cuts, so this test very positive for all manufacturers and their semi-integrated dishwasher precipitated and was not marred by unwanted details.

Energy efficiency and operating costs compared

A in the purchase decision very important aspect is the consumption of energy and water. A cheaper to buy a dishwasher helps Although at first glance while saving, but says nothing about the annual costs in daily use , and should not, therefore, lie primarily in focus , The really good decision for a semi-integrated dishwasher meet, if you opt for models + from energy efficiency A decide and Beko DSN 6634 FX ECO-TopTenprefer low water consumption. All tested dishwasher could with quick programs for slightly soiled dishes, and a particularly economical ECO programcome up and so convincing in consumption. However, as is the cleaning performance in conservation programs? How to show the test results, you have here no compromise and choose a winner and very well rated device cleaning that no questions unanswered and no residual contamination can to your dishes.
It is important that for the contamination level that your dishes right program choose and not clean heavily soiled pots in Schnellspülgang.
The very low consumption of energy and water, it is not a problem, an intensive program to use and adapt the washing program to the pollution of the dishes. In the comparison of price and performance, all tested models of different manufacturers have convinced us and prove to permanently cost.

Large variety of devicesBomann TSG 705.1 Table dishwasher

Before deciding on a dishwasher of the future user is faced with a difficult choice. Finally, there are different types, the different needs. An undercounter dishwasher is simply pushed under a worktop. Such devices are easy to install, but they stand out visually. An even simpler installation offer the handy table-dishwasher that however does not offer too much space. In high-quality kitchens another type is often favored. It is built-in dishwasher that are chosen because they perfectly adapt to the existing design of each kitchen.
Such built-in dishwasher are often technical feats that disappear behind a kitchen door.

uniform appearance

Dishwasher in a simple designA built-in dishwasher is pushed and fixed in the appropriate region of a fitted kitchen or a kitchenette. Thus, the devices have no own superstructure , a separate installation is not possible. Even the door of the device is covered. With a built-in dishwasher, the actual waning door behind a front that corresponds in the ideal case the design of the rest of the kitchen fronts. The baseboard is optionally also covered. The result is the uniform appearance of the kitchen, which is known amongst users. In a first assessment, which will follow now, the likely biggest difference will be apparent, to which the built-in dishwasher differ. On the one hand there are some built-in appliances, on the other hand are fully integrated dishwashers offered.

Display in view

In a semi-integrated built-in dishwasher after installing a remains small opening back.
There is the key, with which the device is controlled. In the opening It is also mentioned the display, which provides information on the device status.
The semi-integrated built-in dishwasher thus offer a high operating comfort , because the device can be controlled at all times. With just a glance, the user experiences as well, how much time elapses until the cleaning operation is completed. But the excellent ease of use comes at a price. Finally, many users feel the opening already in the first evaluation as disturbance of the designs.

Design Focus

Inspire more suitable for the fully integrated models such as the SMV53M70EU of Bosch or SN65M037EU of Siemens , which we have tested. Such devices have the advantage that they blend perfectly with the rest of the kitchen. A fully integratable dishwasher is also provided with a matching front and optionally with matching trim disguised, but there is no opening, which points to the existence of the device.
The controls and the display are instead inside the machine.
In a fully integrated device to find Siemens SN65M037EU Fully integratable dishwasher /the switch and the display on the inner, upper edge of the device door. She is only seen when the dishwasher is opened. Thus the fully integrated dishwasher disappears completely behind the front. The result is the uniform appearance , which is appreciated by many users. Especially in expensive kitchens, which are characterized by a high quality design distinguished, therefore a fully integratable dishwasher is used often. This is often a bit more expensive, but allows perfect lines.

Technical innovations

The uniform design comes with one of the greatest disadvantage associated these devices. Finally, the apparatus in the activated state can no longer serves be because these items are not accessible.
So it is no longer possible to reach the operating elements. In addition, a will look at the screen closed.
The high end models of fully integrated dishwasher, however, offer a remedy. They were washed with a small light-emitting diode provided with which the remaining cleaning time is projected to the floor. Ultimately gets a built-in dishwasher - whether in the fully integrated or semi-integrated variant - the . Design the kitchen Some experts point to other benefits arising from the purchase of such a device. They point out that the latest technical highlights are often first to be found in the built-in dishwashers. Many users have also indicated that they, the noise value of their built-in dishwasher. With in volume level between 44 and 48 decibels are many devices that we have tested, actually very quiet.

Different installation options

substructure dishwasher Bauknecht GSUBuilt-in dishwasher are generally either 45 or 60 centimeters wide. The machines are also available in two heights: 82 to 88 centimeters, or 87 to 93 centimeters. Mostly, the machines can be also approximately 10 inches in height adjustable, so that they can be adapted exactly to the height of the kitchen. In a niche of 88 centimeters, which is found in many kitchenettes, therefore fits almost any built-in dishwasher. Some producers also offer the so-called modular or Kompaktspüler of which are suitable for the high-level built. There sometimes are also the devices of the so-called " Swiss standard " installed, which are 55 centimeters wide. Anyone who knows the site will find in each case the appropriate built-in dishwasher.

Combination of design and technology

The built-in dishwasher are the perfect way to the estimated design of kitchens with modern jet technology to combine a high-quality built-in dishwasher.
The units fit in all versions and types on the design of the cuisine.
With the semi-integrated version of the dishwasher fades almost completely behind the kitchen façade. It only remains a display and controls. The result is ahigh level of comfort.   When fully integrated version of the dishwasher fades even completely. Many users know the unified design that can arise in this way, much appreciated. The newer models of both versions that we have tested, also shine with high technology. The technical highlights ensure ease of use. You only need to decide which option is preferred:
In any case, you will save through the use of such a device much life a.
The many hours that are given to you so worth the use of a built-in dishwasher in any case.

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