The people who want to buy a dishwasher, there have not always been easy. Anyone visiting an electronics store or an online shop, is faced with the agony of choice . It will eventually be offered a variety of devices that differ significantly from each other. In the variety of types and designs , it is not easy to acquire the correct model.

Bestof the Full Integrated Dishwasher 2016

Last updated on:  10/04/2016

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  • 2 Different devices for different purposes
  • 3 Design in the background
  • 4 art in the foreground
  • 5 Large range
  • 6 Economical Cleaning
  • 7 Healthy granting
  • 8 Different Dimensions

Different devices for different purposes

In addition to the portable table-dishwashers and large standing units there are models that are built into a kitchen or kitchenette. An undercounter dishwasher has, for example, just under the correspondingcountertop pushed. The installation and the installation of the terminals is a few minutes performed.Fitted kitchen with dishwasher In return, the device raises visually clearly. The design of the kitchen is broken. Some people may such a break, which can be highlighted by a modern dishwasher. Other people prefer devices that rise from the design of the kitchen. Here offer built-in appliances, for example by Bosch , Beko , Bauknecht and Siemens are produced. Such built-in dishwasher are in the appropriate omission of kitchenetteintegrated. You do not own superstructure but are under the countertop of each kitchen. The flap of the unit is then covered with a front that corresponds in the ideal case the front of the remaining kitchenette. Behind the front now hides the fully integrated dishwasher. If necessary, can often be disguised and the footer. The result is theuniform design , which is appreciated by many users cuisine.

Design in the background

The operating elements of the fully integrated dishwasher are not or on the actual front.
In a fully integrated device, all switches and the display found in the interior of the machine.
There was, for example, when tested by us Bosch dishwasher SMV53M70EU and when also tested SN65M037EU of Siemens , at the upper end of the inner edge of the flap device taken in the control bar.Bosch SMV53M70EU Fully integratable dishwasher This is only visible when the device is opened. With the flip closed, therefore, only the kitchen is to see that hides the unit. So the unique look of the kitchen is highlighted. The lines will not be disturbed by an additional device.

Art in the foreground

The high quality fully integrated appliances brand manufacturers are often more expensive than other models. Prices between four and one thousand euros are the rule. This is due to the materials used and the technologies used , which are processed in modern fully integrated dishwashers. Some devices, for example with one or more light-emitting diodes provided that project specific information on the kitchen floor. Thus, the user is informed continuously about the remaining duration of the cleaning operation. Many Users feel that they by the low noise were surprised their fully integrated dishwasher. This is not only because the device will disappear inside the kitchen, but also of modern technology, which is characterized by a low noise level.
The new devices that we have tested, only produce noise between 44 and 48 decibels . So the integratable dishwasher perform quietly their service.

Large range

Clean dishesWith the newer devices, the user can often involve more varied large number programs choose savings with the energy or is particularly intensive cleaning. Today's models offer a fast mode , with the saving users more time. Often, a program will be offered, can be cleaned with the smaller amounts dishes. The built-in dishwasher from Bosch, which SMV53M70EU can be used, for example, with a program that asemi-filled machine is designed. With further special functions that correspond to the latest technology, the ease of use is increased in many machines.

economical cleaning

With the latest equipment, users save, however not only time but also money and energy. This protects your wallet and the environment.
The latest integrated dishwasher, which we have tested, including the best energy efficiency class, the category A ++ , because they are characterized by low energy consumption. The we tested dishwasher Beko, who DIN 6831 FX , for example consumes only 258 kilowatt hours per year.

Healthy granting

The fully-integrated built-in dishwasher perfect mate for spotless cleaning of the dishes. The advanced technology inside ensures cleanliness, from outside the device fit into the design of the kitchen. So these devices perform excellent services just in fitted kitchens. There you can be fixed at a higher level sometimes. In such models, the fully integrated modular or Kompaktspülern for installation, the user can even do without the annoying stooping.

Different Dimensions

  Integrated built-in dishwasher is available in different sizes, which are suitable for certain kitchenettes. Such devices are sometimes 45, but often 60 centimeters wide. Since different models are available, which differ in height, the built-in dishwasher provide for various kitchen sizes to.
Many devices also can be adjusted in height. In the typical niche a kitchenette, which is often 88 centimeters high and 64 centimeters wide, fits almost any fully integrated machine.
Ultimately, a purchase is worthwhile especially for people who have a kitchen or decide to purchase, which is characterized by a consistent design distinguished.Those who prefer a complete lines, should pick up the integrated built-in dishwasher that disappears completely behind the front. The devices cost between 400 and 1000 euros . At best, the buyer will receive an energy-saving helper who cleans all crockery efficiently. Then may come one of the fully integrated device for use, we tested and can recommend.

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