Dishwasher make the household chores enormous. The use of such a device can in the week several hours of work savedare. With a dishwasher cleaning eventually runs automatically. A tedious hand washing - when the dishes first rinsed and then must be dried - eliminated almost completely. The time saved can be used for better activity. Therefore, more and more people rely on the services of a dishwasher. The devices can be found, according to the Federal Statistical Office , now in more than 70 percent of all households in Germany. The number has risen steadily in recent years. The great demand for the machines by different producers satisfied of household goods, offering a variety of different models.Companies such as Bosch , Beko and Bauknecht offer a wide range of models to. Numerous variants of the dishwashers are designed for different needs.  

Leaderboard of the detached Dishwasher 2016

Last updated on:  10/04/2016

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  • 1 leaderboard of the detached Dishwasher 2016
  • 2 A complete device
  • 3 Different Designs
  • 4 Different Dimensions
  • 5 program diversity for dishes
  • 6 advantages of freestanding variant
  • 7 alternative for many people
With a handy table-dishwasher for example be addressed small households where finds a conventional device no place. This equipment is often used in kitchens, small canteens and camping equipment used.There sometimes another alternative is used, can also be found in other German households. It is a standalone unit, the set up with a few steps is. In the 70s of the last century, the spent former dishwasher plenty of water and energy . At that time it was more environmentally friendly and more cost effective to clean the dishes by hand. It lasted until 1986. It was not until this year was created the first free-standing dishwasher that required less water than was consumed by a hand cleaning. In the following years was also to energy efficient motors and operating modes work, which not only water but also energy could be saved. Today's freestanding dishwashers, which we tested, so are often energy-saving wonder that the energy rating even A ++ A + or include.

A complete device

This machine is totally free in space . It therefore has a working surface. The free-standing dishwasher is also completely dressed. An attachment of trims and covers omitted. Instead, the device can be placed directly at the place where it is to be operated.
In a free-standing dishwasher is also often the possibility of the device via the terminals of a sink to operate. Therefore, the versatile device also for apartments, where the matching sanitary connections are missing, where the dishwasher is normally connected are. The complete and detached in the room dishwasher is the easy alternative for no additional components are required to be.

Different designsBosch dishwasher SMS53N02EU

So the different design of the equipment is already in setting up fully to bear. The manufacturers have a variety of devices, which differ significantly from each other in appearance. Here you are faced with the agony of choice . Numerous modelsSiemens dishwasheroffer highly variable appearance which can enhance the design of a kitchen much. If you like it more modern, you could, for example, the SMS53N02EU from Bosch satisfied. The machine consists of a noble and yet minimalist front , the high of demands to the appearance.The front of the device, we have evaluated in detail, it looks quite modern. The manufacturers also offer devices that are designed in a classical style. How about, for example, with the SN25L201EU Siemens ? This freestanding dishwasher, which we also tested, characterized by classic look out in keeping with modern technology. Gentle to the environment

Different Dimensions

Because the freestanding dishwasher are in empty space usually, manufacturers offer different models that differ significantly in dimensions and volume.Depending on the model the dimensions of the device fall quite differently.
Manufacturers offer devices in a width of 45, 55 and 65 centimeters in. Most of the dishwashers are about 60 centimeters long . Some devices are even longer.
The smaller units take significantly less than the larger dishes freestanding dishwashers. The narrowest devices can usually be cleaned only between seven and ten place settings. Larger freestanding dishwasher grasp often more than 13 place settings . Here the machines remember the classic base devices that are used in fitted kitchens and kitchenettes.

Program diversity for dishesDishwasher Detail

The first freestanding dishwashers, which were brought in Germany on the market for more than fifty years ago, knew only a cleaning program. The Times have changed. Today's machines are equipped with a large number of different cleaning programs provided that allow an individual cleaning of the dishes. So has the already mentioned SMS53N02EU that of Bosch produced over six different cleaning programs : the eco mode especially little energy is needed. This saves money and the environment. Today's machines can usually in a fast mode to start, with which the dishes are cleaned rapidly. Some devices can even be tuned to the load. To use less water.  

Advantages of the freestanding version

The biggest advantage of this type of the dishwasher is the high degree of flexibility , which is formed by the detached conception of this device.When moving the unit can be moved to the new location and set up easily.
Our test variety of freestanding dishwashers also revealed that these devices in terms of performance, ease of use and energy efficiency with the high qualitybuilt-in devices can keep up. Of course, this quality has its price. Good state devices cost at least 400 euros . The latest freestanding dishwasher from the luxury segment are even more expensive. Such prior devices cost often well above 1000 Euros.

Alternative for many people

Glasses in DishwasherThe freestanding dishes sensing equipment can be an alternative. They are particularly suitable for households where no plumbing connection exists for the machine. In smaller kitchens, for example, in single-person households and student housing , this unit is an excellent way to provide comfort. Who moves frequently, can also think about the purchase of a freestanding dishwasher. Then the annoying Neukauf spared because the device fits in almost every kitchen that is related. Thus, the free-standing units are actually analternative for many people who want to enjoy the comfort of a high quality dishwasher.

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