Dishwashers are true helpers in this day and age. We have learned from conversations with others you may know that those who have a dishwasher in the household that you will not want to miss. People who have a dishwasher are call their own for the first time visibly thrilled. Not only that a dishwasher thatcleans dishes and effectively purifies as a rinsing by hand, a required dishwasher less energy and less water. We argue that the dishwasher is the best invention since the washing machine, is in every household.But even at this point is the choice difficult. Each manufacturer is better with other additional services.We have the Bauknecht GSXK 5020 / MOD looked at in more detail and explain below our results.
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Functional Overview
  • Energy efficiency class: A +
  • Trocknungseffiziensklasse: A
  • Energy consumption:  312 kWh / year
  • Water consumption: 3,360 liters
  • 47 kg
  • Programs: 5
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  • Energy efficiency class A
  • Waterlogged protection
  • Express Program
  • no door lock
  • Quick program optimally half load

Delivery and packaging

After we acquired the Bauknecht GSXK 5020 / MOD, it took a few days until the dishwasher arrived with us. Packed in cardboard and polystyrene we began to unpack the Bauknecht GSXK 5020 / MOD and to ask for at their anticipated course. It is at the Bauknecht GSXK 5020 / MOD to a device that can be fully integrated. That is, the Bauknecht GSXK 5020 / MOD can be accommodated in each kitchen, without being recognized as a dishwasher. Once the washer has now been unpacked, we turned our attention to the connection.

Up & Connectivity

The construction, installation or went slightly out of hand. With the supplied hoses for water inlet and exhaust was Dishwasher assembled quickly . An important detail that you should also perform at home always, is a test run to see whether the tubes are also really tight and do not transmit water. Now that we have successfully completed this test run, the Bauknecht GSXK 5020 / MOD was pushed into place where they could do their work.  

The look and design

Since the Bauknecht GSXK 5020 / MOD a fully integratable device, the front can be removed and be provided with a screen of the kitchenette. Of course it is also possible the Bauknecht GSXK 5020 / MOD to provide freein the room where they visually look as good in our opinion. The Bauknecht GSXK 5020 / MOD is maintained in a gray-silver and therefore acts noble and elegant. Once you open the dishwasher, is a one -gloss stainless steel counter, the enchanted not only the women. The fully integrated dishwasher has a control panel, which directly at the door at the top. This can be attached to the door at the front, another aperture, the producers have the control panel mounted in the fully integrated dishwashers above, but this in our view is not a disadvantage. Convinced us before buying, the elegant design of this machine.

Water consumption and energy efficiency

The energy efficiency class A + is awarded what high but is acceptable for an annual consumption of 290 kWh. The water consumption is 3360 liters per year, and is also higher than other devices of this class.These details were probably the decisive point, why it has managed to last place in testing this device.Nevertheless, the corresponding drying and cleaning class an A, which is reasonably anticipated to be a positive point.

What can the Bauknecht GSXK 5020 / MOD?

Bauknecht dishwasher GSXK 5020-MODAltogether there are four washing programs muster the three cleaning temperatures. Who has heavily soiled dishes, can also choose a flushing with "pre-wash". Moreover, the sums fully integrated dishwasher 12 place settings was also very impressive. A program called half load cleans effectively when Bauknecht GSXK 5020 / MOD is not full. Here, the unit cleans completely clean in just 30 minutes. The device also has a Start time delay of one hour to eight hours. This detail is particularly suitable for the morning hours. Here, the start time delay is chosen the evening. The Bauknecht GSXK 5020 / MOD begins with flushing the set time and before getting up, you will continue to have fresh and clean dishes. The remaining time indicator tells you how long the flushing operation is still going on. This is ideal when announcing visit or the dishes during the visit should be rinsed briefly. Another detail that has quite convinced us is the digital display of salt and rinse aid. Moreover, the Bauknecht GSXK 5020 / MOD is a full water protection feature, which is designed to protect against water damage. Then, the manufacturer Bauknecht even a separate warranty. One detail about the not every machine has and can certainly be considered positive. The noise level has us also surprised because this is very low. The manufacturer indicates this to 48 dB (A).
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Safety and Warranty

Unfortunately, the Bauknecht GSXK 5020 / MOD has no door lock which in a household with children, however, would be particularly advantageous. The guarantee, however, are convincing. At the statutory period of 24 months may be extended for the purchase of Bauknecht GSXK 5020 / MOD the warranty period. Furthermore, the manufacturer of the full water protection a separate warranty.

Comfort and handling

The inner workings of Bauknecht GSXK 5020 / MOD is spacious. The two baskets can be filled easily. The cutlery basket is in the lower range. In addition, the baskets are flexible and can be adjusted depending on demand. Even large items or pots have sufficient space in the Bauknecht GSXK 5020 / MOD. Pre-rinsing is necessary to clean heavily soiled dishes. Of course we also have this detail adequately tested and were satisfied with the result. The rapid program cleans thoroughly when Bauknecht GSXK 5020 / MOD only half loaded. However, where more in the dishwasher can be identified the one or other residues. By pressing a button, it is also possible to select the type of cleaner. Here you can choose between all the tabs and optimize the flushing again, which we liked very well.
Thorough cleaning only half load with rapid program.

Comparison with the winner of the Bosch SMV53M70EU

The winner can score at this point with a low water consumption and a higher energy rating. Whereby the Bauknecht GSXK 5020 / MOD has some advantages to offer in the operation. Also, the full water protection speaks for Bauknecht GSXK 5020 / MOD.


For our claims Bauknecht GSXK 5020 / MOD achieved quite acceptable results. The cleaning effect is full or half loaded optimally . The full water protection is a good detail in order to protect against water damage. Who rarely has the dishwasher is in use, receives the Bauknecht GSXK 5020 / MOD a perfectly acceptable device that meets the requirements of a dishwasher.

test result

Comfort & Handling
dishwashing results

4th Place

Summary: Even with high expectations, the fully integrated dishwasher Bauknecht provide acceptable results. Many features provide comfort and cleaning also including semi-full load.

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