Finally clean glasses!When their glasses come with water stains from the dishwasher or by the still wash the dirt in the pots sticks, then you can certainly use these tips well:
The right program
  • Slightly dirty dishes can be a savings or short program clean. (eg cake dishes, wine glasses, etc.)
  • dishwasherFor normally soiled dishes usually ranging eco- or energy saving program with about 50-55 ° C.
  • The intensive programs with higher temperatures, use only for heavily soiled dishes.
Which water hardnesswater hardnessYour dishwasher softens water in their water softener. This however can be put right this should not be your water supplier with respect. the water hardness of their tap water inquire .
clean glassesshineNot every glass is for the dishwasher suitable . Crystal glassthey should not enter into the dishwasher, otherwise it can be milky and this veil never again be in the worst case going on.More precious wine or champagne glasses best clean it with a program with a low temperature and less detergent. Make best already buying your glasses that they are suitable for the dishwasher!
Detergent, rinse aid, salt and 3-in-1 productstabsThe 3-in-1 products are usually very comfortable, but bring not always the best result . If you give detergent, rinse aid and salt separately in the machine, you can use it a more beautiful gloss erziehlen.
open the doorDishwasher ajarOpen the door after washing your dishwasher, the pent-up cansteam escape and their glasses are spared from drying spots.
dispel Properlytake the dishes out the dishwasherYou should always clean out their washer from the bottom up, otherwise there is a danger that you water which has accumulated in the recesses of their dishes on the already dry dishes drip down .
clean dishwasherclean dishwasherOver time, various residues accumulate in their dishwasher which can spread germs and bad odors. Drain and a intensive program run (min. 60 ° C) to the germs to kill and clean their machine thoroughly. Every now and then, but you should also sieves and the spray arm clean by hand.

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