The semi-integrated dishwashers from Siemens SN55M539EU fits in every imaginable cuisine in optimally and at the same time provides all the wishes you require on this unit and want very satisfied. Among the part integrated dishwashers this device was the absolute winner. We tested the device extensively and have thereby found only optimal characteristics that could want every housewife and home only in the kitchen. The first conviction of the dishwasher from Siemens SN55M539EU convinced already own in its numerous functions and with a capacity of 13 place-settings. Five different washing programs always ensure flawless dishes no matter how dirty this is.
Functional Overview
  • Energy efficiency class: A ++
  • Trocknungseffiziensklasse: A
  • Energy consumption: 262  kWh / year
  • Water consumption: 2,800 liters
  • 42 kg
  • Programs: 5 + 3
  • Energy efficiency class A ++
  • special functions
  • ease of use
  • no

Transport and assembly

The dishwasher can be integrated into a kitchen without great effort and is of its stainless steel housinghas been very low key and neutral ago and yet very noble of its appearance and therefore immediately catches the eye. The delivery of the dishwasher from Siemens SN55M539EU is very good. The packaging itself is for the dishwasher only as much as is necessary and only the respective edges to the dishwasher are also can be mounted with Styrofoam gesichert.Zum a few simple steps to install a furniture front to the dishwasher. The control panel is then visible only. The part integrable dishwashers from Siemens SN55M539EU must be housed in an existing kitchen, as it has no countertop. The only small drawback, however it is the user manual of Siemens is represented a little incomprehensible.

Convinced with energy efficiency class A ++

The dishwasher is extremely quiet during washing and therefore comes just only 44 db operating noise and provides a short rinsing in all programs on. The varioSpeed has an up to 50 percent reduced purge time with a very good cleaning result. Particularly suited this varioSpeed function if it must go fast times or you have a lot of guests and always clean dishes need to have on hand. In purging the Siemens SN55M539EU is very efficient because it already shows its energy efficiency class A ++. The same is true for the pre-wash, so if you reduce the time you get as a great result of your dishes and to also dried or directly. This process we tested many different soiled dishes. Because the dishwasheralso has a Verschmutzumgserkennung that we have tested extensively. The annual water consumption is 2800 liters in a year.
Washing program Vario Speed shortens flushing time in a very good wash results.

Water protection system with a lifetime guarantee

The dishwasher is equipped with a water protection system that is aquaStop calls, so you do not have to worry that when failures your kitchen is under water. The built-in aqua stop consists of a double-walled tube and a special valve which is equipped with a safety magnet. Further security is an additional tray with integrated float for absolute security.
The safety valve is also closed when power is off and opens only only when the dishwasher requires water. Another advantage of this is that the manufacturer on the AquaStop guaranteed for life has provided and completes the whole and for the key lock and the door lock from course. The door to the dishwasher is equipped with a servo-lock that offers maximum safety. A dosing Assistant deployed the full force of the respective cleaner you use for the dishes. The respective Spültab drops the use of the washing chamber directly into the designated collection tray located above the upper wash rack. You may also use powder or gel cleanser for Geschirrspülmasche Siemens SN55M539EU. If the dishwasher is preheated before it can be refilled directly with dishes and can be rinsed within twenty minutes even if you cram just half charge because then you can press the half load previously.This will also reduce the required water consumption and at the same time the energy consumption. Equipped of dishwasher Siemens SN55M539EU with Vario Flex baskets, which are fitted in silver and with handle separations. The upper basket has a size of 27 cm and the lower rack size of 30 cm. The upper basket and lower basket of the dishwasher are two foldable plate racks. The upper basket is equipped with a RACKMATIC function , you can set in three different stages. Thus, you may adjust to a comfortable height and can thus the basket more easily loaded and unload. Even if the basket is already loaded with dishes, you can still adjust to the desired position. The maximum adjustable wash temperature is 70 degrees and the minimal rinsing temperature for less soiled dishes 45 degrees.
Pros and cons of a Dish Teilintegriertem compared to full integrated, undermount or freestanding GeschirrspülernEin part integratable dishwasher has a furniture door is generally a thickness of up to twenty centimeter but the entire device is not obscured. The control panel with the corresponding control buttons remain visible. Unlike a fully integrated dishwasher of even a furniture door but has for the controls on the dishwasher door has since the furniture door will cover the entire device. An integratable dishwasher has its own control panel and the lower half of the dishwasher can be disguised. A freestanding dishwasher has a resilient top cover. This unit can be like a refrigerator or washing machine to a kitchenette provided and fitted free bib. These types of dishwashers are also very often referred to solo instruments or as floor models. The advantage of a partial integratable dishwasher as this Siemens SN55M539EU lies in that you have the controls right at the front of the front and the matching furniture door that fits exactly to your existing kitchen.


Siemens SN55M539EU part integratable dishwasher The dishwasher Siemens SN55M539EU stands very clearly from its competitors out already alone through its annual water consumption is only at 2800 liters, and its energy consumption is just at 262 kilowatt hours per year. Thereby the device is protected and at the same time the purse and the environment. Similarly, the panel speaks for itself and also meets all expectations and desires that each one has on a dishwasher. The interior of the dishwasher can be to enlarge still and adapt to his own needs. Many useful functions make the respective washing the dishes and the different glasses with a flawless result. All in all, the device can serve wonderfully and is very quiet and thoroughly rinsing in each selected even if it must go fast times in everyday life.

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