A dishwasher that meets the needs and claims more than fair. Visually, the Bosch SMI53M75EU not her so much. It can be integrated as a built-in dishwasher into any kitchen. The structure of the dishwasher is to be managed for each customer within a short time. The height of the rear feet can be easily regulated from the front, so that no dislocations are needed to establish the dishwasher with the spirit level straight. The Feet are very large area , so that the dishwasher is safe. By precision of assembly instructions , we can say that no more than one hour is benötigt.Praktisch for building and for the installation and the simple operation of the dishwasher. It just has selected only the wash cycle, may still be taken to an additional function and after pressing the "START" button also starts the rinsing process.
Functional Overview
  • Energy efficiency class: A ++
  • Trocknungseffiziensklasse: A
  • Energy consumption: 262  kWh / year
  • Water consumption: 2,800 liters
  • 40 kg
  • Programs: 5 + 3
  • Energy efficiency class A ++
  • special functions
  • ease of use
  • Stainless steel keypad in need of purification

Bosch SMI53M75EU with energy efficiency A ++

The Bosch SMI53M75EU stands with A ++ because as a very energy-saving device, and also we could see clearly on the basis of current data this performance. But course also depends on how often you use the dishwasher and washing program with which it is running. Average is a value at the program Eco 50 with 0.92 kWh specified in a program duration of 175 minutes and an average energy consumption of 262 kWh per year . Compared to the Siemens SN55M539EU the Bosch dishwasher is even a little bit easier, he is given 35 kg, which, of course, putting up leaves little easier go of his hand. With 44 dB it is very, very quiet machine and having an average water consumption of 10 liters in Eco - mode in this area as very environmentally friendly. The Bosch SMI53M75Eu has five washing programs, of intense 70 for most difficult to clean cooking pots up to 45 intensive smart, the gentle intensive program that as we have learned, yet works cleanly and economically. In addition, the dishwasher has three special functions , such as the intensive zone that promises particularly strong spray pressure and increased cleaning temperature throughout the lower basket and holding; the zoom speed, here the temperature is increased to accelerate the purging operation; and the half load function which is then of distress, if you can not wait until the machine is really crowded. With this function, you also save consumption, water and above all time. All three special functions can be switched to the normal wash cycle.

Extra value-added functions

Besides these excellent programs we were able to test yet another very well thought out features. On the one hand provides the Bosch SMI53M75EU a door and key lock , which can guarantee the security of a family with young and adventurous children. The children can play while running the device either on the buttons, even open the door and get burned if possible in the hot steam. To save water efficiently, it still provides an automatic sensor system that detects how much the crockery is and accordingly adjusts the amount of water. The drying function is the efficiency class A rated, which is the highest level, can be marked with the dishwasher. A special highlight is at the second place winner even the Start time delay that allows one to run the machine in a period between 1 and 24 hours, even when one is not present. The glass protection technology offers adjusting the degree of hardness of water. For soft water can cause a Glaskorrision. Therefore, this program promises gentle rinsing of glasses and Porzellan.Wir have found that the operation of the device is kept really simple. It is a modern, economical dishwasher.Actually praise fully integrated equipment for the intimacy of the devices and that these devices are very quiet. But this semi-integrated device may as well keep it. It can be seen immediately on the basis of minute residual maturity , how long a flushing still lasts and much quieter that can fully Integrated Dishwasherno longer be, as the Bosch SMI53M74EU. The dishes are actually in the short program perfectly clean and can also be invited simply by the huge interior.

Service and warranty

Matching accessories can be found very quickly the manufacturer itself. So Bosch provides for its dishwasher even a stemmed glass cage and the assurance that wine or champagne glasses are not going to break. One can also purchase a decorative kit made of stainless steel, but an increased cleaning, due to the fingerprints required. In addition, you can order for the inlet and outlet and a Verblendungs- and Befestigunssatz, folding hinges, a cutlery basket and Schlaufverlängerungen. Various documents, such as the EU Data Sheet or the product characteristics can be downloaded for free from the manufacturer. The warranty provision is 24 months but may be extended with a 5-year extended warranty. Besides the "Aqua Stop" in which program that promises no water damage, a device life time warranty is given. Even with the corrosion of the inner container may be made to a 10-year warranty left. One sees Bosch leaves no doubt that this device does what it promises. The packaging is very well kept and secure. We could not damage to the packaging. In addition, the device is usually delivered to the site by a freight forwarder, who took back after our experience, unpacked the machine and the packaging is not required.
Class features - Start time delay residual run time display short program-door and keylock.


Finally, we would like to once again do our views be known. The Bosch SMI53M75 EU has a large, very well-structured interior, which makes the loading of tableware pieces really easy. It has an extra blade storage and a height-adjustable upper basket, which you can also take out. A special spray head can also purchase additional, which makes it possible to wash large parts or baking sheets. The machine is characterized by its frugality and their rest. Their different functions are ideal for a small budget, alone or in pairs, or for a large family. Especially families with small children who still like to play at around buttons can be lulled into security. Because ensures alone is the door and keylock. The only drawback we found was the stainless steel panel. This must be cleaned very often because constantly fingerprints are seen by pressing the control panel. Who bothers you but this can eliminate very quickly, simply by using a dish cloth passes over and already the machine again looks shiny and clean.

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