Dishwasher are standard equipment of every modern kitchen.Here is a high level of functionality in the foreground, which mainly covering a comprehensive range of wash programs the energy and water consumption in particular. We have the semi-integrated dishwashers Bomann GSPE 773.1 looked at more closely. Functional Overview
  • Energy efficiency class: A +
  • Trocknungseffiziensklasse: A
  • Energy consumption: 291 ¬†kWh / year
  • Water consumption: 3,520 liters
  • 40 kg
  • Programs: 7
  • Energy efficiency class A +
  • price
  • ease of use
  • drying capacity
  • a bit loud
  • Water consumption high

Delivery and packaging was given

We ordered our selection dishwasher on the Internet, where after a shortdelivery time the unit has been delivered. The package was ideal , so that neither damage nor scratches occurred. The Bomann GSPE 773.1 Thus stood after a few days with us in the kitchen and could be assembled thanks to simple instructions quickly and without much expertise. Because all the necessary accessories such as hose, etc. are included. However, there is a small trigger point, since it is the standard tube length is sometimes a little too short and you must then consuming order a new hose.

Equipment and optics convinced

As normal large semi-integrated dishwasher of Bomann is particularly suitable for private households.The simple design in white-gray has record as well as the stainless steel finish, the operator area. The unit since 2007, there are already on the market, which is also clear that there is a purely visual are probably more sophisticated dish, but for standard use of Bomann GSPE is 773.1 Bomann part integratable dishwasher perfectly adequate. If you want to integrate the unit into its cuisine, which should pay attention to the feet of the dishwasher. Because this may be too high sometimes in default size of the rest of the kitchen and may need to be shortened consuming. Especially in modern kitchens is often a fully integrated dishwasher find that fits well in the front lens to rest atmosphere. In comparison, it may be inconvenient and costly repairs or replacement of the unit, disassemble the front panel in advance or to manufacture them to the new dimensions. Thus relativized many a cheaper purchase price, if the adjustment of the front panel is responsible for high additional costs. Here convinced of partially integrated Bomann GSPE 773.1 which, although the operational and functional bar in stainless steel finish , has it adapts to the rest of the housing of other kitchen look.

Various wash programs are indispensable

What the tested dishwashers perhaps to beam optics has too little, it will bring a comprehensive program for rinsing, drying and in the ECO version readily back inside. Because of this, it should finally arrive that technical persuasion is done. The Bomann GSPE 773.1 provides an optimum combination of ease of use and low energy consumption, by the energy label A + is expressed and has an annual value of 231 kWh, which is in the power range of well-known competitors such as the Siemens SN55M539EU , after all, the winner, is located. The washing programs convinced us especially the short program, because this makes between purity and has a good cleaning results on. However, the dishes should not be too badly caked or dirty, in this case it is advisable to clean the dishes or pots in advance something or soaking. Basic has the Bomann semi-integrated dishwasher GSPE 773.1despite its width of only 60 cm space for 12 place settings , so it is clear that even the Sunday family meal is not an insurmountable labor requirement during flushing. If even a little less, helps in the short program. Due to a rather weak performance dryer, a dish towel cleaning out in any case should be ready.
Positive are different wash programs. Unfortunately, the function values are rather mediocre.

Function values are mediocre

While the energy consumption is still in better average, the water consumption of the appliance is not convincing. After a year with 3,520 liters it is clearly in the lower middle range of test equipment, because the winner Siemens SN55M539EU here lies clearly with average 280 liters forward. We have this value calculated down to the individual consumption and thereby came to just under 12 liters per cycle , where the average score of the devices on the market consumes only 10 liters. In addition, a further aspect, the we noticed a rather negative, and that is the volume. Just when you can not close a door, the kitchen or even has an integrated housing unit disturbs the noise level. lies at 55 dB. Thus, the Bomann is almost exactly twice as loud as one assumes for a quiet apartment with average noise levels. Compared to the competition brings our review unit almost 100 percent or even 130 percent more volume in the kitchen.
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Additional programs are plus

As so often, scores the auxiliary power for electronic appliances. Even when semi-integrated dishwashers Bomann that is the case, since it has many functions such as intensive program or even an LED indicator for the program flow as well as a programmable start delay are here clearly to find and make some less convincing aspects when testing for it. A water softening, the well as a rinse aid dosing device is standard when Bomann GSPE 773.1, ensures theoptimum water treatment for flushing as well as an overflow protection ensures that the water supply in case of problems or imminent danger stops automatically. Tends to salt and rinse aid in the dishwasher to an end, there is a light signal requesting for refilling. The cleaning temperature in the normal programs can be selected between 40 degrees and 65 degrees. Two spray levels to ensure that an optimal washing process takes place.

Equipment is average

The low purchase price when Bomann GSPE 773.1 actually touches but always noticeable. For example, the plastic baskets , which can lead to a few limitations, especially in terms of stability. While the use of the baskets tend to entangle, which also put on and take Pushing not always runs quite smoothly. Here is mainly the distance between the rubber seal and the lower dish rack a little problem, because this is extremely tight and always leads to the fact that the seal entangled in the crockery basket. Practically, the foldable Glass and plate holder with tall glasses sometimes fall over. The removable cutlery basket we found to be user-friendly, there simply knife, fork or spoon are simply pure, where his head down. Leftovers or encrustations are well removed and the cutlery should not have to be dried.


Anyone an inexpensive dishwasher wants to buy, the right technological features, but does not comply in all respects with the latest standard, is well advised with the semi-integrated Bomann GSPE 773.1.However, given the operating volume and the relatively high Wasseverbrauchs the cheap price into perspective quickly.

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