Klarstein Amazonia 6 Luminance Table washer

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Test report: Klarstein Amazonia 6 Luminance Tischgeschirrspüler


Delivery and packaging

With this dishwasher the delivery and also the packaging went perfectly. It has even been delivered to the actual place of use and is now safe there. The packaging was taken directly, which was very practical. This saved a lot of rubbish. This dishwasher looks really great as in the pictures and still had to be aligned before he could be hired for the first time. But that succeeded thanks to a good water scales really great. The dishwasher is now there and ready for the first operation.  

The properties

The dishwasher must certainly not hide behind its many good features. It has a very easy and understandable symbol representation on the fitting. The door has a handle and can be easily opened and closed. The dishwasher is generally good to clean and the filter system can easily be divided into certain parts. The inlet hose has an Aquastopp function and this is good to avoid a disaster. The feet can be adjusted in height, which means a perfect alignment of the device. The power source is a standard plug that can be plugged in easily.  

The scope of delivery of the dishwasher

The main unit is, of course, supplied. Every buyer also receives a cutlery basket and a suitable supply hose for cold water. Then there is also a funnel and a German instruction. Using the instructions will make it even easier to operate the dishwasher from Klarstein. This dishwasher is, of course, even easier for a lay person to use.  

To the dimensions

In order for the buyer to know how much space is available, there is also the correct dimensions. The dishwasher has a dimension of 55x43.5x 49.5cm. It has an internal dimension of 48 x 25 x 45 cm. When the door is open, it has a depth of 81cm and the siphon connection is perfect and measures 60cm. Of course, the drain hose must also be mentioned here. These tubes measure a total of 150cm. The connection cable is very long with 1.50 meters and the weight can be quite difficult with 21Kilo. This is however a kitchen appliance, which is usually not simply carried around.  

The energy efficiency class

Of course, most buyers think that with the purchase of a dishwasher, the own energy needs of the household changed. This is also true. Consumption will be reflected mainly in the amount of water but also in energy consumption. As an energy efficiency class, A + is given here and this can be seen. This makes this dishwasher really great and makes a lot of. The dishwasher is not perfect in terms of energy consumption, but still is enough. It should always be considered that such a device also consumes energy when it is actually switched off. But this will not be too bad. The energy consumption is still limited. The user will appreciate this very much.


Conclusion guy Having a good dishwasher will make things much easier and more enjoyable. A matching dishwasher is even better and is also well-liked.The use of such a dishwasher has made everything easier in the household. The crockery does not have to be rinsed by hand and this of course also has a time saving. This dishwasher does not only look good, it also has six programs that make the operation much easier. All this makes the dishwasher an indispensable helper in the household and it is, of course, always beautiful to look at. This dishwasher is great and that can not be said otherwise. He looks good, and if everything is well-aligned, he will be well there. This can always do something good, which will really pay off. The dishwasher is perfect for everyone.

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