put the dishes in the dishwasherAs with the washing machine, there are a few tips and tricks that you should heed, so the dishes comes at the end clean and no stains from the dishwasher even in the dishwasher.    
The basic cleaning Before you give her dishes in the machine, you should rough leftovers remove such as olive pits, cheese rinds, onion rings, etc. by hand and place in the trash. These radicals can otherwise cause the filter of their dishwasher clogged over time.
No prewash We have often heard that many people before their dishes it in the dishwasher give only coarse Hand wash. However, this is not necessary . Your dishwasher should work it out.
Previously soak you today is burned something in the pot? Then make their pot in here sinks, let some water and give added a little detergent. Let the whole min. 1-2 hours to soak. And put it only then in the dishwasher.
Properly give the big parts like pots, pans, dishes, plates coming down and the smaller parts such as glasses, cups or small bowls come up. You should make sure that they are the rotating elements of the dishwasher not block and that plates are not so tight that no water gets in the way.
Stainless steel and silver separating When stainless steel and silver cutlery enter into a machine, then takes her silverware . Unplug this advance carefully and never wash it together!
Not too crowded and not too empty loading your dishwasher not too, but not too little either. If your dishwasher only half loaded then give you precious energy and water. Exception: Some dishwashers offer the special function "half load" at!
Interior - so washes a dish washer

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