The dishwasher is a successful product, which is used in most German households. The units provide in millions of householdsevery day for shiny cleanliness of the dishes. As everyday used machines include dishwashers reality of human life. The cleaning devices are in almost seventy percent of German householdsused. This number is determined by the experts of the Federal Statistical Office confirmed. Other experts also point out that through the use of a dishwashersaves a lot of time is. The time saved that would otherwise be expended for costly cleaning by hand, is now used for other purposes.
Experts believe that in an average four-person household one and a half hours per day are wasted with the pesky hand wash if no dishwasher.
So come 23 days a year together, spend some people with the hand rinsing. It is even more water is consumed than with conventional dishwashers. Finally comes a good dishwasher beneficial to the environment. The purchase of a new model can have many advantages. Since 1986, many devices use less water than an average hand wash the same amount of dishes is obtained. About the advantages and disadvantages of the dishwasher, we clarify later in the article on. Who an electronics store or an online shop visits, will encounter a variety of different models of the dishwasher. Manufacturers offer different types , which differ significantly from each other. So try theproducers to satisfy the needs of customers who want to purchase the device. We provide not only all types ago that are offered at the time by the major manufacturers. We present also the greatest manufacturer and its exciting history. Renowned brand appliances from Bosch, Siemens or Electrolux competed with young companies that also produce dishwashers.

Table of Contents

  • 1 The expected here
  • 2 Brief history of the unit
  • 3 dishwasher is not equal dishwasher. These types are:
    • 3.1 For the kitchen: Built-In Dishwasher
    • 3.2 unit for Design: Fully Integrated Dishwasher
    • 3.3 Display in the kitchen Front: Semi-integrated dishwasher
    • 3.4 Quick installation anywhere: Freestanding Dishwasher
    • 3.5 For smaller cleaning: Table Dishwasher
  • 4 The best-known manufacturers
    • 4.1 tradition from Germany: Bosch
    • 4.2 Old name, new products Bauknecht
    • 4.3 Appliances with history: Siemens
  • 5 Our testing methods
    • 5.1 Advantages of a dishwasher
    • 5.2 Internet or Traders: Cheap Purchase Options
    • 5.3 Alternatives to Dishwasher

What to expect here

In this article you will learn everything you need to know about the exciting competition between the manufacturers. We will also look at the current dishwasher that is currently being manufactured by the producer. To get anaccurate picture , because you will know everything about the dishwasher. With theknowledge of variety of models , the optional features and installation options, which are described in detail, it will certainly easier-pressed to find a suitable device that your needscorresponds. It has taken a long time , until the dishwasher came in the German households. From theAmerican invention in the mid-19th century once went almost a hundred years, until the dishwasher in this country became a mass product. We describe the dramatic history of the dishwasher, we one of the inventor owe that passed through their ideas to world fame. Learn how the device which has been designed by a resolute inventor, a mass product advanced that enriches daily life of humanity today. We have tested many current models , which are now available in the stores, electrical stores and online shops. We used different test criteria , we discover now. With our criteria, which have always been considered in the detailed examination of the equipment, we wanted to ensure that we at a most objective judgment come.
We explain our transparent performance criteria within this article. To find out, in what form our detailed equipment inspections have expired.
This thorough series of tests, we tested the devices from different manufacturers. The detailed results can moreover in our test reports know that we publish on this website. At the end of this article we also give other tips that will help you to strike a bargain.
We call not only the prices that are charged for the different models, but also reveal where your dream device particularly low can purchase.
So you succeed assured to buy the desired dish at an attractive price. At the end of our article , by the most important basics are explained, we also provide some cleaning options before. It is not always completely serious methods as alternative to the dishwasher may apply. Find out with us whether there are more effective and more timesaving options. But first of all, we invite you to a short journey through long past times a, in the first dishwasher designed.

Brief history of the unit

As the American Josephine Cochrane over a hundred years ago the first working dishwasher conceived, was a success notDish 1917for sure. After several failures, the inventive lady had in 1866 developed a device that worked. Their predecessors had failed: Joel Houghton had indeed in 1850 a Dishwasher patent pending. But his machine should never work properly. Josephine Cochrane also had many setbacks accept.Prototypes were before you were rejected. Since 1893 researched the inventor. It should further three years until a first functional prototype worked consistently. Then the events began. Cochrane was first in the US and known around the world. For their device in which an engine hot water moving in a metal vat, the gifted inventor received many awards.
Thus, the inventor of the dishwasher was the late 19th century to the World Exhibition of Chicago was awarded the first prize for the best design of a mechanical device.
In the specially founded company of Josephine Cochrane henceforth the first machines were produced.They were, however, only suitable for the catering - the first machines were used in modernhotels, bars and bistros. The worldwide success of their invention did not live to Cochrane. At the beginning of the 20th century their company was by Kitchen Aid assumed that produces dishwashers up to the present time. The heritage of the creator lives on not only in the world famous company that produced the cleaning equipment already in the twenties of the last century. Already at the beginning of the 20th century, the enormous German domestic companies their own version of the device, which had been devised by the inventive Dame. As a pioneer but proved once again America.
In the USA in 1913 , the first machines created that in private households were used.
The unit Dishwasher in luxury homeswas in the villas of the moneyed aristocracy , in the estate of movie stars and in the residences of nobles, because it otherwise could afford almost no one. In these circles, such machines have been successful in Europe. But until the machine should finally arrive in the German private households, passed more decades. In the twenties, was researched in Germany to the new dishwashers. In 1929 brought Miele the first European dishwashers on the market. After the Second World War were several European companies, suchexample Bosch, Siemens and Electrolux , successful with their versions of the machines. In local economic miracle, the devices were quickly a mass product, which finally stopped in the kitchens of the new middle class collection.
Already at these times, in the late fifties and early sixties of the last century, the hadequipment of devices radically.
They were now having a nozzle equipped which could distribute water much more effectively. New detergent also led to an effective cleaning of the dishes. The nozzles have evolved steadily over the coming decades. Today's devices often have sophisticated jet systems that precisely matched Modern technology in dishwashersdistribute quantities of water to the point. Over the years, that has technology and the shape of the machine continuously changed. Meanwhile, also electronic hardware such as microchips on circuit boards, processed in the machine. Today also exist various types that have been created for different purposes and needs. With the original models have new variants do not have much in common. The first clunky devices that Josephine Cochrane created and later a pioneer, werein the room. Such free-standing units, which go back to the long tradition of invention, there is still, even if they only share with the first models the shape. The major manufacturers have many other design variants on offer. They provide built-in, installation and Table Dishwasher that can be differentiated even further.
Basically dishwasher is not dishwasher. For this reason, read on to learn how to distinguish the devices.

Dishwasher is not the same dish. These types are:

Whether substructure dishwasher or installation or Stand dishwasher if detached, fully integrated or partially integrated: we guide you through the " dishwasher jungle "! There are different variants dishwasher on the market, with varying degrees of portability and installation effort. So, before you purchase to start, it is advisable to know exactly what type of machine is the right one for you! This will help ensure that the flushing device fits well in your home and for many years can be used optimally away. The following provides an overview of the possible manifestations of different dishwasher models.Because of this step should be at the beginning of your considerations when you're just thinking about the dishwasher buying.

For the kitchen: Built-In Dishwasher

Bauknecht dishwasherIn many German households there are various types of dishwasher. Also very popular is the version of the type substructure . This dish is oftenintegrated into a fitted kitchen. The device is simply pushed under a free-standing kitchen plate, which acts as a top cover. The dishwasher can also be a simple kitchen plate are equipped, which is screwed onto the unit. The multiple installation options is one of the great advantages of this type of equipment that however over no own workspace features, which can be used.
An undercounter dishwasher fits perfectly in many fitted kitchens and existing kitchenettes, but can also be installed separately.
In both cases the unit is supplied with the standard sanitary connectors connected. The front of the device remains in all types of installation after installation visible . Here the manufacturers offer shapely stainless steel fronts that act quite modern. But they also offer surfaces in classic white or in timeless shades of gray.
The devices can be but only to the exact appearance of a built-in kitchen adapt in the rarest cases.
Some manufacturers offer but optional covers , which are based on the design of classic fitted kitchens.The thin covers are in the colors Bosch dishwasher substructureoffered white, brown and black.Nevertheless, the design will be broken by these machines, what theaesthetic sensibilities contradicts many people. Many undercounter dishwashers there is a possibility the baseboard to dress so that it matches the design of the kitchen. The available separatedecorative panels and the corresponding strips can raise the appearance of the device even further. Thus, the devices can also be used in a more noble kitchen ambience. Undercounter dishwashers are in different sizes available. Many devices that we have also tested, are 60 centimeters wide. The major manufacturers offer but smaller models that only 45 centimeters wide.Basically undercounter dishwashers are 82-87 centimeters high. They can be adapted to your feet even more precisely to the height of the kitchen. Therefore, the unit of the amount goes well with all popular plates that are used in German kitchens. In terms of technology include undercounter dishwasher to the most modern devices that are currently available. Cutting-edge nozzles are controlled by efficient cleaning programs that sprinkle the dishes to be cleaned with the right mix of water and detergent. Many undercounter dishwasher achieve this even the energy efficiency class A ++ . They are among the most fuel-efficient models that acquire German customers especially like.

Device for Design: Fully Integrated Dishwasher

Who's dishwasher in the natural design wants to integrate his kitchen, should use a mounting device that in two different versions available.
When fully integrated version of the built-in dishwasher, the dishwasher is in the appropriate omission pushed a fitted kitchen.
The lid of the device is with a matching cover connected, which corresponds to the design of the kitchen, because he -Siemens SN65M037EU Fully integratable dishwasher /part of the kitchen - in the ideal case. Because the units blend in perfectly with the kitchen, they have no work surface . The sidewalls are also not to be seen, because the device plugged into the corresponding recess of the kitchen. Such devices, which are perfectly integrated into the existing kitchen to be, at the time, among other things by Beko, Bauknechtand Electrolux produces. A special feature of this design are the controls. They are not, as with the other types of the dishwasher, at the front, but inside the machine. In most cases there are these elements on the upper side of the device door. There in most cases that will display positioned the information on the device state of the dishwasher.
An existing only in the interior display and local control elements provide the greatest disadvantage of this type of dishwasher.
They are hidden to the uniform design to ensure the kitchen, which is optically in the foreground. This trick means that such devices not so simple can be controlled like other models. The manufacturers, however, have recognized that fact. They equip their fully integrated devices now often with LEDs or buzzers , which either project the remaining length of flushing on the floor of the kitchen or make noise noticeable. Because the fully integrated built-in dishwasher completely disappear behind the kitchen, they are distinguished by a particularly low noise emission from. Basically develop the machines that we have tested, only small volumes of 44 until 48 decibels. Thus, the devices offer very low good services, of which we could also convince us. We were also theexcellent variety of programs to test the new fully integrated built-in appliances, which for ease of usemake and economical cleaning. Another advantage of the device are the built-in options. A fully integrable built-in dishwasher, of the so-called modular design is made, can even be installed in half the height.
Such a position is easy on the back , because the user henceforth no longer have to bend to the dishes.

Display in the kitchen Front: Semi-integrated dishwasher

Bosch SMI53M75EU part integratable dishwasherThere is another type that also for the installation in manufacture kitchen furniture has been conceived. The semi-integrated built-in appliances , which are also produced by the well-known manufacturers, are suitable for installation in fitted kitchens . They will also be pushed into the corresponding omission, which is firmly present in many fitted kitchens. Here, the semi-integrated devices differed largely from the hardly fully integrated variant. After fixing the unit is connected to a flap, which fits in the best case to design the kitchen. So the semi-integrated dishwasher disappears almost completely; it fits almost as well as the fully integrated version in the design of the kitchen one.
In this case, however, remains cut- back in which the controls and the display are located.
The great advantage of the partially built device is so that the controls are in the usual place of the front. The result is a user-friendly design . For the design of the kitchen is broken by the display. In terms of technology and equipment can be in the semi-integrated dishwashers no major differences to fully integrated alternative notice. Here also find ultramodern jet systems for a precise distribution of watercare. Manufacturers often offer an ecological eco mode on, at the very small amount of water consumed is.Basically, the new models are very economical. They consume much less energy than previous devices.The semi-integrated dishwasher, which we have evaluated, largely achieve the energy efficiency class A ++ .
This is also due to the sophisticated technology of the newer devices. Adjust the cleaning of the dishes.
To reach only the amount of water in the device that is actually needed for the flushing operation. Ultimately, the choice between part-integrated version and fully integrated control is a matter of taste , can answer only the kitchen user. Some people do not want to give up the fast access to the controls, here is a part of integrated dishwasher the right alternative.

Quick installation anywhere: Freestanding Dishwasher

Bosch freestanding dishwasherA freestanding dishwasher is, as its name suggests, in the room. There areno additional covers required because the device is covered from all sides. The upper side of a freestanding dishwasher can often than desktop are used. The setting up of such a device is done quickly. It eliminates complex assembly work , which for the setting up of other models have to be applied.
A freestanding dishwasher can be connected in many cases to different terminals. Many devices can even terminals of the sink are operated.
Then the freestanding dishwasher relates the water from the tap. Following the dirty water is discarded into the drain of the sink. Thus, the devices can operate there even be where any use of a dishwasher is provided. Of course, the machines also allow the sanitary connections connect that are actually intended for the operation of a dishwasher. A freestanding dishwasher provides the maximum connectivity options. Thus, the device is just for people who have to move the unit in the near sequence again.
In a move to a new apartment , the device is, for example, not only quickly installed, but can also be connected, if only one sequence and a rooster is present.
The image as a gray device that does not just stand for technological innovation, this type of dishwasher has outgrown long ago. Manufacturers offer thoroughly modern devices with the latest technology are equipped which also in other devices for fitted kitchens avoid dishwasher noisecan be found. The elegant appearance of the machine also ensures that the devices eyecatcher advance. Thanks to the varied number of freestanding dishwasher exist numerous design options that are suitable for a large number of types of cuisine. But the devices are often faced with not only very good but also protect the environment . The newer devices that we have tested, are usually the highest requirements: They are classified in energy efficiency classes A + or even A ++. Siemens offers many freestanding dishwasher. Many units are 60 centimeters wide , other models are still somewhat smaller. Many other manufacturers also offer freestanding dishwashers, which are 45, 55 or even 65 centimeters ready. The widest models have a much larger volume, they can sometimes over 13 cover charge record. This can with the newer freestanding dishwashers with various programs to be cleaned.
Our series of tests revealed that these devices the latest technology meet.
They offer, for example, programs that particularly quickly can be cleaned. We have different devices tested, the various claims have been devised. In our reviews we inform you of beautiful freestanding appliances, such as the SN25L201EU of Siemens , which comes in a classic style. The freestanding dishwashers allow high degree of flexibility. Therefore, you will be quite appreciated.They are particularly suitable for households, kitchens and canteens. In application areas where the dishwasher must be frequently moved, the show equipment benefits significantly. Finally the freestanding dishwashers can be quickly and easily set up or even move rapidly principle. Special sanitary connections are often not required. Nevertheless, the modern devices have their price: good freestanding dishwashers cost at least 400 euros. More luxurious models are even more expensive, they cost generally more than 1000 euros. Another alternative is more favorable. The smalltable-dishwasher are already available for small money.

For smaller cleaning: Table Dishwasher

There is another small dish, the over all in small households is used, kitchens of small businesses and in camping equipment, where other devices have no place. This is the portable table-dishwasher that are very particular like to be there, where space exists .
Not only in single-person households , kitchens and in small residential communities such devices can certainly facilitate cleaning.
Siemens dishwasher tableThese handy machines are well-known manufacturers - such as Bosch or Siemens - but also by lesser known companies - such as Boman or candymade -. Almost all reputable manufacturers have a small device in tenders either on the table or on a countertop can be operated. Here, the Table Dishwasher how the larger free-standing versions, with the help of a sink drain be used and a rooster. Such machines can be but alsoto the classical plumbing connections Connecting the kitchens, where the other dishwashers be operated.
A major advantage of Table Dishwasher is the small amount of space that is required during operation.
For the devices, however, have not about the volume of the larger types. Another advantage: After using these devices can relatively easily stowed be. The best devices weigh only 22 kilograms . They are much lighter than other types, weighing at least twice. The new models of the table-dishwasher are also characterized by a low power consumption of. You can reach the energy class A or even A +. The device, which we also tested here are even more efficient than a simple cleaning by hand.Bomann Table Dishwasher Another advantage of the portable appliances is the price.The Table Dishwasher are much cheaper than other dishwashers. They cost usually between 200 and 300 euros. Other models are more expensive. An undercounter dishwasher for example, costs usually at least 500 euros. The more luxurious models of this type are even more expensive. During our tests, in which we examined some of the most sought after devices, we noticed that the table-dishwasher the latest technology meet. Meanwhile, the household goods are also a variety of cleaning options fitted, enable efficient cleaning. The devices we tested offered, for example at least six different cleaning programs. So you can clean large parts of the surface in a small device. The harness is also energy efficient, quickly and gently out of the device as in more powerful machines of other types.
The big disadvantage of small appliances is the painful fact that you allow large pans to the sink continued to use. The large containers do not fit into the device, we realized during our detailed test series.

The best-known manufacturers

Many companies produce dishwashers. In Germany make known kitchen appliance manufacturerproduces the machines. There are renowned companies such as Bosch, Bauknecht and Siemens, which are among the German manufacturers that have specialized in the production of cleaning equipment.They stand with their name for quality dishwashers.
Of all the companies that we present at this point, has been by our side at least one device tested, that could convince us.

Tradition from Germany: Bosch

The kitchen appliances of Robert Bosch GmbH can be found in many German households. The giant conglomerate that sales of in 2013 bosch-logoreached 46.068 billion euros, has also specialized in the production of household appliances. The company founded in 1886, is known not only for refrigerators, blenders and food processors, but also for its dishwashers that are in the production range for decades.The first corresponding device came in 1964 on the German market. Therefore, Bosch that in 2016 fifty-year production milestone commit. In these years, the engineers of the company have special techniques devised which are used in today's devices. This technology can be found Bosch dishwasher SMU58M75EU substructureonly in the devices of the German company. Latest dishwasher manufacturer to use as the unique power ofzeolite minerals . By also in the newer devices used Active Water Ecofunction of consumption of precious water could be significantly reduced. By SMU58M75EU the company has a modernundercounter dishwasher on offer, which we have tested. Here also are some technologies, is known for Bosch. The German manufacturer provides otherwise on a wide range of dishwashers that a wide audience will respond.
The best equipment of the company costs to no more than four hundred euros . For users get German brand quality , which is its name.

Old name, new products BauknechtBauknecht logo

Actually that was Bauknecht Hausgeräte GmbH one of the largest manufacturer of kitchen products in the Federal Republic. However, most plants were, after the takeover by the manufacturer Whirlpool , closed. In Germany, however, there are still some technological research institutions , is where research into new techniques in the new machines fromWhirlpool is to be used and AEG.
The actual equipment of the company are now mostly made abroad. In many countries the components of today arise Bauknecht devices sold in Germany.
With Bauknecht Unterbaugeschirrspueler SU 61203its corporate strategy scored Bauknecht 2012. Annual sales of 505 million euros. A portion of sales are generated by the dishwasher, which are produced by Whirlpool and equipped with the Bauknecht label. We have tested a device manufacturer. As the Bauknecht GSU 61203 has cut them out of our test table and in our detailed report about the device.

Appliances with history: Siemens

Siemens is an economic giant. The main group generated in 2013 a huge turnover of 75.5 billion euros. The Siemens logogiant company is investing billions in energy, transportation and logistics. Here, the corporation boasts a long and rich history. In the 19th century, the engineers designed in 1847 founded the company the first electric vehicle in the world, later followed by other innovative invent that were used in the households. From 1939, household appliances have been devised that. Well sold Siemens produced include refrigerators, with where masses and experts were impressed. A portion of the gain is achieved up to the present time by the production of household electrical appliances.
Siemens, whose headquarters are located in Berlin and Munich, is one of the largest producers of electronic appliances.
For production range includesSiemens SN45M539EU undercounter dishwasher /still refrigerators, since the late 60s are in the large company systems and dishwashers but produces. To date, the equipment at many of the are 125 German companies Locations manufactured, located throughout the Federal Republic.The dense network also serves the maintenance of the company's equipment, which are often sold with a long warranty. Siemens produces a wide range of dishwashers, which we test some specimens could. We examined inter alia the undercounter dishwasher SN45M539EU , produced by Siemens. The result, see the appropriate test report.

Our testing methods

Audit criteria for dishwasherWe have a variety of dishwasher in extensive test series tested. We ledhundreds flushing through. We cleaned dishes, which we previously contaminated in various strengths to possible objective results to arrive. We took a lot of time. We have examined, not least whether the device also has alonger period of work in response. Various assessment criteria were also used in this phase of the test series as a means by which we wanted to provide an objective picture of the tested devices.
We now lay open all the criteria so that you can get an accurate picture of the conditions in which the devices were examined.
Our detailed examinations have already started the delivery of the equipment , we wanted to classify.We tested first whether the delivery without damage had arrived in our test center. We tested the box by the device is recognized. We were able to determine if the dishwasher was attractively packaged. The devices in a high-quality packaging were delivered, for example, polystyrene, ultimately enjoy better rating than the machines that came in a worse envelope.substructure dishwasher Bauknecht GSU After delivery we took a look in the manual . We evaluated not only the scope, but also the quality of the instructions . The devices that have been supplied with appealing and understand instructions, to a better rating enjoyed than other machines whose instructions did not convince us. Following we saw evidence of the quality of the equipment. We examined in this part of the test process, including the Vpreparing as well as the materials of the equipment. We also tested the quality of controls.
We are also impressed by the build quality of the individual connections.
We attacked the pliers and the screwdriver. We perform the concrete installation by the respective Spülgerätes. So we could involve how easy the device up leaves. We were also from us stability convince the devices. This important security criterion also flowed into our test results. During the following rinsing We stayed on the exact usage of the respective washer. The devices, which are characterized by low water consumption distinguished were rated better on this point. However, we always ensured if the dishes are cleaned with low consumption. Otherwise was the danger of a bad review. The devices that only use little water , but could in principle a good review please. You protect the environment.
We controlled for all dishwashers, how much electricity in the different cleaning procedures and the additional functions is consumed.
We were able to scrutinize the manufacturer's specify critical. You can now own opinion about the energy efficiency gain of different dishwasher, which we also enlighten. put the dishes in the dishwasherDuring our test suite we tested all the washing programs and the possible additional functions: The units, which are distinguished by useful functions and cleaning programs, the clean efficiency and economy were better rated by us as other machines where we missed one or the other program. The dishwasher, the programs and functions could not fully convince us were rated slightly negative on this point. Good ratings were for cleaning programs that designed for less dishes were. Such programs and good Eco modes led to more positive assessments. Only good programs are not enough to achieve excellent test results. That was only granted to dishwashers that clean shiny.
The cleaning performance was the most important criterion that we kept constantly in mind.
Therefore, we tested permanently the dishes when we investigated a device. We investigated this meticulously for remains that have not been cleaned. We tested also whether the glasses spotless be.We also examined how well the dry crockery in the machine. For our test suite we noticed not only cleanliness, but also the guarantee provisions of the manufacturer. If there were more fair conditions for consumers, the equipment we were better rated. At the end of the studies we considered the advantages and disadvantages together. We used our criteria to a objective test score to find. So we could see the devices in a ranking summarized. All results can be found in our detailed test reports , where we also report on other criteria that were relevant for our tests.

Advantages of a dishwasher

Who uses a dishwasher saves pure life . Experts predict that by the hand cleaning takes a long time.They expected before that for a family of four 90 minutes cleaning time must be applied.
This long time adds up year on all 23 days , which consumes a person with the laborious manual cleaning of the dishes.
Dishwasher save life With a dishwasher, a large proportion of the time, because the machine does most of the work. The unit must only admit what happened in a few minutes. After that the machine does the cleaning procedures. The time saved can devote more beautiful things. So the dishwasher is a real relief .This is the biggest advantage of the useful machines. Many people may believe that in 1986 the first dishwasher existed that were more economical in water consumption barely. They needed less water than it was required for a conventional hand washing. In our series of tests, we found that this trend considerably strengthened again. Today's devices need little water.
So they can save many liters each year. This not only protects the environment but also your wallet.

Internet or Traders: Cheap Purchase Optionsshop

Who wants to buy a dishwasher, can in different stores to purchase below. There is always a danger of incorrect advice , because you have to rely on the judgment of an individual, which can be mistaken. Gar no advice there are other places where they sometimes also can purchase a dishwasher. As action even offer discount for a certain period to a corresponding device.
However, these often to models that we do not recommend without hesitation , even if the low price may lure.
It often concerns nameless products , mostly in China or other low-cost production sites are high.Such machines do not always reach the quality of brand appliances. You should bear in mind also that it often is prior devices that do not fit into any kitchen. We can according to the experience that we have gained during our extensive testing, highly recommend to buy the desired device to other places. Here there are the large retailers , which have different models on offer. They advertise often with verycheap deals. Do not be fooled. Sometimes the offer is not the bargain when it is first published. The big chains have little competition. You can determine the price, because they dominate the market. The low price is often undercut by the only competition to have the big dealer. Who compares prices between the stores and the Internet, will find that the traditional retailers big competition has grown.
Large online shops offer the same equipment. Here the dishwasher, however, are often significantly cheaper.
One reason is that these companies no cost of expensive salesrooms purchase and the corresponding number of employees. To be able to offer the most requested dish at a significantly lower price. A few employees are responsible for the logistics. This ensures low costs , which often arrive at the end user. Dishwasher are here deliverymuch cheaper than in traditional retail.Price differentials of more than thirty percent are not uncommon. The large and the small shops from the Internet cooperate with thefamous German transport companies. You can ship the device very low. Most of the shops therefore require no shipping fee from the customer. So the heavy equipment is delivered directly to your home, without any costs.
You also can avoid the inconvenient transportation, the strength and nerve costs.
The companies that provide information to theonline trading often on detailed Internet sites on the devices that offer at the time. There can exchange the user via the device mostly. Many buyers inform my review about the product. These reports and classifications You can check much more comprehensive than the respective dishwasher. With further reports available on the Internet, you can get a much more detailed picture making, than would be possible through a conversation in stores. With our test reports, which you can read on this page, we want to further help afford. Find out whether the purchase of a dishwasher really worth .. So you will hopefully find exactly the device that suits your needs.
If you have finally decided, we can only recommend the desired dishwasher to purchase over the Internet. Your wallet will thank you.

Alternatives to Dishwasher

The sad truth is: There is no more effective cleaning than a dishwasher. But there are other cleaning options. So you can still your dishes rinse by hand . This costs a lot of time and ensures calluses on his hands. Besides, you waste water, which costs a lot of money. They are becoming increasingly more water need as the machine. They also waste precious lifetime. A real alternative looks different. You can get your money, and of course in plastic dish invest, the discard after each meal. The environment and your financial situation you do so, however, no favors. Instead, you accumulate a lot of junk on, you should really avoid.
The time you save, you waste now, to many to dispose of garbage bags , in which there are the used dishes.
Those who want to preserve the nature, should instead for dishwasher grab. There is no more effective form of cleaning, in as little water and electricity is consumed. Garbage is not due. If you want to afford a dishwasher, you can in a your money simply domestic help invest. So the dishes are of a Wash the dishespurified human helper per month, however, can cost as much as an average dishwasher. So you incur high coststhat can be only a few people can afford. In the long run the use of is human dishwasher significantly more expensivethan the one-time purchase of a high quality machine that automates the cleaning work. For something a bit more complicated, can edible dishesacquire. These are dishes of rice and other natural materials that can be consumed. What may be a delicacy once, turns out in the long run as a boring dish. Rice and other foods also not always taste, for example, if they want to enjoy sweet treats. Invest your money somewhere in a device that cleans as effectively that they save a lot of working time and even money. Even more expensive than the continued purchase of edible plates, is the ongoing acquisition of dishesthat you dispose of after each use. This alternative is therefore also not a real option. Eventually remains only the boring, time-consuming and quite tedious hand washing - or the purchase of a machine kitchen assistants , which cleans all crockery shiny. In fact, the dishwasher one of the few devices to which there is no alternative. We hope that we can continue to assist you in your search for the right models. You can be sure: There is no real alternative.

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