No longer have to argue? That would be something, right? One study found that nearly 30% of couples argue about schumtziges dishes.Needs in order to prevent what is absolutely a new dishwasher ago.Therefore it is best to find a good tester organize this perfect dish for you. In our comparison and to test several Dishwasher compete who is like hitting, is anybody's guess, but one thing is certain, among them is also the freestanding dishwasher Beko DFL 1500th The name Beko has been known for over 30 years in Germany. The brand is one of the leading manufacturers Eropas and is represented in more than 100 countries. But the leadership of the market is not shaky, but is the result of invoativen technologies, a functional design and Premisse to be always up to date and up to date. So that Beko also stops at new energy saving measures and the EU as little energy as possible with as much power as possible, connects. Thus the dishwasher Beko is at a good energy efficiency level . These characteristics and convinces DFL 1500 by Beko with a, compared to his colleagues, favorable price and solid cleaning performance. Not even 250 euro requires the DFL 1500 by its buyers and he promises good results. Whether this nearly 250 euros can prove itself in practice, or will perish in the rinse water of the other Geschirrpüller, the test will show.
Functional Overview
  • Energy efficiency class: A
  • Trocknungseffiziensklasse: A
  • Energy consumption:  307 kWh / year
  • Water consumption: 4,200 liters
  • 43 kg
  • Programs: 5
  • price
  • Energy efficiency class A
  • Water Safe feature
  • Performance adapts to the price of
Even during the delivery makes the Beko DFL 1500 an excellent impression. The Containers is very solid, so that an impression as if nothing can anhanben the dishwasher. Direct the films fully expecting to be demolished in order to test the dishwasher through its paces. After unpacking shimmers an unspectacular and classic white contrary to the new owner. This dishwashers is simply decorated.
What stands out is equal to the cover plate from the Beko DFL 1500. These can be removed and make the freestanding dishwasher a built-enabled device . So it can be easily integrated in a kitchenette and three buttons on Rever are ebefalls be easily and quickly operated. The connection goes smoothly. The dishwasher is connected to the burlap and water supply and the sewer line. After that is accomplished, the Beko DFL can be taken in 1500 in the operation. For an on / off switch, the start button and a knob are available. By last the gewünchte program is selected.
To follow the cleaning process, are five LED indicators have been installed. This feature is now standard, but with what the DFL 1500 has definitely not installed, is a Watersafe function. It prevents flooding the kitchen, where they checked the water level and stops the water supply. But there are five programs for washing for selection, in which case, compared to the Bosch SMS53N02EU noticed that the prewash will also tretiert as a program.
Therefore, we could in good faith claim that it is actually here to 4 programs. Of these, for example, the Mini 30-Prgramm for easy it is dirty dishes suitable. In a 10 ° C-step the dishwasher increases from its austerity program through to intensive wash . There is talk of a jump of 50 ° C to 70 ° C, the adjective "quick" a completely different meaning to the DFL 1500 gets. More than an hour worked, the dishwasher the dishes. After rinsing, the result is also sobering. Unfortunately, the Beko DFL 1500 works not as expected, or better put, not rudimentary as the Bosch SMS53N02EU. There remain even tiny grains of rice in the nooks and crannies of the harness plug and glue. Even the fat is not completely removed, so that it still lurks in small corners. If it were not for its energy efficiency class A, then the Beko DFL 1500 could boast not much. On this point he is in a solid midfield because he needed per wash only 1:05 kWh and 15 liters of water .Unfortunately, the Bosch SMS53N02EU him is outstanding here. The winner has even an Eco 50 program that minimizes energy consumption and in the time and result with Beko DFL 1500 can compete. Whether the unit of Beko can measure in terms of safety, is questionable. As already mentioned features, the dishwasher through a water stop system , whereby the absence of any frills can not diminish the importance of this system. Thus, the DFL 1500 and his work alone verrichen, without the owner a flooded apartment must always keep in mind. If times but bib, then can be used on the two-year warranty.
What in this device but like is the complicated settings do not need to be made. The handling is very simple with the five steps and functions. For cleaning even dishwasher tabs can be used by the discounters, wherein the device also as usual can import and clearing. It found in conventional cage system 12 place settings in place. They are very clean and come with the use of the intensive program back too dry. Fortunately, even the volume level is not intrusive, but much louder than the winner of Bosch. With 54 dB he heard the cry of the necks Geschirrspüler.Alles in all, it is here a device that for a price of less than 250 EURO exactly offers what is expected. The quality of the device and the results are adequate for the price.
Everything about this unit is easy. In some extras you have to do without. Acceptable at the low price.
Of course, he has compared to the test winner Bosch SMS53N02EU certain weaknesses, which is added also open, but the ease of use, a good security system and the 2-year warranty can animate to buy anyway. Abandoning a must as a glass of delicate program is already a disadvantage. Also the fact that energy efficiency is not at the highest level, or the normal pre-rinsing was tretiert even as transitional. But the opportunity to decide for such a low price from a detached and a intergrierten freshener, is something. No noble design strahtl the owners meet this freshener, where no other specific features of the basic facilities distracted. The Beko DFL 1500 is certainly not the brightest star in our test-sky, but he also illuminates while plain and on the back burner, but at least for 250 EURO.
Comfort & Handling
dishwashing results

4th Place

Summary: With the winner of Beko dishwasher can not keep up. When he price can not be beat.

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