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Test report: Candy CDCF 6 Tischgeschirrspüler

The little helper is quite big. The table dishwasher from Candy can flush a lot of dirty dishes and even almost as much as with the large appliances. Under the table-type dishwashers, the candy dishwasher is not always forever one of the test winner. The testers are generally more than satisfied with the results, as the energy efficiency class A + is still very rare in the devices of this size.The table dishwasher was packed in styrofoam, cardboard and foil. This is important because it protects against weather and impact. The size fits the table-top dishwasher perfectly on the sideboard next to a sink and by its design fits beautifully into modern kitchens. The Candy CDCF 6 has only about 25 kilograms of empty weight and therefore it is not one of the lightest models. Due to the dimensions of 50 x 55 x 44 cm the unit looks as if it were a half-sized large dishwasher. With the nominal capacity of six standard covers, the device is less suitable for families and for single households. If pans or pots are to be rinsed, the second rinse cycle must be started. Otherwise it is quickly pushed to the limits of the table dishwasher. However, if there is not enough room for large appliances, the free-standing dishwasher is ideal. There is no unnecessary frills and the design is fashionable and modern. As with a conventional device, the connection to the sewage hose and the feed tap is very simple.  

The most important data from the CDCF 6

The table dishwasher is free standing and shapely. A flap is the same as the large dishwashers and it opens downwards at a 90-degree angle. In the standard program Eco 55, 1960 liters of water and 174 kW are consumed annually at 220 rinse cycles. This is due to the energy efficiency class A. Per rinse, the water consumption is eight liters. When fully charged with the cold water, 0.63 kW is consumed per program. There are 6 programs to choose from and these are 3 in 1, Schon, Eco, Schnell and Normal program. In addition, there are five different temperatures and so there is the cleaning action class A. The starting time is 3 to 12 hours. Drying of the dishes results in the best results. For this purpose, the device received the dry action class A.  

Further information about the table dishwasher

Due to the 55 dB air sound emission the dishwasher is quiet compared. With concealed heating elements, the tub consists of stainless steel and the motor runs asynchronously. Due to the adjustable feet the device can be placed safely and there are two device colors to choose from. Information on the refill, the remaining rinsing time and the rinsing time are displayed on the LED display. The interior is furnished with six custom-made blankets, the cutlery basket is removable, the cup rack is foldable and the separating elements in the lower basket are adjustable. For safety, there is a pull-out stop at the lower basket. In the Eco 55 program, the unit has a condenser drying time of about 160 minutes.  

Operation of the Candy CDCF 6

The compact size is ideal for small households. The washing result is the same as for the large dishwashers.According to the IEC standard, six covers are shiny and exceptionally clean in every rinse. If the condensation water has leaked from the unit, everything will be shrunk. Also positive are the customer reviews, because the device gets from 5 stars at least 4 and the price-performance ratio is very coherent. The program is tested in all programs and no flaws are found. The appliance is difficult only for heavily soiled pots and pans. These should be best pre-washed. Thanks to the LED display, the operation is very simple and corresponding results are available through the six programs. Due to the removable or adjustable shelves and baskets, the granting works space-saving and there is more, as is assumed from the outside view. In the flushing agent chamber, the use of the flushing agentabs is taken into account and the optimum dosage is ensured. With an excellent result, the annoying rinsing by hand is spared.


Conclusion guy The Candy CDCF 6 is a small device of the extra class. The compact dishwasher has the energy efficiency class A + and a total of six custom-made covers. The dishwasher is perfect for small households and yet it offers the equipment of a large appliance. The electronic ads are guaranteed nothing is missing.

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