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Test report: Bomann TSG 707 Tischgeschirrspüler

The Bomann TSG 707 is a tableware dishwashing machine suitable for smaller households that do not have the possibility to install a large dishwasher. Nevertheless, the dishwasher is not in any sense inferior to its big brothers.The dishwasher has a tremendous performance and can also keep up in terms of space. The dishwasher will be perfect to fill and is also provided with many other benefits. With such a dishwasher there is, of course, even more to say and that can now read synonymous everyone. The dishwasher offers numerous advantages to the buyer.These are now described in more detail. 


The delivery is perfect and the dishwasher can be seen otherwise. Because the packaging will not reveal anything bad and the dishwasher is safely packed in it. Unpacking and setting up the dishwasher is not difficult and it is also easy to put the dishwasher on. As a rule, this has no defect. It is unused and should always be placed straight.When installing, a water scale can be essential. But if everything is true, this dishwasher is perfectly usable.  

The properties

The dishwasher can hold up to six standard covers and it is the compact version. This also has a control panel with an LED display. The program control of the dishwasher runs electronically. The user here has a mechanical supply hose safety system. The equipment of the dishwasher is perfect. It has an eye-catching LED display which is easy to read. In addition, Bomann's dishwasher also has a program sequence display. This is perfect if the day is still planned.The LED indicator lights, which can be found there for switching on and off. Then of course also for the salt and rinse aid program. Everything can be delayed here even in the start time. This is possible up to 24 hours in advance. The cleaning temperatures in the unit are between 40 and 70 degrees and this is completely sufficient to clean the soiled dishes.

Other advantages

The dishwasher is a model with a single spray. Then there is also a water heater and a concealed heating. This allows the user to weigh in security. The dishwasher also has a water softener. The rinse aid dosing device is very accessible and it is quite easy to achieve anything. The dishwasher also has an overflow protection and the door will not open while the unit is operating. The interior door of the unit is made of stainless steel. This is perfect for the entire interior of the unit. The crockery basket is of course included in the delivery and also a foldable glass and plate holder is available. The cutlery basket is just as well accessible and the baskets are kept with the device in Silbergrau. The dishwasher is equipped with adjustable feet and very quiet from the operating noise. There are six programs, including an intensive rinsing program as well as a normal rinsing program. Other programs are specifically designed for energy saving and also for rinsing glasses. If you are in a hurry, you can use the Expresspülprogramm or the Schnellspülprogramm. These are not too energy-consuming.  

The energy options

The water consumption here is very low and is just 7 liters and the total annual consumption for a normal household is here at 1960 liters. The dishwasher unfortunately needs electricity, if it is switched off, that is not good. Therefore, if possible, the plug should be pulled when the device is not in operation.


Conclusion guy If you are looking for a good and compact dishwasher, the Bomann dishwasher will always make a good purchase. This dishwasher is always great and beautifully large. He is really fun and not just when filling. Also the clearing will bring fun here. The dishwasher is easy to connect and makes it even more enjoyable. The dishwasher takes up room, but this is usually also in a small apartment available. The dishwasher is great and beautifully large. He will definitely like the new owner and has everything that big models have. This means that it can not be missed in any well-equipped kitchen. Everyone should have such a dishwasher and use it regularly. It is also perfect for a small garden holiday. So do not hesitate and just buy.

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