Bauknecht GSU 102414 Dishwasher

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Test report: Bauknecht GSU 102414 Dishwasher

Washing, no thanks. This saying is heard by many parents when the children want to help with the household. To counteract the problem, a dishwasher is the alternative. To meet all requirements and requirements for clean dishes, the Bauknecht GSU 102414 dishwasher, exactly the right one. The fault is the high-quality material and its excellent processing. In order to keep up with a modern kitchen, the Bauknecht dishwasher was specially designed for a timeless design. Stainless steel appliances are always very good in a kitchen line. 

Hardly visible - and still a dishwasher, at its finest

With a working depth of 57 cm, the dishwasher easily finds its place in the right or left corner of the kitchen line. In addition, the product dimensions are only 59 x 59.7 x 82 cm, so the dishwasher, even in the middle of the line, can be installed excellently. With a weight of just 43 kilograms it is also not necessary that the underbody has to be reinforced.  

A device that adapts itself individually

With the Bauknecht dishwasher, the user has the possibility to choose the program which is currently being used. The Eco-program is 50 ° C, the glasses program 40 ° C, the intensive program 65 ° C, the night-washing program 50 ° C and the sensor plus program 40-70 ° C. In addition, the Bauknecht GSU 102414 dishwasher was equipped with the express program. Clean dishes in just 30 minutes. This can be used if guests have logged in unhappily. The device has also been equipped with the PowerClean Plus technology. This is truly unique. The technology works as follows: patented high-pressure nozzles are attached to the rear wall of the dishwasher, which ensure that very dirty dishes are again flashed and bright. The best in this technology is the water consumption no longer. The sensor plus program continuously measures the degree of contamination of the water. Responsible for this are special sensors. The energy and water consumption can thus be adapted optimally. With this technology, the user can thus even more environmentally friendly dishwashing. Furthermore, the Bauknecht GSU 102414 dishwasher works with the HygienePlus system. This ensures that germs and bacteria have no chance. In order to kill all bacteria, a very high temperature is used, so the use of the chemical lobe is not necessary. The active filter, which is provided with an antibacterial coating, does the rest.  

More economical, it does not

Even if the purchase price of the Bauknecht GSU 102414 dishwasher appears somewhat high at the beginning, the savings follows on the foot. This is due to the low water consumption, which is only 2800 liters per year. Even the energy consumption is hardly noticeable. This has 233 kilowatt hours per year. And all this, even though the dishwasher from Bauknecht cleans up to 13 standard covers at the same time. With the energy efficiency class A +++ the user is therefore well served.  

Wash dishes, although none is at home

Today is a busy day. For this reason, a start-time pre-selection function was installed in the Bauknecht GSU 102414 dishwasher. The user can choose between 1 and 24 hours. That is, come home and simply clean the dishwasher, finished. The highlight of the dishwasher is, however, that he must not refuse his service at a late hour. Because the night rinsing program does not disturb any sub-tenant in sleep. The noise level in this program is just 39 dB. Nevertheless, the dishes are perfectly cleaned and dried.


Conclusion guy If there is a purchase of a dishwasher in the near future, it is essential to look carefully at the Bauknecht GSU 102414 dishwasher. This makes life a little easier. The user does not need to worry that no clean dishes are available when there is an unexpected visit. In addition, this is a high quality dishwasher. Like all Bauknecht machines, this also corresponds to the latest development. Optimal dishwashing can no longer be washed.