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Test report: Rollei Sportsline 100 Outdoor camera

Keeping out there is especially good for your health. With the Rollei Sportsline it is possible to have perfect pictures of this beautiful moment. The Rollei Sportsline 100 outdoor camera is perfect for outdoors and will also be very useful there. The camera is perfect and also has many advantages. One of the advantages is, of course, that the camera has a very large sensor. This allows images to be taken, which can then always be zoomed out perfectly. Thus, recordings can be made from very far away. A perfect analysis is then possible by means of such a recording. The camera has of course still further advantages and that is also perfect. With the camera everything is easier. It can be used as an actioncam and much more. This is always really great and perfect and will also delight. With this camera everything is better and will also be easier to go by hand. Above all, the settings can be easily made.

The features

The camera is packaged in a safe package. This is, of course, extremely important for most buyers. The camera has a time-lapse function and this is particularly good at sporting events. In addition, the camera can also be used under water perfectly. This is especially good for a great snorkel holiday. Up to 10 meters are no problem for the camera under water at all. The camera has 20 megapixels and also an optical zoom. It is available in blue. The photo timelapse works here in different timers. So you can edit 30seconds. But also 1 minute to 60 minutes are possible. This is especially good when you have to look at everything exactly after the recording. This camera is also equipped with a video function. It is recorded in the 720p format. The camera is ideal for up to 29 minutes of recording time. The user also has a good display here. Everything is good with the camera. The camera is small and compact and makes more than just pleasure. Everything is possible here.  

Series recordings and more

Serial recording is also possible with this camera. Various programs can also be selected. There are 28 motif programs and more. Panorama and serial images are also possible. These can be recorded in a great format. The camera is also equipped with an automatic monitor. This means that images are automatically focused when the camera is working properly. The camera is also equipped with a rich package. There is not only the actual camera, but also a suitable USB cable to charge the camera to. Then also the appropriate battery is present. Furthermore, there is a short manual, from which everything is also easy to see. The camera will always work perfectly, but it is also necessary for the buyer to be familiar with it. Because it is not easy to always make everything right.  

Everything good with the camera

Making good pictures is the task of many artists. These pictures are supposed to always look perfect and also have a great effect. Only if everything runs well and is also perfect, a camera can also be useful. Because with a good camera is much easier. Of course, the artist must also be familiar with it and to get all necessary information in advance. When everything goes well, beautiful pictures can be made. Thanks to the Rollei Sportsline 100 outdoor camera, these pictures will remain in their memories for a long time to come. The camera is great and will always work well. The durability of the battery is perfectly fine. With this camera nothing will go wrong and everything goes well.


Conclusion guy With a good and beautiful camera everything is great and will of course also go perfectly. The camera is really always perfect and is also well in the hand. Through a good and secure camera, many information and impressions can remain in their own memories for a long time. The camera is great and looks nice. It will always be useful on the road. The buyer can really do everything right and will do the same. Because with a good camera everything is a bit easier and goes also easier from the hand. Only if everything is right, as with this Rollei Sportsline 100 outdoor camera, everything can be well.

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