Kress 180 ATBS 1 5 3 0 cordless screwdriver

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Review: Kress 180 ATBS 1 5 3 0 cordless screwdriver

The Kress 12400101 180 ATBS cordless drywall screwdriver with a 1.5 / 3 / 18V / 1.5 Ah lithium-ion + 3 showed up in a practical test, a compact and very flexible all-purpose DIY equipment with professional features. He is in advertising as the world's smallest battery drywall screwdriver and this he has to thank for its compact design. Even with weight of these battery drywall screwdriver Kress was able to prove with its pleasant services that he has a very good handling and so long-term use are obligatory in hand.The test also showed the ergonomic benefits of the housing and its superior grip. Kress applying these cordless screwdrivers also dry with instructions of fatigue-free Arbeitenes and just when it comes to drywall work overhead.The test took this function even under the microscope, especially in drywall special screws and anchors are sunk.This battery drywall screwdriver with the label 180 ATBS basic, also has exactly the right conditions on the screw magazine attachment SMV QuiXS. This Schraubvorsatz is specially designed to accurately take the drywall out the tasks that are required to install the chipboard, embarrassed the plasterboard and the substructure works on plates and metals. The test showed that this small and leistunsfreudige battery dry wrench shows to be very agile and one comes immediately to earnings, it really is a robust cordless drywall screwdriver with optimal speed. When drywall is sinking respected when screws not only on speed, torque and power, but also a shock function is important umd the special screws to screw.  

Ideally suited for all types of installation works in drywall

Kress believes his cordless drywall screwdriver in this model with the new lithium-ion battery in a convincing technology. Other manufacturers have used these batteries, but not for such a good price-performance ratio. Here the test proved the Prxis that Scgrauben and drywall can also go for long hours if you use a cordless screwdriver.Here you can get at Kress also the option to operate with the supplied 1.5 Ah battery make and there is the possibility of this battery pack with a 3.0 Ah battery to replace. We have tested this in the test again and the results sinnigerweise more power and longer run times. What matters is the comfort when handling and here the Kress cordless screwdrivers dry pointed his advantageously optimized mounted electronic switch and the stepless speed regulation, as being particularly good at handling. Even when switching with one hand in the forward / reverse operation, the positioning demonstration to be particularly well chosen. there to Weerkzeugwechsel a claw clutch Quiet and in the test mode to the automatic shutdown upon reaching the screw amount showed to be very effective and safe. So in the dry building materials no screws are overtightened and everything sits with optimum torque. In addition, the manufacturer offers a removable depth stop with steel cap and magnet so that the bolts will be even more precise. The test has shown here that this is a complete equipment and here the viewer comes to the conclusion that this is professional. Even with Serienschraubungen this small and compact cordless screwdriver is dry top, because it really sunk in Serie masses. The handle on Kress Aku drywall screwdriver feels very comfortable and safe to, because the rubber was very well mounted and also holds the firm handshake from optimal. This results in no burrs in the processing of the casing, which could cause an injury and so the customer gets a really well designed DIY device. All gaps are so closely set that as little dirt and dust can penetrate into the interior of this cordless screwdriver dry.This ensures durability and protection of the transmission. The Motorkühleung with an optimized air ducting ensures safe operation and this wrench is to put other quality brands equal. There is an LED on the screw head, thus exactly in every nook and corner seiht what you screwed. Depth stop for serial couplings with lock positions adjustable. Kress has the battery pack with integrated LED lamp as in the use of and conclude with a feature, another LED displays the Kapazitästgrenze the battery on.


conclusion guyThe conclusion from the practical test results for Kress cordless dry wrench a very good result and this battery dry screwdriver is the result powerful, is lightweight and ergonomically in the hand, it is compact and so it's fun to work well. This is the sum of a recommendation to buy value and showing that quality does not have to be paid for unnecessarily expensive. Kress is a brand that you should remember and this cordless screwdriver dry with the label 180 ATBS provides professional services. So this device is also designed for professional use absolutely recommended only the equipment with a 1.4 Ah battery is disadvantageous because it could this good battery dry screwdriver also equal to be shipped with the 3.0 Ah battery.

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