Einhell TE-CD 18 Li cordless screwdriver

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Review: Einhell TE-CD 18 Li cordless screwdriver

The Power X-Change Cordless Drill TE-CD 18 Li impressed in the practical test with its good features, its quality and the price is really convincing. This 18 Volt Cordless Drill part of the equipment of experienced and professionally oriented handyman. In the test showed that this cordless screwdriver features an expressive drilling function really stands as a strong partner to work available. First, it should be said that this drill is one of the compact device types that enable even in tight areas still to work optimally. In the test, it reached many angles, the other devices in this series were denied. With a convincing torque of 48 Nm to maintain proper propulsion, as well as for drilling and screw in the test.

Distinctive features and best quality at a favorable price

If the Einhell TE-CD is delivered 18Li cordless screwdriver and you then unpacks it for the first time, so expects a solid vision. This could be seen in the test and here the total electric screwdriver made a good, if one can say so. It is a solid device that is also easy to find, because the signal color red makes it possible. For some ergonomics is to say, the LED illuminates precisely the point that it is targeting with its cordless screwdriver. This results in a convincing handling. This is also reflected in the balanced weight ratio, the proportions are optimally selected and so the drill Einhell feels good in the hand. About the central switch all functions can be controlled optimally. This results in automatic ease of use and intuitive controls to this electric screwdriver easily.  

Locations such as garage, house and apartment are his main topic

This cordless screwdriver is solid and sturdy, but actually too good for an ordinary site. He is, however, constructed in its conception so that even professionals have their joy of achievement and thus can carry out their work. It is important here in detail the technology and the quality of materials used, such as the transmission of metal, that these cordless screwdrivers makes them so strong and durable. The test showed how well the torque about this transmission is brought to the job and how well it will function exactly. The two-speed gearbox is responsible, together with the powerful electric motor for good performance in the test and that simply compelling moments when almost any size of a screw with this cordless screwdriver can be screwed.  

Innovative design for the handyman

The solid impression and precision convinced in the test and at a price that is far to settle behind other comparable cordless screwdrivers. Here the customers real value for money to be offered. The package is complete. There is a case in which all the parts of the screwdriver, the charging station and some important other things. This drill can also filigree work done, for his fine adjustments allow really all kinds can be done by drilling and Screw holes. For small filigree screws showed up in the test, the ease of adjustment that are almost infinitely available.  

Design and the Einhell cordless screwdriver test

Although this electric screwdriver falls again from the edge of the table, it is not equal destroyed. The design is well chosen and as I said there is a ergonomics to create long and effective work. The material makes a robust and solid impression and all parts are easily assembled with each other. The test showed here how good you have processed the robust material, because transitions are processed without gaps. Also the quick chuck was very precise when changing tools such as bit holders or drill.  

That really gets you in Einhell, it displays the test:

  • Cordless screwdriver with 24 torque settings
  • Drill with Quick Stop function
  • automatic spindle
  • Belt clip for free work
  • Fits all power X-Change System Batteries
  • 1.5 Ah battery and charger
  • practical Tansportkoffer

This test showed a powerful and versatile cordless drill

The 18 V Li-Ion Universal Battery with 1.5 Ah secured the power and torque of 48 Nm seems comfortable strong in the test. Very attractive is the 2 gear, gears and really ergonomic design. The designers have given to pack every effort the technique properly and safely, and to provide a housing that with its compact style also fits on the belt clip.In the test also showed very advantageous that this drill has a Paralellanschlag of makes this a full-fledged electric screwdriver drill. So settled in the test also vertical holes easily and simply drill and with very good precision. With the quick chuck one is fast at the change of the individual types of tools, from drills to bits. This is fun and gives a solid feel, if you use these drills. So the technology and ergonomics should look and giving a performance image in the test being positive for this product. Cordless screwdrivers are trendy, because today nobody takes a manual screwdriver for his work and this cordless screwdriver is also available at a reasonable price, for this solid performance.


conclusion guy The Tes gives a very convincing conclusion for this product, the Einhell TE-CD 18 Li cordless screwdriver and hammer. The very compact and user-friendly device is immediately safe and comfortable to hold. The battery with its weight keeps an axis and the metal gear is not offering the other cordless screwdriver a feature. Such a gear ensures long-lasting, because where the forces are transmitted also occurs abrasions.So this device is not only something for the handyman, but also professionals can access and equip inexpensive. Einhell supplies quality with an impressive torque and a universally to changing battery of other devices from Einhell. These details make this cordless screwdriver from the outset popular because here you get implemented innovative ideas into a product that in many ways really convinced. This cordless screwdriver is really one of the best, if you make a test and other equipment compares that are even more expensive. Einhell delivers in transport suitcase exactly what is desired and what the customer expects. All announcements from the manufacturer have been confirmed in the test and a significantly adverse effect can not be identified for this cordless screwdriver that evidence of hard use in the test.

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