Whirlpool AWZ 8000 Pro exhaust dryer

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Test report: Whirlpool AWZ 8000 Pro exhaust air dryer

The whirlpool AWZ 8000 Pro extractor is of a special nature. It is not only easy, it can be recognized immediately.Anyone who has always been interested in such devices will also be perfect and get a good device. The dryer is very much made and this can already be said at this point.The dryer is white and has a glass door, so that the user can also carry out a visual inspection from time to time.This whirlpool AWZ 8000 Pro exhaust dryer should be well learned in advance. With the dryer, the work is of course much more fun. The door is not round but rectangular. This makes the dryer from Whirlpool a really great device, which certainly does not look standard. The dryer has everything the user can desire. It can hold up to 8kg of laundry and has of course many other advantages.  

The delivery

The Whirlpool AWZ 8000 Pro exhaust dryer was delivered at the desired date and also placed on the spot agreed in advance. This is already times to the point of reliability to say. Then the dryer was packed very well and nothing happened with the transport. This dryer is easy to connect and can be operated immediately after the exhaust hose has been connected. This dryer makes the work much more enjoyable. The whirlpool AWZ 8000 Pro exhaust air dryer has also been provided with technical refinements. What are they? Here should be easy to read.  

The Technical Highlights

In addition to the immense load capacity, here is of course much more possible. The dryer has an adjustment to the energy consumption and will also correct with the volume of the laundry. The control functions electronically here.The drum is reversing. This is especially good when it comes to optimal drying and also improved crease protection. The laundry will always dry uniformly with the dryer and this is due to the diagonal air flow. The Whirlpool AWZ 8000 Pro exhaust dryer has a moisture sensor and also an overdry protection. If something is wrong with the lint filter, then this can be read from the fault indicator. This is also very handy and will also pay off.With the Whirlpool AWZ 8000 Pro exhaust air dryer, a larger door opening is also possible. This is perfect to remove the laundry, which has to be dried or simply, again. The dryer also has a start code. This is extremely convenient when the laundry is to be ready at a certain time.  


There is a point to the problem with efficiency alone. The dryer should not be used too often. Because the user will also need to schedule a power calculation. In the case of energy efficiency, this dryer is in a rather poor range.Nevertheless, he is able to dry the laundry really well and give the user a lot too. The dryer naturally also occupies space. The dryer also has electronically controlled programs. There are eight of them. The user can decide for a program and will be right, because the dryer is easy to use. This is a program for cotton and also for easy care. All programs are subject to fixed times. The Whirlpool AWZ 8000 Pro exhaust dryer has a very large drum volume. This is 112 liters.  


Conclusion guyThis dryer is great and will also help with housework. With the Whirlpool AWZ 8000 Pro exhaust dryer it is possible to wash the laundry in a short time and, above all, to get crease-free. Most users opt for this type of dryer for this reason alone. However, the dryer is quite expensive and it should always be well thought, whether or not something else is found. Because also the energy efficiency is not really great. If you decide to use this dryer, you will not regret your choice, but still it is always a matter of weighing. The dryer will be great in the household and will always do its job reliably. The dryer is of course also bulky and also that should be considered.Only if everything is correct and correct, the dryer can be a supplement in the household. It should only be put into operation if nothing else is offered.

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