Siemens iQ300 WT46E103 clothes dryer

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Test report: Siemens iQ300 WT46E103 clothes drye

The Siemens tumble dryer can offer a unique drum system called SoftDry. This produces a uniform temperature and a unique airflow. The laundry can thus be dried efficiently and gently. The WT46E103 convinces with the special drying programs. Apart from the normal drying, everyone can also choose the programs Mix, 20 min warm or Super 40. The program selection is therefore important in order to achieve good results. The tumble dryers from Siemens are among the best in the market. The tumble dryer WT46E103 offers a crease protection, the fully electronic one-button operation, the LED display for maintenance instructions and dry condition and there is the quality of Siemens. The drying, processing and operation are convincing.The WT46E103 is a condensation dryer from Siemens, which has a loading capacity of up to seven kilograms. The unit can dry in wind ropes, because it takes only 89 minutes for crossbrakes. An LED display and simple rotary knob operation were installed. This is important in order to keep the operation simple. The Siemens WT46E103 has a capacity of up to 7 kilograms as well as an energy efficiency class B. The model offers the special programs 20min warm, Mix and Super40. The program also includes the crease protection 60 min. The program also includes special programs, time programs, humidity-controlled programs, fully electronic one-button operation, an LED display for maintenance instructions and the dry state and the SoftDry drum system. The freestanding dryer is also suitable for the substructure.  

The operation and further data to the device

The Siemens model can be operated very easily and this is due to the diversity of functions, which is somewhat restricted and also to the successful operating concept. The crease protection and the dryer result are otherwise good. The power consumption of the dryer is somewhat higher because it requires more power compared to other devices because they often have a better energy efficiency class. This can have a negative effect if used intensively for several years. For this, it must be said at this point that the acquisition is relatively favorable. The dimensions of the device are 62.5 by 59.8 by 84.2 centimeters. The nominal capacity of the unit is 7 kg. In terms of volume, the unit is 66 dB in the normal range.  

Important information about the tumble dryer

The energy efficiency class B is also normal for the device type for other manufacturers. In just under 1.5 hours the laundry can be dried and therefore not every part has to be ironed, the crease protection offers itself. Overall, the tumble dryer is a standalone device, which is also underbuildable. The tumble dryer can of course also be placed on a washing machine. The brand manufacturer guarantees a solid technology, which usually also extends beyond the warranty period. Especially families with small children have to wash at least one load of laundry every day. If this is dried in the air, it takes some time. Large drying rooms are needed and the clothes can not be used. It is best to buy a device like the Siemens condenser dryer, since several washing charges can be dried per day. The moisture is not carried into the room because of the air, which is removed from the drying air and the water is discharged. In a drying room there is thus no moisture problems. If the problems with air drying are already present, then the purchase of the condensation dryer has been advised. After the energy consumption is still acceptable, the device can be used by Siemens. With about one euro electricity costs 7 kilos should be dry as laundry load. Even if a typical household has several clothes and materials, it is no problem with the Siemens device. There are some selection programs available. It can be dried at up to 1400 revolutions per minute or even less. The delicate wash can be dried with more time and gently. With better movement of the laundry within the drum and with the constant temperature is more gentle drying and thus energy is saved. The operation is uncomplicated and the condenser dryer works reliably.


Conclusion guy The dryer from the manufacturer Siemens is not expensive, it brings a good performance and the operation is also simple. Unfortunately, the device is limited in scope and the power consumption is moderate. At Amazon customers average 4.3 out of 5 stars.