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Test report: Miele T 8703 D LW exhaust air dryer

For many years, Miele has stood for excellent quality and high-quality machines, including the Miele clothes dryer.In this clothes dryer, all fabrics are dried reliably, as well as very thoroughly and uniformly. The wash is soft and fluffy after drying and the fibers are spared. The dryer is easy to load and the setting for the particular drying program is very easy and fast. For any kind of textile, the Miele offers the right program to dry the fabric. 

Perfect Dry, dry for points

The Perfect Dry System allows you to dry your laundry even with very chalky water. The dryer has a lime sensor, this sensor determines the lime content of the water. On the basis of this information, the Miele dryer adjusts the duration of the drying process. In the case of many conventional dryers, the laundry is still moist after the drying process has been completed and must be restarted. With the Miele clothes dryer, this is no longer necessary, after the completed drying program, the textiles are dry.  

Little wrinkles and long life

The excellent preserving drum allows the laundry to come out of the dryer almost fold-free. This makes it much easier to work, since it depends on the garment, but also garments, which still have to be ironed, are quickly ironed thanks to the previous drying process. The honeycomb structure of the drum allows a gentle and even drying of the textiles. Fibers are treated with the Miele dryer while drying, so clothing and textiles remain beautiful longer. Miele is characterized by a very long service life. Miele machines last up to 20 years. The long running time also increases the efficiency in a certain way.  

Refined drum lighting

The drum lighting is very practical and helpful, thanks to the illuminated drum, no clothing is overlooked when emptying the clothes dryer. In addition, the lighting of the drum looks very appealing, this detail is not only extremely helpful.  

Variable door stop

A small but very helpful detail with the Miele dryer is the door stop, it is possible to place it either right or left. This offers the possibility to adapt the clothes dryer to the conditions and thus to provide more comfort. A really small detail but enormously helpful and extremely practical, because the door of the dryer is never hindering, it is simply adapted and already more freedom of movement is given.  

Excellent user-friendliness

The Miele dryer is extremely user-friendly, the controls are easy to understand and use. The lint screen can be cleaned quickly and easily. The drum is illuminated and thus facilitates the loading and unloading of the dryer. The dryer can be stopped and restarted at any time during the work process. Depending on the type of textile to be dried, the control panel allows the setting of the particular drying process. The selection is almost self-explanatory.


Conclusion guyMiele stands for reliable and high-quality products with an extremely long service life. The dryer has small but very helpful details such as refined drum lighting or changing the doorstop. No matter what type of textile is to be dried, the patented lime sensor dries Miele gently and reliably. The finished laundry remains virtually wrinkle-free, even if it is not immediately removed from the dryer after the washing process. The drum is large enough to get a good load of laundry without problems in the dryer. The setting of the respective program is child-friendly, the Miele dryer has an acoustic signal, which sounds at the end of the drying process.The textiles remain soft and radiant, even after several drying processes, the Miele dryer is highly recommended. I would always buy a dryer from the house Miele.

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