ABC Design Turbo 4S Rainbow Combine Harvesters

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Test report: ABC Design Turbo 4S Rainbow Kombikinderwagen

The combi-drive vehicle consists of a light aluminum frame. The distinctive and modern design and the special user-friendliness make the Turbo 4S a special combi-van on 4 agile plastic wheels. The front plastic wheels are very manoeuvrable, so you can easily change the direction of the combine car. In addition, the plastic wheels are spring-loaded and can therefore cushion unevenness of the paths. The telescopic slider of the Kombikinderwagen is height-adjustable, so you can adjust the perfect height you need as a parent.The backrest of the Turbo 4S is adjustable 4-way. So from lying to sitting. The attachment of the Kombikinderwagen can be implemented. So you can have it front and rear. The combi-trailer also includes a hinged and detachable safety guard. The protective strap and the belt prevent the child from slipping out of the cart. On the belt is to the a pacifier belt. The hood of the Turbo 4S is protected by UV protection UPF 50+ and also a viewing window. There are reflective strips on the shopping net. This way you can see the combi-trailer even in the dark.


Conclusion guy


The entrance and removal of the child is indeed a cracking point in many cars and can become a real drama, because not only the weight of the child must be lifted, in other cars you have to work out the child between the temple and the umbrella. Children often do not like this, and there are unpleasant scenes and protests. In this car the developers have thought of. The safety strap can be removed with a few handgrips, so that you can start and disembark with some handcuffs and then have very light play. No longer bent legs, no more complicated insertion or sneaking out, just clean and finished. Then reattach the safety clip and the child is stowed safely and without problems. It can be so easy to work with children today, if you have developers who think with.

Load capacity

The design turbo is a good companion on all routes. Since it is a combi-child carriages, one can adjust the equipment to which path one wants to go, because if one wants to go with his child a walk through the forest or on rough terrain, one should build this car differently than one this Makes if you want to go for a simple round of the city. So if you want to take full advantage of the resilience of the Rainbow Kombikinderwagen, you should rebuild everything so that it has its order. If this is the case, you are in the optimum area as a parent and can also take bigger trips with the baby carriage and tackle harder routes. The car has a good suspension, so the child has a secure and stable support. If you are on the way with the child but on longer distances, should always check once again all important connections and in detail check. This is because safety is the key. But all important parts have been checked, and the car has even been examined for harmful substances, so the child really has nothing to fear.


The car is made of different materials. > These are, according to the manufacturer, functional materials which give the car its face and lend it some functions. This extends from protection from the elements of the weather and from the sun to the rain protection, but also to include breathable materials that additionally minimize the noise of the road and promise a lying comfort.


The car is sturdy and has built in extensive fuses. The scaffolding is heavy and very stable and can also withstand hard loads. It is designed to be on the go and to last for a long time. The materials are also designed in such a way that they do not immediately surrender at the smallest stress, but they last for a long time. Thus, the fabrics are thick and stable, they are weather-resistant and strong and can not be easily torn or torn. It is also noticeable that the substances do not fade even after prolonged exposure to the sun, but are still beautiful and have retained their color. However, the fabrics are not the only thing which is well-processed and load-bearing on the car. The entire frame construction is designed in such a way that it can withstand a certain additional weight. This makes it possible to transport all your purchases as well as the child, without the car having any damage. It can be said that the design turbo is a stable vehicle.


If the child wants to sleep in the car, this does not pose a problem for the turbo. It has been conceived in such a way that the baby finds the optimal room for sleeping and sleeping. For this purpose, one has not only introduced an adjustable backrest that can be found in almost every baby carriages. The Rainbow Kombikinderwagen has also built in footrests, which give the child the snooze and doze the peace and quiet that it needs for a relaxed sleep. But this is not enough to achieve a good sitting position, all the temples processed in the design Turbo Rainbow Komi baby car are adjustable in such a way that a position as comfortable as possible can be achieved and the brackets can be adapted to the respective position. The child does not have to adapt to the car, but the car optimally adapts to the child and makes sure that the vehicle has a secure hold through the brackets but neither can it move too much and oscillate back and forth.

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