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Review: WMF Skyline coffee grinder

For our coffee beans we were looking for a powerful coffee grinder. Fündig we were in the model WMF Skyline coffee grinder. Below you will find our buying a review.  

Reasons for WMF Skyline coffee grinder

With a powerful grinder, a good capacity and preferably not too large in size, these were the criteria when buying a new coffee grinder. these criteria have been met for us best by the model WMF Skyline coffee grinder. Here we were particularly impressed by the numerous stages in the grinder, easy cleaning and also the design. Ultimately, these were the reasons that led to the purchase of the coffee grinder.  

Specifications for WMF Skyline coffee grinder

produced in its basic structure is the WMF Skyline coffee grinder made of sturdy plastic. The core in the coffee grinder consisting of the grinder is made of steel. The grinder can be befühllt with a capacity of 280 grams. It is electrically powered and comes here to a power of 150 watts. To operate the WMF Skyline coffee grinder is provided with a correspondingly long connecting cable of 230 volts. The freeness can be adjusted with the grinder in numerous stages. In total there are 12 different levels, which can be adjusted from coarse to fine. The amount of coffee that can be produced with the coffee grinder, you can also adjust. So here rich settings of two to ten servings. For stability ensure non-slip rubber feet in the coffee grinder. Moreover, this comes with a cleaning brush. The dimensions of the coffee grinder amount to 23.6 x 18 x 37.4 cm, with a weight of 6 kg. Contrasting the coffee grinder is available in two colors, namely kept in silver and black.  

Operating the coffee grinder WMF vn

The operation of the WMF Skyline coffee grinder is very simple. For this purpose it is equipped with a toggle switch for turning on and off, but also with a dial. This rotary knob is located on the side of the coffee grinder and about this you can adjust the grinder. The grinder can be filled easily, only when removing the milled powder that is a small problem. But for the next section more. Emphasized in connection with the operation is also the cleaning. So one must not itself be a sponge or the like to access, but you can here use the cleaning brush. By their size and weight, the coffee grinder does not much space.  

Small deficiency during removal

One thing, we are very pleased with the WMF Skyline coffee grinder. Only at one point, the coffee grinder has not convinced us. Namely, this concerns the removal from the coffee powder. one fits here not on during the removal, the freshly ground coffee powder dispersed throughout. Of course this is very annoying, you have to watch very when removing to prevent this.


conclusion guy Made of plastic and steel is the WMF Skyline coffee grinder. Above all, the grinder is made of steel, which provides for a long durability. The coffee grinder is electrically powered and requires a 230-volt outlet. It can be set precisely at the mill in many stages. So you can choose exactly how coarse or fine you want your coffee. The handling and operation of the coffee grinder is very simple. So you can clean them well, this is supplied with a cleaning brush to. It can be well filled with coffee beans, only during the removal from the coffee there is a small defect. Here one must be careful when removing the container with the coffee powder. Here would be done a repair. Overall, our test assessment with the exception of this small defect, runs very well. We assign a rating of 1 to 2 and can recommend the Kafffeemühle.

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