Stelton EM Press Coffee Maker

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Test report: Stelton EM Press Kaffeebereiter

Coffee in the morning is the most important thing for many people at all. For the coffee to be prepared even better, it needs a coffee machine or an automat. But now there is the coffee maker from Stelton. This model is red in color and will surely be a real optical highlight on any work surface. The coffee maker does not only look very good, but it will also be easy to use. The preparation of up to 8 cups of coffee is easy. Here the user can try how it has to work, so that the coffee is delicious and not too strong.  

How is processing?

The coffee maker Stelton looks very good. It has a device with which an insert inside is pushed down and thereby the coffee on the ground. This allows the user to get a coffee that is served without a coffee set. The processing of the coffee maker is overall very good. The pourer works perfectly and will exactly hit the cup. So everyone can now also invite guests to test the coffee maker. In addition, however, the coffee maker keeps the coffee warm for a whole time.  

Where does the coffee maker come from?

The coffee maker was designed by Erik Magnussen in Denmark. This person put the coffee maker on the market in 2010. The maker is however manufactured in China and then imported. Who would like to own such a coffee maker Stelton Classic does not have to wait long. Delivery is usually fast and reliable.  

How to clean the Stelton coffee maker?

It is always important that the coffee set is immediately removed from the container after use. The coffee machine itself, can then be cleaned in the dishwasher. It has a net capacity of 1 liter, which is quite sufficient and is 21cm high. This allows the coffee maker to fit into your kitchen cabinet after use. Before you store it there, however, you should make sure that you have thoroughly cleaned everything and then dried it well.  

What is it all about?

In addition to the actual device, you will also get a measuring spoon with its many advantages. This should help you to make the perfect coffee.  

Is there anything else to know?

Yes, the Stelton coffee maker is a modern device that can be very useful in your own household. In the container simply the coffee powder must be inserted. Then the user should still give boiling water on the powder. Afterwards, some patience is required. After a few minutes pulling time the coffee is ready and can be drunk. This happens at best from a normal cup or also on fine occasions from a nice coffee service. In addition, this coffee maker from Stelton won a well-known design award in 2011. So who does not want to get a real champion home? The coffee machine can be ordered easily and quickly. The described delivery comes. This allows you to start cooking immediately. The preparation is very nice but also simple. This makes it an indispensable utensil in the kitchen.


Conclusion guyDelicious coffee was never so easy to prepare. Here, the designer has really thought about the wishes and requirements of his connoisseurs.The coffee maker will leave nothing to be desired and the coffee from it is really delicious. However, if you have never had coffee with such a device, you should try a little, until it has prepared the coffee so that it can be offered. Because most people do not like strong coffee and when the coffee is transparent like tea, it does not taste the most. By the way, tea can also be prepared in the coffee maker. Here, too, every connoisseur can let off steam and try to taste the perfect tea. So, a device is found that really holds what it promises and enhances the cuisine.  

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