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Test report: Kela Latina Kaffeebereiter

The Kela Latina coffee maker promises every coffee drinker an unadulterated enjoyment, without a paper filter dulling it. 7 to 9 cups of coffee can be prepared quickly by the Kela Latina coffee maker and a press filter. Perfect for the unadulterated coffee enjoyment on the road, which also convinces the volume of 1.2 liters of drinkers. In addition, the Kela Latina coffee maker is environmentally friendly because it does not need to use paper for coffee. The optimal filtration is ensured by a fine internal sieve and the Kela Latina coffee maker is additionally also suitable for the dishwasher. The dimensions are 21.8 x 13.2 x 12.6 cm with just a weight of 599 grams. But the special feature is the simple preparation, for which simply the lid must be removed. Then pour the coffee and pour in hot water and let it drain for about four minutes. After this time, slowly depress the coffee with the press filter. Already, the encouraging coffee is ready for enjoyment. This is as far as the data provided by the manufacturer, but how the Kela Latina coffee maker in the everyday test with the customers passed. Exactly this could test them now and test their experiences.  

A beautiful design

This was the first impression the customers of the Kela Latina coffee maker had, but then the opinions were far apart. A customer had really bad luck, because at the first Kela Latina coffee maker had somehow rust. On the second delivery, the lid did not fit properly to the coffee maker. Of course these customers were no longer enthusiastic, but all good things are still three. Unfortunately, the customer did not want a third Kela Latina coffee maker and accordingly bad much then the evaluation. Other customers, on the other hand, were very enthusiastic, especially from the simple handling. All in all, a mixed result came out, but this had nothing to do with the coffee enjoyment.  

Delicious coffee or espresso

This was also highlighted, because the Kela Latina coffee maker is preparing delicious coffee. Only the lid could be a bit better processed. All in all, the Kela Latina coffee maker got 3.4 out of 5 points, with almost all customers a purchase recommendation. Even these which had to put something on the lid, because the coffee was delicious and very fast. The simple cleaning then again gave very positive points and voices. Particularly the processing of almost all parts with high-quality stainless steel has been highlighted, since this promises with a correct handling, but a very long durability. In addition, this can be placed on the induction hearth or on a ceramic field even with a small flame. Also the capacity was considered very good, because the crowd was enough for several people. However, the easy handling and cleaning of the Kela Latina coffee machine was always emphasized. Quick and easy a delicious cup of coffee.


Conclusion guyThe customers, who were satisfied with the Kela Latina coffee maker, are still enthusiastic. No one can make coffee easier, that's what all customers said. Only the lid fit then with some customers not properly on the jug, which was then very annoying for these customers. However, with the majority of the customers just everything, but above all the simple preparation convinced here completely. In addition, there is the simple cleaning, which in turn was positively evaluated. With the Kela Latina coffee maker, coffee specialties are truly the result, which simply makes you want more. Thus, the Kela Latina coffee maker was given a clear recommendation to buy, and the price was considered appropriate. The simple handling has always been highlighted and no paper filters are required. All in all a really good Kela Latina coffee maker, which although some errors, but with the majority well arrived.  

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