Hario Skerton Hand Coffee Grinder

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Review: Hario Skerton Hand Coffee Grinder

The Hario Skerton Hand coffee grinder in Video

A cup of coffee for many consumers a blessing. Because it has many situations going pretty fast, grab as many consumers back to ground coffee. Nevertheless, there are at the present time coffee grinders. These are used when the consumer wants to decide for themselves to be crushed as coarse or fine, the coffee. To meet these requirements, is very common, the Hario Skerton Hand coffee grinder used. This mill is so awesome because it was made of high quality material.

Ease of Use

To make a coffee mill from Hario in operation, only the pure virility is required. That is, the consumer fills the coffee beans in the container and actuating the winch. The collection container can be removed or screwed through the screw cap, very easily and quickly. The consumer must now not be a bodybuilder to operate the winch.  

Place - no problem

The Hario Skerton hand coffee grinder is very small. That is, she finds everywhere a place to recover from work.The product dimensions are 40.6 x 27.9 x gerademal 33 centimeters. Even the total weight of 567 grams is hardly worth mentioning. Characterized in that the coffee mill is wireless, this also does not interfere with storage. Through the timeless design, the Hario Skerton Hand coffee grinder fits any kitchen equipment optimally.  

In no time the ground coffee

Coffee with the Hario Skerton grind hand coffee grinder takes a few minutes. By ceramic grinding the coffee beans are ground uniformly. Best of all, the ceramic grinders are very durable. That is, the Hario Skerton Hand coffee grinder will last a lifetime. Furthermore, the consumer can hold the hand coffee grinder very good in the hands.Thus, a secure grip during the grinding process is ensured. Because the hand coffee grinder has no lid, the consumer should not fill as many coffee beans in the grinder. Otherwise, the coffee beans could jump out of the grinder.  

Different degrees adjustable

Each consumer has their own idea of consort end coffee. Some like it very finely and other very rough. For the Hario Skerton Hand coffee grinder no problem. The fact that the consumer can independently adjust the grind, everyone gets what is desired. Responsible for this is a small wheel on the side of the coffee grinder. Is the right consistency found, it can be firmly fixed. For the integrated frame makes. The best part is that the grind should not be changed, if the grind is to always be the same. The highlight in this hand coffee grinder is that the use is very, very quiet.  

Easy to clean - not an issue

Characterized in that the collecting container is made of glass, this can be cleaned perfectly. The glass can be done easily in the dishwasher. The ceramic vessel where the coffee beans find their place may be optimal with a damp cloth wiped. Easy it really is not now.


conclusion guy The conclusion to the Hario Skerton hand coffee grinder is very simple.An investment of 30 euros for constantly freshly ground coffee can not be wrong. Through the very fast grinding the coffee beans the Hario Skerton hand coffee grinder is ideal for daily use. Better hand coffee grinder for a two-family household does not exist.

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