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Test report: Emsa Neo Kaffeebereiter

The more old-fashioned and less technically mature way to make the coffee can be simple and original. That is why the Emsa Neo coffee maker is currently the focus of many consumers, because here the actual technology is to make the coffee quickly and uncomplicated without much technical effort. A little nostalgia can not be missed in the household and therefore the right step is to look at the Emsa Neo coffee maker in the right way.  

The unmistakable coffee enjoyment awaits the Emsa Neo coffee maker

An intensive aroma should not be left behind when coffee is used, and the simple coffee processing by the Emsa Neo coffee maker convinces. No taste of filters & co, but only the pure coffee taste will be felt, since no special aids for the coffee maker of Emsa are necessary. The aroma oils can develop well and spread over the entire free space in the borosilicate glass and are again reinforced by the stainless steel press screen.  

Easy handling features of the Emsa Neo coffee maker

Basically, the handling is easier than assumed. Simply open the Emsa Neo coffee machine and remove the stainless steel sieve. Fill the coffee powder and add hot water. Now close the coffee machine again and let it go for four minutes. The coffee strainer of high-quality stainless steel now slowly push downwards, to re-evaluate the remaining powder and already the perfect pleasure can be enjoyed without coffee powder in the taste. If this is not a simple handling, we do not know.  

Features of an Emsa Neo coffee maker

The equipment of the Emsa Neo coffee maker is full of quality and is therefore worth a recommendation. This results in a heat-resistant borosilicate glass to the good tone of the coffee maker. However, it must be ensured that the press screen of the coffee maker from Emsa consists of high-quality and simple stainless steel. The handle of the coffee maker is now considered to be heat-resistant and therefore also qualitatively in focus. The simple handling can be convincingly convincing.  

Special features of the Emsa Neo coffee maker

Who would have thought the Emsa coffee maker would be suitable for the dishwasher and microwave? But this is the case and that makes the coffee maker of Emsa right to a simple peculiarities. The simple cleaning and handling round off the impression that this Emsa Neo coffee maker should not be missing in any case, if an aromatic coffee is desired without much Schnickschnack is desired. This is where simple handling features come to light, but an unforgettable palate. These advantages are responsible for the fact that more and more consumers are dedicating coffee makers to the Emsa Neo and the fair purchase price - which can also make you talk.


Conclusion guyIf you are looking for a simple coffee enjoyment with an intense aroma, the Emsa Neo coffee maker is on the safe side. Here, no technique is used, but everything is possible manually. The easy handling of the coffee maker is outstanding and ensures that the simple handling allows for the complete coffee enjoyment. The stainless steel coffee strainer stands for aromatic and unadulterated coffee refinement, to enable the pure coffee enjoyment without filter. The environmentally friendly sustainability is here also in the room and ensures that the high quality of the coffee maker is once more underpinned. In the price-performance ratio, there is no reason to start the bleeding, so that the Emsa Neo coffee maker for the pure coffee enjoyment and the fully exhausted aroma must not be missing.  

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