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Test report: Bodum Brazil 1543 01 Coffee maker

The Bodum coffee maker comes from the 80s. The French Press seems almost old-fashioned and lost in popularity; But quite the opposite. The coffee machine is again high in the course, despite all the capsule machines, volumetric machines and other luxury devices. Bodum stands for functional attractive design. With a very good price performance ratio. The coffee machine has a volume of one liter. The dimensions are 14.3 x 10.6 x 23 cm.That is, through unique brewing, it allows several cups of hot coffee to drink.  


You must let the water boil. Meanwhile, the coffee powder is filled into the coffee maker. Pour the boiling water directly onto the coffee powder and let it drain for about three minutes. Then push the screen down by hand. When the screen has reached the bottom, the coffee can no longer increase in intensity. By the way of the preparation the tasteful oils of the bean remain in the coffee (not in the filter). The coffee grounds are variable and according to taste. You just have to add more or less coffee powder into the jug.  


The Bodum Brazil is made of heat-resistant borosilicate glass. In a coffee maker boiling water is filled. This ensures a particularly aromatic coffee. The special glass prevents damage by heat. It is very sturdy and can not crack. At the bottom of the pot, the glass is surrounded by polypropylene. This is a good help to put the Bodum Brazil coffee machine, without a saucer, on the table. The handle, lid and bottom are made of black polypropylene. This material makes it possible to place the container in the dishwasher and to clean it easily. The screen is made of stainless steel. This is not the case in the dishwasher. And the whole thing does not weigh even 600 g. This makes it possible for the coffee maker to be used everywhere. It is good to use in the office, hotel, camping or to make a quick cup of coffee. The French coffee makers are extremely environmentally friendly. No paper filters or plastic capsules are required.The coffee powder must only be a little coarsely ground. So that it can unfold its full aroma. The jug is available in various color variations. Bodum is produced in Europe and stands for outstanding quality. Bodum also offers a wide range of spare parts. If a part of the life should go out, the entire coffee maker does not need to be thrown away.Only one part can be replaced.


Conclusion guyThe Bodum coffee maker is a good detail in the kitchen. It allows fast coffee preparation with little effort. In addition, not many extras are necessary. That's why I was able to take the pot perfectly for camping. In the morning, boil water on the gas cooker, coffee powder in the coffee maker, wait briefly. And the enjoyment of coffee is nothing in the way. For the Bodum container talks that may also tea can be prepared therein. I find a utensil in the kitchen unnecessary for one purpose only. One point that has not convinced me is the pouring out of the Bodum Brazil coffee maker. With the necessary peace everything folds perfectly.When I'm in a hurry, the coffee spills past the cup and ends up on the table. The flow rate is very limited.

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