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Test report: Bialetti 3130 Coffee Maker

Bialetti, the modern brand for coffee makers now has a new design. This appealing yet timeless design convinces and makes this brand fit for the future. Such a coffee maker is fun and prepares delicious freshly brewed coffee quickly and uncomplicently. How this device behaves in the test read it right here!  

Delivery and delivery

The Bialetti 3130 French Press is delivered in a cardboard box. This can be used as a gift box. Afterwards, this is simply disposed of via the material collection. The device itself is completely assembled and can be used directly.The brewing chamber with a capacity of up to one liter and the stamp for the coffee is included in the delivery.  

Design and materials

The Bialetti 3130 French Press is made in Italy by the innovative innovative design of this brand manufacturer. It consists of a glass body which is completely clear. The cover, the stamp and the glass body are made of stainless steel. On the version, the logo and the company logo have been embossed. The handle and screen are made of plastic.  


Before using the appliance for the first time, the appliance should be rinsed properly. It is also recommended to start a run without coffee. Thus, the Bialetti 3130 French Press is once again cleaned and germ-free. Apart from coffee and water, no consumables are required.  

Brewing process

Before the brewing process the lid is removed with the sieve unit. In the coffee maker, there is as much coffee powder as you would like. Here, the strength of the coffee can be directly determined by itself. It is irrelevant whether conventional coffee, espresso or decaffeinated coffee is used. The right strength is also dependent on the bean mixture. Often some brewing processes are needed until the correct mixing ratio has been found. This is also the second step. In the coffee maker, hot water is poured onto the coffee powder. This ensures that the aroma dissolves in the water and creates a wonderful coffee. By the way, this great and classic type of coffee preparation prevents the transfer of coffee into the taste of the paper filter. The coffee now, at its own discretion and, of course, according to its own taste. As soon as this is reached, the punch is set up and pressed downwards. This completes the brewing process and the coffee can be poured into the cup.  

Further use

The glass body can be placed on the table. No holding device is required for this purpose. The Bialetti 3130 French Press is made of insulated glass. This keeps the heat for some time. Surely it is also that the liter of coffee is very quickly exhausted, because it tastes very good. The handle is not hot, the plastic does not transfer the heat. It is recommended, however, to place under the device a protection so that no coffee drops can run on the tablecloth.  

Cleaning and care

After the coffee has been drunk, it is removed from the machine to clean the punches. The remaining coffee powder in the Bialetti 3130 French Press can now easily be rinsed under running water. The same applies to the spiral.Both are very easy and fast. Cleaning is also possible in the dishwasher. However, the coffee powder should not come into the machine. The dishwasher can not process the powder through the sieves and will apply this to the other parts in the machine.


Conclusion guyThe Bialetti 3130 French Press is suitable for every household, the classic coffee enjoyment is preferred. The machine produces a very delicious and wholesome coffee. This remains free of filter taste. The preparation here is also very favorable compared to machines with pads or capsules. The purchase of this Bialetti 3130 French Press is recommended.

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