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Test report: Lelit PL 41 EM Espressomaschine

The Lelit PL 41 EM espresso machine in the video

In principle, Lelit's espresso machine can not be done very much wrong. For very little money the very nice Italian machine offers very much. The design is tasteful and classic and the features are comprehensive. The pressure can be optimally regulated by the built-in brewing pressure gauge for a perfect crema. The uniform and gentle brewing process of the espresso machine leaves nothing to be desired.The Lelit Espresso Machine PL 41 EM is particularly impressive. The device waits with levers of stainless steel and the design reminds something of the classic Espressomaschinen of the 1960er years. The Lelit machine therefore offers a slight retrocharacter. At 0.57 millimeters, the sturdy screen carrier is not a standard size, but it is designed for longevity and is wonderfully processed. The milk frother is also very well integrated and it is thus possible to produce a very fine-pored milk froth without any problem. The catch basin is slightly negative, because it is made of plastic and is a wear part. In everyday use, this can be overlooked, since the purpose is nevertheless met perfectly. Compared to other machines, the unit is one of the lightest machines with only about eight kilograms. A good argument is the weight especially for frequent transportation and smaller kitchens.  

At a good price, there is full flavor

The Espressomaschine has a lot to offer. By comparison, although the chromium boiler is only slightly smaller with only about 200 milliliters, this has little effect on taste. As a result, the device is weaker by Lelit if at all few nuances.However, the device from Lelit is about a third cheaper than the competition. If you have the pressure with the manometer, the espresso machine can also achieve an excellent crema. As with all machines, however, the degree of grinding of the espresso is particularly important. With no machine can a good result be achieved without the good mill. Very positive in the espresso machine is the weight of only eight kilograms, the ease of maintenance, the brewing pressure gauge, the massive chrome-plated brass sieve carrier and the stable construction.  

The possibilities of the Lelit PL 41 EM

Compact kitchens are often in demand in kitchens. For too many things there is not much space in many households. A compact machine like the espresso machine provides space for the other household appliances. The power of 1050 watts is of course also a plus as the weight of about eight kilograms. For many drinks the water tank from the espresso machine holds about two liters. Not only can a cup be brewed, but some drinks in a row. The device from Lelit can be especially through the many functions become a valuable device. For your own kitchen and guests various beverages can be prepared and so coffee specialties with milk froth, coffee, cappucchino and espresso.  

Important details about the espresso machine

The enjoyment is rounded off by the milk frother and by the cup warmer and for the real solid milk froth and for complete enjoyment the warm cups ensure. Due to the robust processing of stainless steel, the Lelit PL 41 EM will have a long service life. With the regular decalcification the device promises a constantly beautiful device and a lot of enjoyment with frequent use. The Lelit PL 41 EM is suitable for families and also for singles. As with any machine, it is important to ensure that the user is aware of the correct handling and precautions.Through appropriate security it is a great pleasure for all users, if good drinks are enjoyed. Obviously, the espresso machine has no serious flaws and there are many functions.  

price-performance ratio

With certainty it can be said at this point that the Espressomaschine from Lelit belongs to the higher price class.The users have to grab the device a bit deeper into the pocket. Although the device offers only simple functions, the quality of the performance is excellent. Compared to comparable devices in favorable classes, the model generally offers more quality. The model also offers the important basic functions such as the cup warmer and the steam nozzle. All important coffee specialties can be prepared with this. For a good drink, the cups are still well warmed by the way.  


Conclusion guyAt a higher price, the model also offers a variety of high-quality functions.A high pressure is produced from elegant stainless steel and a good coffee or espresso is obtained from good beans. Important care and handling is important. The espresso machine offers a hot steam nozzle and thus drinks can be heated up or milk froth is warmed up. On request, espresso, coffee and cappuccino can also be made with cocoa or tea.Cleaning is time-saving and simple. After the setting, the unit is operated quickly and the waiting time for the warm-up does not take long.  

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