Unimet Royal Edeltanne artificial Christmas tree

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Review: Unimet Royal Edeltanne artificial Christmas tree

A solution forever

After I had started a family, the romantic notion of the family under the real Christmas tree was to sit soon only an illusion. When our children noticed that you can pull the needles, the dog around Christmas always in the room on the tree went walkies and our cat was thinking that we would have a new scratching post, I decided that this cruelty had come to an end. From now on, it should be only an evergreen and fake Christmas tree. So I went into the net.  

The Unimet Royal Edeltanne

There I discovered the Unimet Royal Edeltanne. A fake plastic tree. Although my idea did not like that we would always have henceforth only plastic in the living room, I had to choose me for better or worse. I consciously sought from a big tree that at least the appearance was maintained. I knew at that point not yet know that I would never want me again a real tree.  

The delivery and the first impression

After a few days I got delivered a great, albeit narrow, package. I had not expected to be on-time delivery, because Christmas was already very close to the house and I was secretly hoping that perhaps there would be a real tree again. I untangled the well wrapped package and came to light classic, elongated, fake Christmas tree package. I carefully opened the box. in it I found a folded Christmas, I had to unfold gradually, a small tree stand and a coating for the foot of the tree stand in Christmas style. At that moment I was very surprised because I did not expect that the coating would be supplied. Slowly, I unfolded the Unimet Royal Edeltanne. Branch for Branch. I was really surprised, because the branches were tightly filled with long needles and that made already a very filled and tight impression. Although the branches are always mounted on only one level in seven rounds, I can not complain about what I bought as me. After I had bent all, I had a stately tree of 1.80 meters in the hand and maneuvered it into the supplied tree stand.  

The first Christmas with a fake tree

At the full conviction of the tree I had not yet been brought, but I realized that it was very stable and the tablecloths cover for the stand made a good figure. It was much nicer than the large plant pot, we had available each year in the apartment, so that the little tree had a bit of water and earth under him. With the size of me the Unimet Royal convinced Edeltanne immediately because such a high tree we had only once. Otherwise, we were in the Weihachtsaison always late and only got the pitiful remains of the tree sales. When decorating the tree, I noticed that some needles were bent irretrievably by the transport and packaging. This I cut off short hand. After all our Christmas decorations had found a place, and even the fairy lights was very good grip on the branches, the Unimet Royal Edeltanne was still strong and durable. Even when our cat tried on the supposedly new scratching post, absolutely nothing happened. Our dog interest was not focused for it and went outside do his business again. The children did not have fun on the needles, because they could not leave. As if that had not already made sufficiently satisfied me, I was glad of a needle-free living room and the easy cleaning of the tree. Once rinsed off with a garden hose and stored after drying to save space in the closet and the next Christmas can come.


conclusion guy The Unimet Royal Edeltanne has to convince to full line and is many years loyal service. It is stable, not needling and still offers enough room for a lot of Christmas decorations and lights. The slightly higher price is reflected in the quality and good workmanship. All in all highly recommended.

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