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Test report: Koopower LED Christmas tree lighting

In Christmas time, it will be known to some people that real candles tend to flare up the whole tree too quickly. This is not because of a wrong application, but unfortunately also always in the external circumstances. It can happen again and again to such an incident, but today it can be avoided thanks to the latest LED technology. This technology is not only extremely energy efficient, but also very safe. The candles and especially the lights are hardly noticeably hot and therefore they are a real highlight at the Tannenbaum and a great eye-catcher.

Unpack the set

Everything is delivered in a box. The unpacking is nearly with the gift unpacking at Christmas to compare and will be quite a lot of fun. Anyone who now pays attention to the fact that everything runs smoothly will have a long time of joy with his new tree lighting. This lighting can be quickly set up. Simply put the enclosed batteries in the candles and can be hung on the Christmas tree. It is also not important that these always hang on a thick branch. The lights are very light, despite the fact that batteries are inside.

Everything was perfect

Such a lighting is completely without a supply line. This means that the user here gets a lighting that he does not have to wrap around the tree. This lighting can be attached individually with clips. The branches do not bend very much. But this set includes even more.

Not just for indoors

With these great candles from KooPower the buyer gets a great view also for outside. The candles are waterproof and can therefore be inserted into the flower head. The right equipment is, of course, included to secure the candles. There are ground spikes in the scope of supply, which are easy to insert into the earth. With these candles can be synonymous outside the holidays a great light conjured. The candles will dip a birthday plate into a romantic light. It is a joy to use the candles and succeeds very easily.

Easy lighting

Now it may be that perhaps one or the other assumes that each candle must be ignited individually. But that is certainly not the case. The candles function by remote control and can be ignited absolutely perfectly timed. If the candles are too light, it has the possibility to influence these candles in the brightness by dimmer. With these candles a great light is conjured. Especially romance fans are always very enthusiastic about this. With such a candle, everything is always perfect.

Switch whenever you want

Small but nice, are the candles of KooPower. The candles can be set, which they are also ignited at a certain time.This allows the user to always set certain points of time at which the lights go on alone, both indoors and outdoors.The remote control is easy to use but also quite small. Therefore, it is not uncomfortable when this is once displaced.


Conclusion guy Especially on the holidays it is always important to be safe. These lights make a lot of fun and will please small and big. Such a lighting can always be a great highlight. Inside and outside can be a great view with these lights. The lights have only advantages and therefore can not be badly evaluated. The quality is right here and the price / performance ratio is perfect. Here the buyer really gets something good for his money and that will always give him great pleasure. The lamps are also of high quality and will also make a lot of. It is always great to see how these lamps also make the children's eyes sparkle. This will make the Christmas Eve more and more simple. The lights are just right for the pre-Christmas season. They can be inserted into the flower heads and then provide a view in the neighborhood. The candles are beautifully crafted and look as if the candle wax just goes down on it. With these candles, each buyer is exactly right and has its bright joy with it. Setting up is easy and can be done in a short time.

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