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Review: Brema artificial Christmas tree

In the Brema artificial Christmas tree is a small tree, which is the same even with a string of lights. In addition, is also equal to even the jewelry included with the price, which the tree with a handle is ready for use. The dimensions are 37.8 x 15 x 13 cm, at a size of 56 cm. The color is gold and the Brema artificial Christmas tree is in 10 parts.The fairy lights can be operated on a normal outlet of 220 volts. These are the extent that the manufacturer, which is most essential to the limit.The image then says it much more, but now even allowed to test the Brema artificial Christmas tree customers.There was of course also about how easy was the assembly. Another point is of course at the Brema artificial Christmas tree the appearance and associated decoration. Because, of course, customers often have slightly different ideas and expectations. then were allowed to even test the Brema artificial Christmas tree, the tester is exactly defined by these points.  

The price is okay

That was the only point at which the customer at the Brema artificial Christmas tree were some. The biggest complaint was that the colors could not be freely selected. Therefore, almost all customers of the Brema artificial Christmas tree were rather disappointed as they had wished for a different color. Most customers wanted the exact colors that were shown on the photo. Unfortunately, these were then no red ribbons, but white and also otherwise was then the disappointment rather large. Others again were more than satisfied, especially through the simple structure. Here then was found not agree more, as well as in the corresponding tree ornaments and the small chain of lights.However, the price, the testers were then agree because this was felt to be appropriate. Where some customers then also especially attentive to the price made because some of the customers but had very high expectations here. This may of course a more favorable tree trinket then did not deliver what they probably had not thought of that.  

convinced Simple construction

In this point, all customers were then again agree, for the tree is a few simple steps. It's not necessary nor a cumbersome manual be read, which then brought the most points. In addition, at Brema artificial Christmas tree the branches are still bent individually, which was then in turn found to be very beneficial. All in all, got the Brema artificial Christmas tree then 3.7 of 5 points, but here the color was most deductions. If there was the possibility to select the color, then this result would be but out better. This could then be the manufacturer still rectify something, because otherwise found all customers the tree but very nice. Even if one or the other customers the decoration was too little and the fairy lights too small. However, here's decoration are taken in addition and simply distribute the other lights on the tree. Because that have made some customers and then also gave the most points. All in all it was a buy recommendation.


conclusion guyThe Brema artificial Christmas tree does what the manufacturer promises, although some customers disagreed here. all customers were, however, with the price then agreed with the decoration was considered beautiful. Only the color had then received the most deductions, because customers here like another would have had. So also the decoration of some customers was considered too little, other again than adequate. Here there was also no agreement, because this is after all a matter of taste. For this price the customer gets a beautiful Christmas tree, even if the color can not be chosen freely. Thus, a unique purchase recommendation was made for the Brema artificial Christmas tree.Because for this price gets the customer but as something offered, especially a complete tree. As table decoration perfectly adequate, the tree also looks good. Although the Brema artificial Christmas tree is not large, but has yet everything a Christmas tree have so needs. As a gift just as suitable as well for their own use.

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