Black Box Trees 379 096 Artificial Christmas tree

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Review: Black Box Trees 379 096 Artificial Christmas tree

The Drummond Christmas From Black Box is a full tree. The main feature is that the branches of the tree are brown veined and preserves this tree also its vibrant effect. The height of the tree is 185 centimeters and so that it can be placed almost anywhere. But not only the height of 185 centimeters is interesting, but it has 488 branches. In the metal stand of the tree is very stable and a good balance, there are four arms. The manufacturer assigns this tree a guarantee of two years. 

The natural look

The artificial tree there are the branches with the harsh and bushy needles and there is also the soft flat needles.Overall, the tree can therefore look much more natural. The fir green twigs or branches, the needles are all made of PVC. There are in the mixed technique the long strip of PVC, which are then cut into very thin strips. In the branches, they then form the flat needles. The hard needles are made of PVC, such as also the brush hair is formed. It is a round, stable wire to a certain length is then cut and the bristly needles a bundle is then tied around the show. Thus, the artificial Christmas tree from Black Box has a very natural, the tips are also rounded nicely from the branches. In the mixed technique, the advantage is that at the tree all the needles are very stable.  

Important information on the tree

In the tree, there is the plug-in design and this is very popular. In the branches, there is the base of the sturdy wire and at the tips of these is slightly bent. In headband the branches are hung, which were attached to the metal stem.With a color code all headband and branches were in bringing the artificial tree can then easily build. The branches are then simply inserted from the bottom up around the trunk. This results in the end it is the beautiful rings of the pine green. Depending on the instructions in the instructions for the branches can be deployed and thus allows the tree wonderful shapes. Overall, the artificial tree Drummond is with the height of 185 centimeters from the 48 branches and the trunk of the tree, making it barely visible. In the metal stand of the tree is absolutely stable and for good balance, there are the four arms.  

The particular advantages of the tree

Who raises an artificial tree in the house or in the house, which does not have the problem that the four walls are filthy. Often the real trees are finally wet when they are erected and needles it. The needles are then in the car and also in the apartment or house. In addition, the trees after Christmas to be disposed of again. This problem is not with the artificial Christmas tree. With colorful lighting and decorations, the trees look really very good. The connector system is working properly and the tree looks really good. The quality and processing can convince and the assembly is self-explanatory. With the pedestal there is a secure hold and the needles feel partially genuine.


conclusion guyThe Christmas trees of black box thus are also distinguished in that they look very natural. These trees can be very difficult to distinguish them from real trees. The trees of the manufacturers are fireproof and in the tree, there are standard two-year warranty. The branches are made of PVC and they can hardly be distinguished from real trees. The needles were very well reproduced, only that they peck something and smell. In the trunk, the branches are easily hooked to the plug-in system and there is the comprehensive guide as well as the color markers, so that the tree was set up in no time. The sturdy metal base is included and everything is within a stable packaging. The packaging can be used after the festival for the further detention of the tree further.

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