Wiko Rainbow in Test
  • Android 4.2 (Dual SIM) / 4.4 (single-SIM)
  • 5.0 "(12.7 cm) touchscreen, 1280 x 720 pixels
  • WiFi, HSPA + (Dual-SIM) / LTE (single SIM)
  • 1.3GHz quad-core processor
  • 3G Dual sim from buy
  • 4G Single-SIM Buy from € 116.42

3G Dual SIM or Single SIM 4G: The Wiko Rainbow's 2x

The new models at Wiko endless: By Wiko Rainbow dual SIM a fairly cheap dual SIM smartphone 5-inch class is on the market - and after the MWC 2015 in Barcelona pushes the brand even the Rainbow 4G afterwards. Here applies at Wiko but the slogan: "either - or". For dual SIM and LTE in the same device does not exist unfortunately. Anyone interested in the 4G model interesting to find out more information . What we do is from now on fully to the 3G variant for 2 SIM cards .

For 2 SIMs: The Rainbow 3G

How is the Rainbow settled? Primarily: low. After the high-end models Wiko Highway (test) and Wiko Dark Full (the test) , the French manufacturer thus goes back more to the beginners a - albeit with more than just using basic technique. On the contrary, for the chosen price above average hardware is installed.
Wiko Rainbow Test

Wiko Rainbow: Bargain 5-inch dual sim, but surprisingly well equipped

The Rainbow stands way off by a wide range of colors from the other models of the brand: 6 case colors are available - a trend that also Nokia relies on with its dual SIM models: yellow, pink, turquoise and orange, as well as "non -Farben "White and Black offered. Therefore, ultimately, came the name choice of model.

Android OS: Version 4.2.2

Like all other Wiko phones also runs the Rainbow with Android, here in version 4.2.2. This is when cell phones with 2 SIM slots still common, even if you would appreciate models with Android 4.3 more. Only small adjustments are there for 2 SIM Slots: Up to additional menu items for setting, which SIM card to be preset for the phone calls, etc., corresponds to the operation all the usual Android-handling. Who previously had a "single-SIM" smartphone with the same OS, is expected to feel right at home and find their way easily.

5.0 "display in HD

For the 5-inch display is Wiko has decided this time at the Rainbow not Full HD, but provides 1,280 x 720 pixels. This is still good, is in the field of dual-SIMs to superclass. To better present the resolution: If you look closely and close, can be seen with the naked eye just individual pixels. For a good, wide viewing angle is possible. you can look at my own images as well, for two cameras are installed. The main camera on the back has 8 megapixel resolution, the lens on the front page - for video chats etc. - 2 megapixels. The frame around around display would indeed may be somewhat smaller, but overall the phone is slender.
Wiko Rainbow front and rear

available in six colors - Wiko Rainbow from front and rear

Internet & Co: up to 21.6 Mbit / s

Good, but not exceptional are also the values surfing and generally in data transmission: HSPA + enables the Wiko Rainbow up to 21.6 Mbit / s, while best dual SIM phones but now up to 7x are so quick in this category. Restriction: If 2 cards are inserted is only one of the two for UMTS and HSPA + available - the other can surf via GPRS. Wi-Fi is also included and ensures your home or at hotspots for surfing without mobile network.To kopplen the Rainbow with other phones or devices, Bluetooth is 4.0. GPS navigation is also on board.

Power: Quad Core 1.3GHz

Rather than average and the processor power: 1.3 GHz and four cores are available for speedy calculations and liquid images - but there are now many 2-SIM smartphones with similar or better performance. For really complex requirements also should be greater of RAM (1 GB) and also the internal memory (4GB). As a microSD card slot is present, can the memory but still expand itself. For the convincing performance in everyday life and the large display some required energy, the battery (2,000 mAh) is for suitably dimensioned. Once a day, you should treat yourself to a date with an outlet to the smartphone, however.

SIM card: 2x standard format

Wiko Rainbow SIM card slots

The SIM card slots are clearly separated in the Rainbow - but only accessible when back cover and battery are removed (Source: wikoplus.com)

The card can be insert well, without having to be too nimble-fingered. However, one must first unclip the back cover and remove the battery - should be off the phone before the SIM change anyway. Under the cover then you have access to the two SIM slots and the removable battery. The format you put a normal SIM card, so no cards in the micro- or nano-size. Both slots are adjacent. Everything made clear, only unfortunately the label, which slot SIM 1 and SIM 2 which receives, dimly discernible. Even better, it would be natural to do without removing the back cover, as indeed offer the same manufacturer also eg when Wiko Highway. On the other hand there are also some other models where the SIMs to be quite impractical superimposed inserted - the Rainbow does his job in terms of ease of use so already properly.


Processing and materials are dibasic. The dimensions are in view of the display OK, though not ideal. Also the total weight is correspondingly high out - which is hardly avoidable. For various colors are available, which is otherwise rare. Whoever it is time wants to view from different perspectives: here a very charismatic unboxing video from Italy:


The Rainbow has no right weaknesses, but has in many disciplines significantly more than would be expected for the fairly low price. For style-conscious in the form of a hook: Of course, the Rainbow is relatively large and heavy. This is made up for by a very good price-performance ratio. In short, a price tip.

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