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Review: Swisstone BBM 320 Seniorenhandy


The mobile phone for seniors and people with low vision

Not only old people are the large keys of Swisstone BBM appreciate 320 Seniorenhandy. Anyone looking for a mobile phone that is equipped with an absolute ease of use, which is exactly the right thing to Swisstone BBM 320 Seniorenhandy. It depends actually only on the basic functions of a mobile phone. Advanced and complicated functions of today's smartphones are not found in this model. Instead, the simple design for an easy telephoning makes. The design has been self-explanatory and the buttons enlarged produced so that even people with a visual impairment can not think of the operation of the device by hand. The Swisstone BBM 320 Seniorenhandy is available in black color and has been ergonomically shaped to allow an easy use with this phone easily and at any time is possible. Not only the size of the keys, but also their arrangement are the perfect basis for operating the Swisstone BBM 320 Seniorenhandy. In addition to offering the Swisstone BBM 320 Seniorenhandy an easy to read display with extra large characters, so that at any time can be seen which number is currently shown on the display. The other symbols of the phones were kept large. This provides more clarity for calls.  

Easy reading

Overall, the display of Swisstone BBM offers 320 Seniorenhandys 1.7 inches, the equivalent of 4.3 cm diagonal on the display. The display is very traditionally lit orange and has a resolution of 128 by 64 pixels. Thus, it offers enough opportunity for reading of each item. In addition to the time and date, the user acknowledges and when calls are received and removed. Also when you dial the individual keys, the digits are displayed according to the orange-lit display of Swisstone BBM 320 Seniorenhandys. Besides showing on the left side of the strength of the reception, to the right of the battery power of the mobile phone is displayed.  

Extra Large Icons

With two buttons the user already achieved its goal. The green button with the telephone receiver on the left side of the phone, signaled the removal in a possible call or an electoral process, the right button is held in red, this indicates that placing a call. So everyone knows very quickly how this phone works and does not have to only look for in a user guide for the appropriate guidelines for this phone. The Swisstone BBM 320 Seniorenhandy works instead as a device which can be used intuitively at first glance. Who pushes the button with the red handset should come through during a call, the caller has decreases accordingly and premeditated on.  

Large buttons enable operation

Especially when small mobile phones, it can very quickly pass the small buttons hard to are not pressed, especially in the elderly is the case. have large hands also people complain often about the tiny buttons of most phones. Since no touchscreen usually helps then, especially since this would only complicate the basic functions of the phone yet.The Swisstone BBM 320 Seniorenhandy sets exactly in simplicity to the consumer, offering him a mobile phone is the very large key features, slipping is practically impossible. Large gaps between the keys, underline the design on the phones and provide the user with a phone finally the ideal appears to call. At night or in poor visibility, the Swisstone BBM comes 320 Seniorenhandy towards the user.The extra-large keys are in fact even deposited with lights. This will be seen which key was pressed, and a likelihood of confusion of the keys practically excluded.  

Useful emergency function can save lives

Especially the elderly and frail people will be pleased that the Emergency key function. These specially built on mobile phone button, allows an emergency call. Therefore, to the emergency call button, which is located on the rear side of the Swisstone BBM 320 Seniorenhandy be pressed for three seconds. Following this, an emergency SMS is sent. As a recipient of the emergency SMS the first five numbers are automatically selected in the phone list, so should advance which numbers are carefully considered to be in the top phone list. The good thing is the extra call the numbers after activation of the emergency call and the actual emergency signal.The emergency signal can people within alarming as this audible sounds from the phone. After the dispatch of emergency SMS the first one is called the phone list, this should not decrease the next. Until one of the first five people taken off, this is done in loop continues. The actual call to decrease on the other line is then audible as handsfree call, providing just fallen people who can not help a real alternative to common emergency situations. It is fair to talk about it, that can save this function in the mobile life. Equally useful is represents the function of the integrated flashlight, in such situations also can attract attention and induce signaling a possible savior.  

Easy charging, thanks charger

Thus, the mobile phone for the single charge of the battery does not have to be constantly worked on and or a power cord is plugged into the phone, the manufacturer includes a handy charging station, in which the Swisstone BBM can be easily put into 320 Seniorenhandy. Subsequently, the cell phone will charge completely automatically, so that no further adjustments need to be made for charging. Here the user has a device which receives the most important functions so but still has quite simply is to use. Who still has panic that a person who dials the Swisstone BBM 320 Seniorenhandy wears accidentally in the internet and so leads to high costs, which can be reassured. The Swisstone BBM 320 Seniorenhandy has no functions allow a dial into the Internet.


conclusion guy Ancient people, seniors, people with low vision, large hands or those who wish to do without complex functions of today's smartphones are, by purchasing the Swisstone BBM 320 Seniorenhandys right. Extra large buttons allow a very easy to use as they can be found in almost any other phone. The basic functions are easy to explain and simple and practical emergency button can save lives. Charging can be the phone by charging and ergonomic design is perfectly in the hand.

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