Dual-SIM market shares

Even with dual SIM: world market shares are constantly on the move ...

Manufacturers' market shares in 2015

The third quarter of 2015 ( "Q3") is complete and the figures will be available. One is very much in advance clear: the world market is booming. This is mainly due to smartphones (test) , because at the same time the sale of classic phones drops significantly.

The sales worldwide - from July to September

  • 353 million smartphones found a buyer - in the same period in 2014 there were 316.6
  • 15% more units sold than in Q3 2014 - which in turn was already grown by 13.1% compared to Q3, 2013.
  • Overall, 3.7% more mobile phones of all types (including classic phones) were sold.

The market share at a glance:

While Apple and Samsung smartphones for several years making up the top two positions among themselves, are with Huawei, Lenovo (Motorola-owner) and Xiaomi now three Chinese mobile provider among the top 5. It is striking that these also officially now selling strongly in Europe and the " China Mobile " has now improved Image starlk.
manufacturer Brand / Product Name Sold Smartphones 2015 (Q3) Sold Smartphones 2014 (Q3) Market share in 2015 (Q3) Market share in 2014 (Q3)
Samsung Samsung is 83.6 million 78.6 million 23.7% 24.8%
Apple iPhone 46100000 39300000 13.1% 12.4%
Huawei Huawei Honor 27.3 million 16 million 7.7% 5.2%
Lenovo Motorola 17.4 million 21.3 million 4.9% 7.2%
Xiaomi Xiaomi 17.2 million 19 million 4.9% 6.0%
LG LG n / A 16.8 million n / A 5.3%
Microsoft Nokia Lumia n / A 9.3 million n / A 2.9%
Basis: Studies of Juniper Research and Gartner, All figures are rounded. Especially the relatively large market share in this country many consumers hardly familiar brands Lenovo and Xiaomi could amaze, but can be easily identified.
  • Background for the sharp rise of the mobile provider's Lenovo is also taking over the mobile division of Motorola, which had belonged 2012-2014 Google. As initially announced Motorola has survived both as a brand and as an independently acting division within Lenovo so far, as well as the headquarters in Chicago.
  • Xiaomi celebrates big sales success mainly to its huge domestic market of China. Meanwhile they also reinforced their marketing to Europe and Germany.

Operating Systems: Android dominates

While many cell phone providers lead to small market share, it looks at the topic operating system is very different. In principle, one could say: Who ausnahmnsweise not Android uses, has an Apple phone. Because with over 97 percent market share, all that currently Windows Phone handsets use BlackBerry or as Firefox OS real exotics. The two most popular systems have their share it even expanded - by a good 95% in the previous year.

Thus, the market was in 2013

In the third quarter of 2013 were 258.4 million smartphones worldwide over the counter - be it in real business, or via online purchase. The reports of the analyst IDC . Across the same period last year, this represents a significant increase by 38.8%. Of course, this growth was also reflected in the entire mobile phone market, which rose by 5.7 percent to a total of 467.9 million units. For the fourth quarter is expected to set a new record: the total smartphone sales could reach this year more than one billion devices.

China is in the smartphone world market a one-third

The enormous triumph is to estimates by market researchers, not least because the large Chinese market, more and more consumers to Android phones, there being especially particularly favorable models are in demand. Meanwhile, China is already one third of global smartphone market model: Every third smartphone world has been sold within its borders.

Samsung is growing and expanding space of 1

Leader remains Samsung, which has increased with 31.4% market share by another 31% to the previous quarter. Taken Converts are here already and Samsung dual SIM smartphones . Meanwhile, by far, but still second is the American Apple Group, the now "only" 13.1% market share (in the same quarter last year 14.4%). The total market grew so quickly that Apple with actually very good 25.7% growth nevertheless now has a lower proportion. A dual SIM iPhone, there are still not known.

The places 3 to 5

Behind the first two positions - and again by a wide margin for the second place - there is a closely spaced ranks of other producers who are fighting for space. 3 For the first time now the Chinese supplier Huawei could be pushed to this position: 4.8% global market share, includingHuawei dual SIM smartphone , the producer is to minimum 0.1% percentage points ahead of the also Chinese enterprises Lenovo, which in turn 0, is 1 percent ahead of LG. With each about 70% growth this three producers could grow significantly faster than the overall market and their positions significantly improved. Among many other brands with narrow intervals that lie around the 4% market share, is noteworthy in our view yet of years the world market leader Nokia: The meantime strongly guessed in the smartphone area under pressure manufacturer achieves with its Lumia models now back about 3.5 %. Alone among the top ranked manufacturers, the Finnish company relies exclusively on Windows Phones. The Asha models, including several Nokia dual SIM phones are not regarded as smart phones and are therefore not included in the evaluation.

Operating Systems: Android world forward - and strengthens its position further

Android is the clear number 1 on smartphones and dual SIM smartphones worldwide. Latest figures now Leifert analyst Kantar Worldpanel , which has nine major markets examined, including the US, Japan, China, Australia and 5 EU countries, including Germany and the UK.Everywhere except in Japan Android is the leading system, which it has now attained in the United States the number 1 position: Until the end of 2012 there the IOS operating system from Apple was still in front, the positions and market shares have both now but exchanged. Especially in the important Chinese market with its enormous number of buyers and always have greater purchasing power is Android front-most, in terms of the countries studied. With rising had initiated by Google operating system there, the present investigation 78.6% market share of all smartphones. This is particularly interesting because even China submitted extremely many phones and dual SIM smartphones. The dominant China Mobile system is therefore installed with corresponding probability on the produced there smartphones. The selection of dual SIM models with Android is correspondingly large. Inform yourself about the best dual SIM smartphones . A small but fine success story provides while Windows for mobile devices: the market share grew in many countries, which he set in France rapidly from 4.2 to 12.9% and in Italy even from already high 11.8 to 16.0% could. Even in the United States (from 2.6 to 4.7%) and Germany (from 1.9 to 5.7%) managed the change from total exotics for successful alternative. In dual-SIM phone range unfortunately no Windows phone is available, but given the growing market shares should only be a matter of time. Especially in France strong market of dual SIM manufacturer Wiko has its headquarters. In China, the Microsoft Smartphone OS is stagnating at 2.7% market share. Hand Sad for nostalgic: The former in the business sector highly successful brand BlackBerry lost almost all significant fractions, after previously only extremely low distribution. In none of the examined markets it was higher than 2.4%, in the US even only 0.6% - and in China it is no longer measurable represented (0.0%). A BlackBerry dual SIM phone is therefore likely to be excluded, which is a shame: It is precisely the current software version BlackBerry 10 separates the operating system very well a private and a business area in order to keep work and leisure clean apart. That is indeed the concern of many dual SIM users: namely strictly separate private telephone traffic via a personally paid number and service connections via the company-SIM card. In this respect, the BlackBerry system would actually predestined to manage 2 SIM cards. A further very successful classic is against Apple iOS : The Apple system maintains at a high level, but loses a total global market share. In Germany this has now reached "only" 17.3 to 21.1% a year earlier. For an OS that is offered by a single manufacturer, this is still a huge success.Following these facts, namely that there is only a manufacturer, but also speaks against the fact that a iOS dual SIM smartphone comes.Because Apple has made no announcements to and also in the usual rumor mill surrounding new iPhone models assumptions about a model with 2 SIM slots are so far never been more than wishful. However, one can be a iPhone Dual SIM adapter coupling and insert a second SIM card in it. However, this is often a jailbreak needed, so that it lay for normal users and all those who desire to guarantee, is not recommended.One can only hope that in the face of a growing variety of models from Apple iPhone models in the generation of the iPhone 6 also has a dual SIM variant comes on the market. But this is currently not foreseeable.

Smartphones very common in Germany

The trend in mobile phones continues to clearly smartphones: 40 percent of all German citizens aged 14 and over have become such a high-quality, internet-enabled mobile phone. A year ago the figure was only 34 percent. According to forecasts by the market research institute EITO are more than 80 percent of all mobile phones sold in 2013 smartphones. Ever have 90 percent of all Germans over 14 years any mobile phone.About 63 million people currently use mobile phones, more than 2 million more than 2 years ago. This resulted in a collection for the high-tech association BITKOM. In the young and middle age group, however, almost everyone (97 percent) has a cell phone. Especially seniors "have rapidly gained ground in recent years the mobile phone ownership," said BITKOM. Meanwhile possess 68 percent of German citizens aged 65 years and a mobile phone. Not least bring a cell phone or smartphone everyday flexibility and security. Tip: If you laid surfing with mobile phone or smartphone, phone calls and possibly SMS will send to other mobile phones for a Allnet Flat a meaningful Handyvertrag. Notes on the data source and methodology: To spread of mobile phones, the opinion research institute Aris surveyed on behalf of BITKOM in August 2013 1.008 persons aged 14 and over in Germany. The data are representative. The market forecasts for the market for mobile phones and mobile data services are based on investigations by the European Information Technology Observatory (EITO). EITO provides current data on the global markets of information technology, telecommunications and consumer electronics. EITO is a project of the Bitkom Research GmbH in cooperation with the market research institutions IDC and GfK.

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