Siemens Gigaset SL375 cordless telephone

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Test report: Siemens Gigaset SL375 cordless telephone

Fixed telephones are still a big hit and very popular with many buyers. With this phone, Siemens has set a new expectation to satisfy the buyers, of course, completely satisfied. Unfortunately, can not be in all points a very good.The main tank of this unit is on a bad display. But this is not inferior, but very pixelated. Therefore, it is not surprising that many buyers have promised something better, and then, of course, the expectations are correspondingly high. But still the phone not only optically absolutely points, but also with the individual built parts. Because it is certainly not inferior and offers some great functions such as a Bluetooth connection. This allows all possible headsets to be operated with the telephone. This also makes most buyers happy, because from now on, the handset does not have to be always and everywhere in the hand. There is also no need for hands-free calling. With a great headset, the user can move freely while telephoning and is certainly not restricted.This way, friends can be called in the housework or many other things are done. The telephoning gets a completely new touch with such a device.  

The individual functions

Who can still remember numbers today? There are also more and more devices and most people change very frequently the telephone numbers. Since it is then approximately so that when the one phone number has been noted, a new contract has already been concluded. With this phone you can store many numbers. The user can be completely exhausted and will also have great pleasure. Because it certainly is no longer necessary. The number can be assigned with the corresponding name and is therefore easy to handle. This allows friends to be called around the world with just one touch of a button. The telephone book allows up to 250 entries, to name a number here.  

The user is not at home?

If the user of the device is not at home, then it is also appropriate to use the answering machine. This must simply be switched on and already the calls can not be missed. This is very convenient and also allows the caller to be called back. It always makes pleasure to hear the callers and also react when someone has called. Perhaps one or the other will feel when an important call has been missed. This is no longer necessary from now on. Everyone can leave a message here and discuss everything else.  

The packaging

The unit comes in a good carton and will also retain much of what was previously promised after unpacking. The device will even prove to be more robust than it actually looks. Such a telephone is a great pleasure and will also fulfill all that the user can wish for. To make phone calls will be much more joy and also keep everything it promises.Who buys the phone, besides the handset, of course, the appropriate answering machine sent. Then there is also a lot more in the scope of delivery. It also belongs to a well-described manual included in the scope of delivery. This will be particularly informative and allow the user to go around with the phone and learn everything.  

The unit is perfect

This phone is small and compact and leaves nothing to be desired. This will make talking with friends a great event that will bring great joy from now onwards. It is not big and fits easily into a normal boot pocket. Through the range, the phone can always be there when it goes into the garden, or also to relax on the balcony. With this phone, everything is much more enjoyable and each user can now convince themselves. The unit is always perfect and it is also good to use. There is a great and fast access to the individual components. This device is really always perfect and will also be useful. It is a good phone that will surely hold for many years. This device can also be a great pleasure for someone. Of course you will find everything you need to be able to talk to the device immediately. There is no other device needed to make calls. The device makes itself everywhere quite well and is surely also in each apartment a fixed place to share. This makes this phone really always good and also perfect and it will be a profit in your own apartment. Such a telephone is also suitable for being installed in a system.  

Solid and perfect

Except for the display, this device is not a bad point. It is fundamental and makes a lot of things. The manufacturer Siemens has created a great device here, which will completely satisfy all the expectations of the buyer. This will allow everyone to buy something great.  


Conclusion guyIt is often so that the devices from Siemens are underestimated. These devices are always equipped with a great technique, which can be seen.Also the device will not disappoint. It will be enjoyable and will always fulfill everything the user can wish for. This is all very well and especially the calls can be assumed problem-free. If you long for a new phone and looks around, with this device will definitely find it. The phone is easy to use and will quickly become an integral part. It will not be possible to go away after a short time and this is also good. With the Gigaset always something good is bought and also the matching batteries are always always there. It is functional and also has some great features with which it can shine. The Gigaset is recommended and always makes a lot of pleasure, which is the most important for the buyer and should also facilitate the purchase decision.  

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