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Review: Philips XL4901 Seniortelefon

The Philips XL4901 is a cordless telephone with a very large display. The user-friendliness is also increased by the large keys. The device is also equipped with very useful functions, such as a volume increase, connection options with hearing aids, private radio settings and the possibility of storing several phone book entries.  

Caller ID

This phone is provided with a caller. This allows you to know who is calling you before you answer the call. Thus, one can determine who is at the other end of the telephone connection.  

Increase in volume

With this type of phone you can increase the volume with a push-button. Thus, the volume on the earphone can be turned up by 12 dB and, if the hands-free function is used, by more than 8 dB. Thus, one can clearly understand every word, and there are less misunderstandings. Note, however, that the handset is not held too close to the ear when the volume boost button is pressed. After the conversation has ended, the volume is reset to the normal level.  

Keyboard that lights in the background

Due to the fact that there is a yellow background lighting, you can also see at night or with a bad lighting of the buttons.  

Phone book entries with two fields possible

This facility is convenient because many people nowadays have multiple phone numbers, for example a private phone number and one for the office as well as a cell phone number. Thus one can register the different numbers for one person in a clear way, by the person several times the telephone number saves.  

Large display

The device has a large display with a size of 4.8 cm / 1.9 "and has a high contrast as well as a white background illumination, which makes reading easier.  

Speed dialing

If you enter a speed dial number for a person who calls you frequently, you can press this key and the connection to the person is there, without having to search for the corresponding telephone numbers.  

Handset equipped with a hands-free kit

In this case, the hands-free function switches the caller's voice to the integrated loudspeaker. This allows you to make hands-free calls and is also able to do other tasks besides telephoning or you are also able to listen to other people. A fully charged battery has a talk time of up to 16 hours.  

Privacy Policy

There is a black list, which prevents the reception of calls from certain numbers or numbers that have certain numbers at the beginning. When a call arrives with such a number, the phone does not ring. Thus one can avoid expensive surprises on the telephone account by blocking certain number or numbers starting with a certain number. Also one can restrict anonymous calls with suppressed number. Again, the phone does not ring.  

Visual ring

This ring blinks visually when incoming calls are received.


Conclusion guyThe Philips XL4901 Seniortelefon is a telephone device, which is particularly suitable due to its diverse functions in the elderly, who have some problems with seeing. Also the hands-free system as well as the handling of the storage of several numbers, related to one person, facilitate the handling of the device. Also, especially in the elderly a large illuminated display is very helpful.

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