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Review: Panasonic KX-TU327 Seniorenhandy

This text deals with the Panasonic KX-TU327 Seniorenhandy. It is a flip phone, which is equipped with useful features for the more senior generation. Priced model is currently available for about 75 EUR. Received is in the text on the functions of the phone, the features, the advantages and disadvantages, the technical data and to the delivery.


Let. First to perhaps the most useful feature of the phone and that the emergency call function Pressing the SOS emergency button, a preset number is dialed automatically without the need to type this. Perfect for absolute emergencies. It can here up to five phone numbers are preset. Another feature, particularly for visually impaired users of advantage is the sound when tapping a button. Once a key is pressed, the letter is reproduced acoustically. The acoustic properties are specially tailored to seniors in this phone, the sounds can be adjusted easily. Call tones can be loud questions. The mobile phone can also be used with a switched on Hörgerat, because it is according to the standards hörgeratekompatibel M3 / T3. Another useful feature is the memo function. It can be shopping lists or short message record, they can later be retrieved easily. The keys are, as usual in mobile phones for seniors, large and assist visually impaired users. The Seniorenhandy is very shockproof. It was designed so that it carries no damage thereof even after a free fall, for example from the kitchen table to the ground. According to the manufacturer after the military standard. The speakerphone at any time allows convenient call. Thus, the arm does not need to be charged. If the call takes longer, the phone does not have all the time be held at the ear and you can casually do other things.  


First, one should mention that the phone does not have features such as a camera, a calendar or a calculator. But this should not be the main reason of purchase. As already mentioned in passing in the functions, the phone is equipped with large and illuminated keys. A sound is also included. The keyboard is also fluted and illuminated. The volume settings, there are six stages. In the phone book up to 200 entries can be made. The phone has 25 polyphonic ringtones seniors.


The mobile phone has many important functions, which are advantageous. As already mentioned, this is equipped with an emergency call button. In absolute emergencies, can call up to five preset numbers with this button.
  • The phone keys are large and the press of a button, the letter will be announced. Particularly suitable for visually impaired users.
  • For hearing impaired or impaired users, the volume to be louder. This is louder than normal mobile phones.
  • Thanks to the recording function can be recorded and recalled later easily messages.
  • The speakerphone function allows for easy calling without the arm to take.
  • Especially convenient is the charging station supplied. These can be positioned in the house and so the charging cable is not necessarily always used everywhere.
  • The weight of the phone is just 114 grams.


The main drawback of the phone is the programming. The menu has a very complicated and not easy to use. To perform a single step, several steps are necessary. The software itself is not exactly modern. The operation is made difficult. Especially with a Seniorenhandy, this should happen in any case. The use should be easy to understand and simple. For a point to be subtracted.  

Overview of technical data:

At this point the major specifications of the device are summarized in a text. The phone has described a speed-dial button. Up to 200 entries are possible in the phone book. The Seniorenhandy also has a caller list and a function for the voice message. The display of the phone is a TFT color display. According to the manufacturer 65 K colors are used for display. In addition, a sound amplifier and a volume control is installed. The dimensions of the device are 6.1 x 3.7 x 4.9 cm. The weight of the handset is 114 grams. The talk time up to 5 hours, in standby mode the battery lasts up to 400 hours.  


Included with the Seniorenhandy is, a charging cable, a charging unit and a user guide.


conclusion guyIn summary, the purchase of the model is highly recommended. The mobile phone is equipped with useful functions such as the emergency button, the Memo function or the speakerphone. So the user must at long conversations, not continuously load the arm and may incidentally perform other tasks. The keys are large and a sound when pressing the buttons is especially for visually impaired users of advantage. The hard of hearing users can set the ringing tone sound higher, and there is also a vibration alarm. The sounds in this Seniorenhandy are louder than in the conventional mobile phones. The LED lamp should also be useful. Although the menu is not easy at the beginning, this is done after the first few days. The phone has no camera or a Bluetooth interface, but this is also not the purpose of this phone. The clamshell is compact and has an appealing design. The price and performance ratio is consistent with this model.

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